Mumbai Travel - Lasting Impressions of a Traveler

Somewhere underneath the vast overcrowded urban explosion, lays a cluster of seven disjointed islands, collectively called Mumbai. Formerly called Bombay, Mumbai is the business of India. According to records available, the city of Mumbai was first established by the Hindu rulers from the Deccan Plateau, followed by the Muslims & the English.

Mumbai has been a trading port, since time immemorial and thus important economically. The economy of cotton was scaled by the establishment of cotton mills in 1854. The spice naive British saw huge trading potential and thus established regular shipping lines for cotton, spice and tea trade, between Mumbai & London.

When British Governor Gerald Aungier set up camp on Mumbai Island, he established the judiciary, drained the malarial swamps, built the first docks and invited migrant workers from other parts of India.

Mumbai started to experience overpopulation, poor sanitation and political unrest. The Indian National Congress (later, the Congress Party of India), held its first meeting for Indian Independence. Despite the first Indian film industry; opposition to British rule grew strong. Mahatma Gandhi, commonly known as the Mahatma ('Great Soul') lived on Laburnam Road upon his return from South Africa, launching his Quit India campaign.

Fast-forward two hundred years and Mumbai is India's 'Maximum City' bold, brash, fast and frenetic, always faddish, fashion-obsessed and undeniably animated in all aspects of its life.

Three centuries of development have transformed seven scrubby islands into a mighty metropolis of towering apartment blocks, colonial mansions, seafront promenades and air-conditioned shopping malls. If Delhi is the seat of history and Kolkata the seat of culture, Mumbai is the address of film and fashion - many leading designers are based there and the Bollywood movie machine churns out a staggering one thousand films a year.

Mumbai is where Indian fantasies of wealth and glamour engage in a bizarre dance with poverty and slums, and where economic boom flirts with social collapse. More than 60% of Mumbaikers live in shantytowns, yet the city also boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the country. Plans are afoot to build a futuristic new town of towering skyscrapers in the north of this city, transforming Mumbai into the Shanghai of India.

From a visitor's perspective, Mumbai is a place to shop and dine by day and party by night.

The World of the Fantastical Fairies

The illustrations and actual figurines of the various types and makes of these mythical beings have grown dramatically in popularity amongst the fans of the mythical and fantastical genres. From gardening to storybooks, they have been recreated in a variety of settings and environments. Today there are celebrated artists providing beautiful illustrations of the fairies, whilst talented artisans create the lifelike figurines that are used to adorn gardens, rooms and special areas in the home. One cannot help but to get up in the fantasy of these beings when looking at either the drawings or the figurines, with so much attention to the detail contained within.

There are a number of different viewpoints and opinions when it comes to their origin, some believe that even the gnomes and goblins fall within the category together with them, whilst others fervently believe them to be in a class of their own, within a more ethereal level. In addition to this there are many different folkloric beliefs that fairies originated from a variety of different settings and conditions. These beliefs once again range from the fairies emanating from the dead, to being demoted angels and even demonic beings. One of the most popular beliefs though is that the fairies form the basis of the elementals, in which they are described as spiritual beings and are definitely separate from angels and humans.

As definitions and reported origins continue to abound the fairies remain ever popular and are often the source of desired costumes for kids going to costume parties, brought about by the many television programs and cinematic movies that continue to make this genre one of the more popular genres of our times.

This is not limited purely to the kids, as the fairy is often times found within gothic circles, albeit at times a darker version of these characters. Many artists have emerged within the gothic fantasy realm of fairies and have developed a significant following within this specific area and have given rise to a loyal following of collectors and admirers of the mystical worlds and actions of these mythical beings. So much so that a specific art type namely fairy art has emerged, and is literally so dynamic in the variety of colours and figurines that can be incorporated, the art type can be implemented subtly throughout the home or focussed upon one room or space within the house, dependent upon the follower of this art type.

The art and following of fairies and similar fantasy based characters continues to thrive and become more diverse, as people seek additional aspects of this mythical world to add to their growing collections, shouldn't you be seeking out the ideal figurines for your collection too?

We Need a System So Creative Geniuses Can Meet Each Other

It's amazing how many social networks are out there for regular people, or some might say dimwits, and although I am not one who would name call, I understand what they mean when they say that. You know, what they are talking about, those who are interested in getting a tweet from their favorite movie star, or reading the tabloids to find out what the paparazzi is up to in Malibu California.

But wouldn't it be nice to have a social network, which was just for creative geniuses, where no one could party crash, keeping out those individuals who didn't have the intellect to understand and conceptualize, or even visualize the topics that these folks are thinking about?

Super creative geniuses often want to meet people, who are similar to themselves. The reality is; I am pretty sure there aren't that many, but they are out there. I say that, because I run a think tank, and I meet so many of these super intellects, who would like to find other folks who process information as fast as they do, people who they could talk to, bounce ideas off, others who have their same intellectual capacity, and those who could understand the importance of their new innovations, concepts, and inventions.

The reality is that many of these creative geniuses often happen to be introspective and they are caught up in their world, their thoughts, and their ideas. And perhaps, others that are like them are similar, so it might be quite difficult for each of them to come out of their shell at the same time to converse with each other, but can you begin to imagine the incredible conversations that might take place, the incredible innovations they might come up with when and if they actually meet?

A single meeting could spark an idea which could revolutionize and change the world. A single meeting of the minds could solve the greatest challenges and problems of our time. So, although it may be very difficult to get creative geniuses to talk to each other in social networks, if we were to create one, and if they were to come, perhaps, just maybe, we could solve all the problems and fix the world. That's the goal. Please consider all this.

6 Easy Ways to Enhance Romance and Reconnect With Your Partner

In these days of tight budgets, long workdays, and jobs that keep us separated, it's easy to get in a rut and start to feel distanced from each other. Here are 6 ways that take very little effort or money that you can do each and every day that will collectively have a huge impact on the mood of your partner and help reignite the romance in your relationship. The following list is designed to help manage the mood of your partner and keep him or her thinking about you throughout the day. This is so the day in and day out routine they face at their job doesn't get in the way of having a good evening together when they get home.

  • Tomorrow bring your partner a cup of coffee and breakfast in bed. It doesn't even have to be a hot breakfast. Simple toast or cereal with coffee will do the job.
  • Before you leave or your partner leaves tell them how great they smell or that their hair, or clothes looks particularly good today.
  • During the day communicate with your partner just to let them know your thinking about them. Don't complain about anything or vent. Save that for your friends. Depending on your partner's job, you may have to be creative and find the way that best enables you connect without interfering with work. Some different ways to do this are sending texts to their personal cell phone, instant messaging their computer, a quick email, and of course a quick phone call.
  • At least once a week, if it is feasible meet your partner for lunch.
  • When you first see each other in the afternoon or after work, before you say anything at all just give them a hug, a kiss and tell them how much you missed them.
  • In the evening try not to get in a rut. Mix up what you do each night. One night go out to eat, one night rent a movie, one night go for a walk, one night get together with friends and have game night. Too many couples get in a rut of the same routine every evening with each doing their own thing. Sometimes work does have to be done and time given up to the realities of making a living, but I think you get the point that you have to diversify your after work routine to prevent bad habits that interfere with your relationship from developing.

If you will make an honest attempt at the list above and do it repeatedly for an extended period of time, I promise that your relationship will start to feel special again.

Aliens Vs Predator Game - Which Role Will You Opt For?

Aliens Vs Predator is a new Game to be released next year. The Players have an option to choose their character among three species called Aliens, Predators and Marines (Humans). Most of us will choose either Aliens or Predators but being a human and competing with those super powerful species is very dangerous and we may not survive. But few choose to be a Marine because it will give a thrilling experience like starring in movie, running and shooting.

Predators are usually liked by the Game Lovers since it has the capability to use stealth actions and are provided with weapons of High-end Technologies. They can divide the enemies and easily kill them with their stealth actions even without the enemy's knowledge. There are two modes provided for the predators they are Visual mode and Focus mode. With the help of Aliens view in the visual mode, they can easily detect the Aliens that are hiding behind the Trees. Items will be highlighted in a specific colour and if any actions are done certain pulse icons are displayed.

Aliens are also the perfect hunters and the forest will be full of these creatures. It can come from the trees, any holes and from any turn of the place. As a marine you should always stay away from them because they will bleed acid. Other than the Aliens and marines there are also other hybrid creatures revealed in the Demo called as Predalien which possesses the unique capabilities of both Aliens and Predators in the Game Aliens Vs Predator.

Tips on Planning Your Holiday to a Kibbutz Hotel in Israel

Tourists are choosing more and more kibbutz guest houses and kibbutz hotels during their trips to Israel. Read this article to find out the gems behind kibbutz life.

Planning a stay at a kibbutz hotel or guest house can be a peaceful and exhilarating experience. There are religious and secular kibbutz guest houses all over Israel. Tourists who usually plan to stay at a kibbutz guest houses and hotels, know the advantages. Here are a few main reasons:

Kibbutz Guest Houses and Hotel Programs

Many kibbutz guest houses and hotels have museums and cultural activities that are unique to the kibbutz history. Kibbutz Sdot Yam is the home of the famous pioneer Hanah Senash is also the Hungarian spy who was captured and tortured by the Nazis in 1943. Under enemy captivity, she wrote the famous poem "Eli, My God" from the days when she sat on the sea banks of her kibbutz. Many kibbutzes offer a combinational package tours with other areas of kibbutz life. Kibbutz Ein-Gev Holiday Village, for example, is located alongside the Sea of Galilee and offers a train excursion throughout the kibbutz with the last stop at a fish museum.

Experience Kibbutz Life

Many kibbutz guest houses have their own sleeping and eating facilities but are just a stone's throw away from the original kibbutz and its modern day life. Although many kibbutzes today are privatized, there are a still a few that operate communally, meaning that there is still a dining room and children's houses. Many kibbutzes have old buildings from the first years of their establishment. Kibbutz Degania, the first kibbutz, has a museum and many of the old structures and buildings are still in-tact.

Kibbutz Life, Shopping and Animal Farms

Kibbutz Naot Mordechai located in the Upper Galilee, is the home of the famous "Naot" shoes and sandles - the same ones which Julia Roberts wore in the movie "Noting Hill." Kibbutz Kinneret is home to a successful date syrup plant. Their latest product is date syrup without sugar. Kibbutz Nir David is home to a kangaroo farm and petting zoo, ideal for families.

Experience Kibbutz Guest Houses Near Jerusalem

The combination of a city tour and retreating to a kibbutz at the end of the day has strong appeal to many tourists. Take for example the amazing city of Jerusalem. After a busy sightseeing tour, tourists love the peace that staying on a kibbutz brings. Most kibbutzes for that matter are secluded away from the main road, so you will need either your own transportation or a bus tour.

Amenities of Kibbutz Guest Houses and Hotels

Different kibbutzes offer a variety of services and amenities. Do you want to eat strictly kosher? Do you want dry cleaning services for Shabbat? Most kibbutz guest houses are at least three stars meaning they have the basics which most would consider as: television and air conditioning. Some kibbutzes allow you to become a part of their nightlife where you can go to their bars and discos, while others may just offer laundry and Internet service. With good research, you'll find the right kibbutz that caters to your needs.

Happy travels!

Electronic Book - 3 Reasons Ebooks Are Better Than Paperbacks

This article will discuss 3 reasons why an electronic book is better than a paperback. New innovative features make reading with an eBook very attractive. The three reasons below will outline some of the key qualities of choosing technology over tradition.

1. Online Dictionary: A huge bonus to portable eBook readers is that they have the New Oxford American Dictionary built-in with over 250,000 entries and definitions. So unlike traditional books, you won't have to gloss over a word you don't know. Quickly look up unknown words and get on with your reading.

2. Large Variety: Comparing it to Netflix or any other online movie site, ebooks have a large variety so you can always find what you are in the mood to read rather than settling for what is available in your home or the store you frequent. Most devices can hold 1500 books or more so you will never have to read something just because that is all you have.

3. Read-to-Me Feature: Don't feel like reading? Electronic books come with a read-to-me function so you can sit back, close your eyes and have your story dictated to you. The text-to-speech feature is available in most cases unless the book's rights holder didn't make that feature available. This function can be used to read newspapers, magazines, blogs and books in English. You can even switch back and forth between reading it yourself or having the feature read to you and your spot will be automatically saved. They have options for both male and female voices and you can adjust the speed to your liking.

This article outlined 3 reasons why an electronic book is superior to a paperback book. With a built in dictionary, a large variety of books to choose from and a read-to-me feature, using an eBook is fast becoming the best way to enjoy and relax with a book.

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How to Be More Comfortable With Your Date

Are there always awkward moments in your date? Do you stress about what to say or what not to say in front of your date? Do you wish you could be more comfortable when you're with the guy you like? A good sate is not at all clumsy or unnerving - in fact, for a sate to be considered successful, both parties must be completely at ease. Here are some tips on how to be more comfortable with your date - whether it's a first date or not.

1. Keep it light. Lightening up the mood with a good conversation or a good joke always works like a charm. This will not only break the tension but will also give you a chance to communicate. Some safe topics to talk about include movies, books, at, travel, and food. Never bring up debatable issues, such as religion or politics. If you find yourself disagreeing with your date about something trivial, just shrug it off and move on. This is a date, after all - not a deliberation.

2. Be yourself. Try not to act that you are a completely different person when you are with your guy, or you risk looking like a fake to him. There is absolutely no reason to lie about how rich you are, how well-traveled you are, or how smart you are. Be honest, because honesty and trust are the foundations of a good relationship. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if he found out that you were just making up your credentials all along? Just be yourself. If he really likes you, he will find that fascinating.

3. If possible, date guys that you were already comfortable with even before you started dating. Friends or good acquaintances are the best dates, because with them, you can skip the awkward "getting to know you" phase and just jump in on the fun conversations.

Online Games - What Are the Most Popular Genres?

Playing games online is more popular now than it ever has been, and so it's hardly surprising that so many games (literally thousands upon thousands) have been, and are continuing to be, created. Everyone loves choice, gamers probably more so than anyone else, but the downside of it is that choosing can sometimes be a little overwhelming, and newcomers to the world of online gaming no doubt feel like that when faced with such a huge range of games.

Fortunately, choosing a game or two to play can be made an easier choice by knowing a little about the most popular genres of online games. So, which genres of online games are the most popular?

Shooter games put you in the position of being a character who must fight, shoot and combat against the other players in the game. These games generally give you the view of actually being inside of your character and seeing the world through their eyes. The objective is typically to kill as many other players as possible whilst keeping yourself alive for as long as possible. Different scenarios are possible, with army, gangster and alien being favored by most gamers.

Games in the action-adventure genre require you to follow some storyline whilst completing various tasks along the way. Such games are often like movies, but rather than just watching what happens, you get to play out the action. You will normally have one overall objective to aim towards, which you will only be able to achieve through the exploration of a landscape, the gathering of various items, and the combating of other characters.

Role playing games cast the player in the role of one or more "adventurers" who specialize in specific skill sets (such as combat or casting magic spells) while progressing through a predetermined storyline. Many involve maneuvering these character(s) through a mystical world, usually populated with monsters, that allows access to important game locations, such as towns, dungeons, and castles.

Games in the strategy genre require you to use resources (normally money and / or people) made available to you in such a way as to complete some pre-determined challenge. Building and maneuvering your own army with the aim of wiping out competing players armies is the most popular format. These games can be either 'real time', whereby the action is continuous and constantly changing, or 'turn based', whereby you make your moves, then your opponents make theirs, then you make yours again, etc.

There are of course other types of online games, but the above covers the main genres. Look through those sections of online gaming sites and you will be sure to find some absolutely great games to keep you entertained.

Preventing Bad Dreams in Children

It Depends on the Child

The first problem with trying to keep bad dreams to a minimum is that different children have different perceptions about their worlds. With very young children (1-2 years old), you may not be able to reason with them very much. Additionally, they may not be able to explain what scared them in their dream. As they get older, it gets easier. Then, you can get more detail from them as their vocabulary increases and they can tell the difference between real and not real - between the dream and their real life.

The TV Dilemma

Often parents shelter their children from the television because of scary images. It is a good rule of thumb to keep your children watching age-appropriate shows to tame their dreams. However, there will be times when they cannot be sheltered from what they see. And those are the times that require some additional attention. First, you must be aware that your child has seen scary images (whether you are watching television with them yourself, or they have seen it at a friend's house). Second, this awareness can only be achieved through open and regular communication with your child. It requires parents to be sensitive to the children's presence in the room and to talk with their children daily about their experiences at school, daycare, or in their friends' homes. Finding time to speak and listen to your children is a key element in helping them deal with the world around them!

In addition, it may be a good idea to turn the TV off at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Even with a children's show, the brain stimulation that occurs can keep them in an alert state that is more readily receptive to images in their dreams.

When Bad Dreams Do Occur

Obviously no matter what you do as parents, bad dreams will occur! Getting to the root of what has scared the child usually keeps them from being scared the next time. That means more communication, but most importantly, really listening to the child's descriptions of the "monsters" they see, the surroundings they envision, and the key characters in the dream. All of these are clues to what they really may fear, or the event which may have transpired, or images the child has seen. These fears can be explained away if the child is able to rationalize (ex. "That bear in the movie lives in the woods, don't worry there are no bears around here."), but most importantly, never underestimate the power of a good hug! The words "Mommy (or Daddy) is here and you are safe," while snuggled in your arms seems to work wonders for reducing fears in most children.

What is the Best Laptop Hard Drive?

Most of you will be aware that your laptops hard drive is where you store all your files and programs, and that you have a limited amount of space governed by the size of your hard drive. What some of you might not know is that the type of hard drive you have can effect how fast your laptop will run. Here is a short tutorial to help you choose the fastest hard disk for your laptop.

The speed of a hard dish is determined by a couple of factors, the first of which is the speed at which it can operate. This is measured in RPM and speeds range from 4200RPM all the way to 10 000RPM. Most new laptops come with a 5400RPM hard disk which is OK and forms the standard speed these days. A 5400RPM hard drive will be fast enough for most laptop users, unless you are planning to play games or do graphical or video editing, where you should be looking at a 7200RPM hard disk instead.

The other factor influencing hard disk speed is the amount of memory it has also known as Cache, measured in Megabytes (MB). This can range from 2MBs to 32Mbs and the more it has the faster it will be. Most laptop manufacturers do not specify this so don't worry too much if you cannot find it out.

The other thing you need to know is how much hard drive space you will need in your laptop. The size of a hard drive does not influence its performance only the amount of data you can store on it. A song will use up about 0.003Gbs, a full length movie about 1GB and computer games will use anywhere from 5-15GBs of space. You will need to estimate the amount of space you will require.

There is only one type of hard disk that does not fit with our guide. A Solid State Drive (SSD). These are like giant USB flash memory sticks you might use to store files on when moving from computer to computer. The only difference is that they are large enough to act as your laptops hard drive. These perform far faster than even the best of conventional hard disks as they have no moving parts. However, as with all new technology they are very expensive so we recommend you stay away from these unless you want to show off or want very fast loading times.

Surviving Long Distance Relationships

So you and your partner met online. He or she is not the typical next door guy or gal but someone who happened to be in some distant planet across the universe. After weeks or months of long hours of friendly chats and exchanged messages you both finally decided it's time to meet. So cupid crossed the vast oceans to bring Romeo & Juliet together. After a couple of dates and candlelit dinners your relationship stepped up to a higher level. But your Romeo needed to go back and a distant affair began.

But keeping a relationship across the miles is not as easy as falling in love. In fact, experts predict that more than half of those who ventured into this kind of relationship failed as early as the third month. Even married couples who are forced to live apart from each other most of the time due to career moves or personal obligations are not exempted from the unfavorable effects of long separation.

However, the remaining percentage who luckily survived-at least up to the moment expressed that any couple who has the strong desire to keep their relationship last despite the distance can beat the odds. As with any other kind of relationships, it's not easy but not impossible.

Here's how:

1. Trust Each Other. Ever wondered why couples who started on the right note ended up singing a bad tune the moment geographical distance set in? It's the "trust" factor. Long distance relationships that are built on trust often outlived their counterparts who did not have this indispensable ingredient. The death of a relationship is often attributed to the lack of trust or the absence of it. Eighty percent of my ten year old marriage was spent in terms of unimaginable distance. Just imagine what could have happened if my husband and I did not trust each other.

2. Enjoy Your Freedom. One thing that couples find hard to cope up with during long terms of separation is the need for intimacy which if not properly dealt with could lead to cheating. The first time I slept without my husband beside me was one hell of a struggle. But eventually I began to enjoy the newly-found freedom associated by his absence. I no longer have to pick up a damp towel that was carelessly thrown on the bed, no one is hovering over me in the kitchen anymore, the TV is now set to just one channel when I watch, no one will force me to join the dining table even if I'm on my own diet program and best of all, no one will wake me up right in the middle of the night just because someone needs to exercise his marital rights. Now with regards to intimacy, how would you maintain it sans the physical aspect? Read on.

3. Keep The Lines Open. Out of sight, out of mind? False. As long as you keep your communication lines open, this paradox will not happen to you. I appreciate the time and money that my husband is investing by placing a call at least twice a week. Keeping in touch in a consistent manner is one way of keeping our intimacy alive. If you and your partner or spouse constantly communicate, you will be forced to talk to each other in more productive ways, perhaps opening yourselves deeper to one another which you may not be able to do when you talk face to face because it's awkward. Surprisingly, you will notice that there is more to intimacy than just making out in bed.

4. Demand and Expect Less. Now you learned the importance of constant communication. But you now demand that your husband or wife calls you everyday in set hours even if you knew he or she can't. Next to nagging, unreasonable demands and expectations are poisonous and most women fail in this aspect of their relationships. Some days, my husband works twelve to sixteen hours so if he fails to call me on a given day I knew he was on the twelve or sixteen hours shift. It's understandable and I don't ask questions unless I wanted to start a fight.

5. Don't Forget Your Sense of Humor. My husband has a lot of this and he complements my more serious personality. Days are not always good, money is tight, the neighbor's dirty and flea stricken dog is in the lawn again, traffic is too slow you could watch a full movie in the middle of the road. These are things that can make a bad day and turn cool heads as hot as the sun. Over the phone, I always fret about these things to my husband. While other husbands might tell their wives to just shut up and stop over reacting which could usually lead to as argument because one party was not heard, my husband just laugh it off and would say, "Sweetheart, don't sweat the small stuff."

For a long distance relationship to work, both party should be committed to build a strong foundation for the relationship to survive and work towards a common goal to make it last.

Touching the Roots of Addiction

Is it possible to hypnotize yourself to beat addiction? The answer is yes...and no! Before this statement is explained further, we must examine the idea of hypnosis and addiction.

One of the most enduring legends about hypnosis comes from Hollywood. To this day, I can name you any number of movies with an individual made to stare at a chain or pendant swinging slowly back and forth. You see the eyes becoming glazed and the subject beset by extreme stupor. On and don't forget, they then do anything the puppet master who holds the chain tells them to say, think or do. You may wonder: is this a myth?

Well strictly speaking, you can do away with the pendulum. The simplest definition of hypnosis is focused attention accompanied by physical relaxation that may be induced by another or by the self. This brings about a type of calm, hyper-alertness where suggestions may be introduced to a person.

The whole notion of being able to hypnotize yourself to beat addiction stems from this suggestibility. Imagine a condition where repeated mantras such as "I will eat healthily for my well-being"; or "I will start today by throwing away my pack of cigarettes" can aid someone wanting to lose weight or stop smoking. Using this heightened state can teach you how to beat any addiction.

WARNING: trying to hypnotize yourself to beat addiction should come with a cautionary tag such as this! Why? Because it is not as simple as it seems. The reason is the insidious nature of addiction. It is like seeing the leaves and fruits of the tree, without guessing or touching at its deepest roots.

The true nature of addiction is that it always has a reason for being. We often are exposed to the symptoms of the addiction without a real understanding of whence it came. Sue, an abused child became an alcoholic adult. She took to drink to numb the pain of the violence done to her and even seemed to forget it. But do you really believe that an act that creates such a powerful impact on a young child can simply be erased?

To teach Sue how to beat any addiction that stems from the abuse, one would have to go straight to the root. Meaning, the abuse would have to be addressed before anything else. Then, hitting at the symptoms would make sense.

If you attempt to hypnotize yourself to beat addiction after you have attained an understanding of its root causes, you will be successful. If you try to hypnotize yourself to beat addiction by skimming the surface, chances are you will fail.

Fashion Accessory Trends For Women

As much fun as clothing itself is, many women believe that adding accessories is where it really gets fun. Here are a few accessory trends springing up this year.

1. Feathers on hair accessories. While these can look ridiculous, when done properly, they can give a charming, elf-like look when done in a subtly toned headband with the feathers encircling the head like a laurel wreath.

2. Statement jewelry. No, it isn't quite a throwback to the 80s, but the influence is definitely there. Statement jewelry is big, powerful, "notice me" jewelry, such as an enormous pendant or eye-catching earrings. This trend will most likely carry over into fall 2009 as well.

3. Movie star sunglasses. Big dark shades are as popular as ever this spring. Round frames are fresh looking, as are unusual takes on the classic Wayfarer design, such as white frames. But the classic tortoiseshell frame in a voluptuous, rounded off square is a style of sunglasses that looks to remain hot for a long time.

4. Hats. Hats are increasing in popularity for their ability to punctuate an outfit and set you apart from the crowd. A light or white straw fedora for summer over a lightweight blouse and jeans is a great look that most anyone can look good in.

5. Big, gorgeous handbags. While evenings do tend to require tiny, impractical bejeweled clutches, the rest of the time you can carry all your stuff in a substantial handbag in a tote style, or even an oversized "bowling bag" style. In classic dark leather, nothing looks better.

Ideas For Car Gifts For Automotive Lovers

If you're reading this article it's probably because someone in your life is a car affectionado but you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for him or her. Fortunately, you've come to the right place! It is easy to find a great gift for car fans. Here are some suggestions:

Subscription to a magazine - Most people love magazines about their hobbies or interests, and automotive buffs are no exception. There are a variety of car magazines out there, however, so be sure you get one that matches the interest of the person for whom you're buying. Do they like classic models? Modern? Imports? Hot rods? Or all types? Choose a magazine that fits their taste.

A trip to a car museum - Depending on your location, there may be an automotive museum nearby full of historical and classic vehicles, famous vehicles from movies, and famous racecars. And, depending on the museum (and your budget), you should know that at certain car museums, every vehicle is for sale!

Rent an exotic - Some places let you rent cars by the day, except instead of being like a normal rental agency where you rent sedans or vans for driving from the airport to the hotel, they let you rent convertibles, sports cars, and supercars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Imagine the look on your family member or friend's face when you tell them "this Ferrari is yours for the day."

Of course, there are many more gifts that work well for car people, this list was just the beginning.

Top Gift Ideas in Minutes

While there may be many people on your gift-giving list for whom you know exactly what to buy, there are probably plenty of others for which you have no clue.

When in doubt, look to what others are buying. It only takes a few minutes to go online and check a few best seller lists or consumer review sites. In the process, you'll greatly improve your chances of giving gifts that are popular with your friends and loved ones.

Most major online merchants offer you the ability to sort their products into best selling and top rated items. Here's how these two lists can help you spend a less time agonizing over what gifts to buy and give you more time for other things this holiday season:

Best Selling

It's human nature to take direction from what other people do. Most of us feel more comfortable if we fit in with the crowd and will usually make buying decisions based on what we've seen others using or wearing. It stands to reason that those on our gift lists will feel the same way and will enjoy receiving a gift that's popular. Scan the 10 best selling items in any category your online merchant has to offer and select a gift from there. Don't worry, it's not cheating -- it's actually fast, fun and easy!

Here are some popular categories for best selling merchandise:

* Albums

* Baby Products

* Cologne

* Perfume

* Books

* Computers

* DVDs

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This list is usually generated from customer reviews and represents what people think of a product after they've used it for awhile. It's a good list to use if you're more interested in giving someone a gift of high quality. Look for items with a high ranking and a large number of reviews. This indicates that the item is both popular and of high quality. Reading some of the reviews can also help you to decide if that particular gift is right for the person you had in mind for it. For instance, you might find that there's a steep learning curve or that it's not the best choice for those with children.

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Sometimes your top gift ideas are those that are easiest to choose. Top 10 lists are great places to get those ideas. If you like to buy from Amazon, see my resource box below for links to some great gift ideas from a variety of top 10 lists.

The Season - Revisiting and Renewal

I spend at least a little bit of time on my visit to discount department stores looking at the DVD sale rack. Why you ask, because that is where one can often find the movies that are the classics for teaching the truths of Christ and Christmas. Hollywood keeps trying to repackage the old, old story in new contexts. The classics of "It's a Wonderful Life" or "A Christmas Carol" are just two of the classic stories that tell us we are valued by God and God seeks us to live a life that puts others before we put ourselves. Just like Jesus the Christ modeled for the human race.

I saw a special for the first time recently on the Hallmark that wasn't new. It was a story of a couple who moved to a large mansion. The husband was busy spending nearly every waking hour to make his first business, one he opened with a college buddy, expand. He thought then he could really get everything his family deserved. What he was neglecting was his wife and daughter. His family's mysterious hostess who at first was not very warm, soon took an interest in him and his family. She began trying to teach him, indirectly, the importance of the first Christmas gift. First he thought this gift was love. Then shortly after it was discovered his hostess was dyng, he learned that the greatest gift, the first Christmas gift was a child.

The dad decided not to take an offer to expand his business, but used the gift of his dieing host, her home, to appreciate the value of time with his family. He could never purchase this with money. He learned priceless gift was that of selfless love.

Simply Abundance

The concept of the Law of Attraction has become almost mainstream in American culture today. Instruction abounds -- from "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill; to the many books comprising the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts; to the Abraham teachings by Esther and Jerry Hicks; and, of course, the movie "The Secret."

Essentially the Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like," meaning that our thoughts are magnets drawing into our lives the equivalent of what we think... or that our negative attitude interprets our life experience as unsatisfying and unhappy, no matter what the circumstances.

But undoing negative patterns; eliminating stress; and finding inner peace by consciously choosing life-affirming thoughts, takes understanding what we really believe on the deepest level. Some people get results with the Law of Attraction; many others feel frustrated and dissatisfied.

So what is going on when positive-thinking and the Law of Attraction do not seem to work?

There is another way to understand the Law of Attraction, that can make its application both more successful and satisfying on a deeper level -- "LOA" is simply the memory of God within our minds. With that memory comes a legacy of inner peace, love and joy.

True abundance is simply a state of mind -- it has nothing to do with material things. Abundance is actually an effortless by-product of connecting with Spirit -- through meditation, contemplation, receptive listening, surrendering our identification with the ego (or our personal self) to Spiritual Guidance. The outcome is a kind of halo of abundant peace, love and joy rippling through our lives -- no matter what our circumstances.

Manipulating our worldly lives is a very small goal compared with reconnecting with Spiritual Truth, because within the Truth lies True Abundance. When we are God-Empowered, our lives radiate Love and overflow with the sharing of our good fortune with others.

Love is All You Need - Not!

In so many ways we are bombarded daily with the idea that being in a relationship is about love. We get this message through movies, music, and in everyday discussions with others. Love is all you need, love conquers all. What is commonly called love is most often infatuation- that feeling that you get when you meet someone who you are attracted to, a person with whom you have good sex, strong chemistry. This intense feeling is like being superhuman, being at one with the universe, you are on cloud nine! And over time you may even develop an attachment that we interpret as love. If it feels good it must be love!

We are taught that if you are "in love" that everything else will just work.

But these feeling fade, shift, and change too much to be reasons to choose a person to marry.

But the reality is that love is not enough (in a long term committed relationship).

Don't get me wrong, love is important in a relationship. You must care about your partner, wish good things for them, want to see them succeed, grow, and be happy. Attraction Chemistry is the glue that holds a relationship together. But being in love is just one piece of being in a happy committed relationship!

Early in a relationship your heart might say "this is the one". Emotions like love are powerful in how they affect us. But when we make decision based solely on emotion, the chances of failure are high. When it comes to relationships, making decisions must involve your rational, thought processes. You must use your heart and your head! Unfortunately, we really don't know what guidelines to use in finding a life partner.

Relationship coaching for singles can help you to clarify your vision in relationship- the key to finding happiness and fulfillment!

Achieve the Body of Your Dreams, Minus the Hard Work?

It sounds so good when they ask you...

Do you want 6 pack abs NOW!!!? How would you like to have the body of your dreams without ever working out again? Do you want to pack on MUSCLE FAST!!?

They need you to believe in their marketing.

The fitness industry is an ever changing vortex of science and fiction. Sadly, myths (fiction) seem to trump science more often than not in the media. This is to ensure the sales of goods, be it supplements, equipment, movies, books, etc, to an unknowledgeable body of people who often want effortless results. The faster the results, the better.

Companies employ these myths often.

We encounter these myths daily. One popular creatine product promises INSTANT results, while another claims to be "superior" and a magic powder that is scientifically engineered to maximize athletic ability. It's true that creatine aids recovery, but the process is not instantaneous. Claiming to have designed a "magic powder" plays on the public's hopes for a miracle pill or formula to significantly reduce the amount of work they must do to get fit.

Some companies go even further to monopolize on the publics want for fast results.

A well known supplement company claims that their protein product will allow you to "join top pros like Jay Cutler, and goes on to say "don't wait! Start adding the slabs of granite-hard muscle that are guaranteed to get you noticed everywhere, now!

Although protein (amino acids) is the building blocks of muscle, it takes time and dedication (as well as genetics) to achieve a large amount of muscle mass. This type of ad is geared towards people looking to achieve a bodybuilder's physique, and assuming that this product is used by top pros, they are willing to pay what ever price tag they place on it.

It doesn't end there...

We also see this in the marketing of fitness equipment. Electronic muscle stimulation devices, such as popular ab belts claim to eliminate the need for exercise. An ad for a new ab machine says you can get amazing results in five minutes a day by sitting and rocking. These ads show extremely ripped individuals smiling and having a wonderful time enjoying life to the fullest; who wouldn't want that? Even though it's impossible to have the body of the models displayed in these commercials without hard work, the companies sell the dream nonetheless.


With so many myths surrounding fitness, it's the duty of fitness professionals to inform the public (or at least their clients) of the truth.

Curley Birdsong III

Certified Fitness Trainer

Are Visions of Sugar Plums Interfering With Your Weight Loss Success?

Are you finding that the seasonal goodies are finding their weigh, I mean, way, into your dreams? You aren't alone if dancing sugar plums and the thought of cookies, cakes, and other holiday confections are calling your name and putting your weight loss success goals in a danger zone!

So what do you do? Do you give up trying to drop weight over the holidays? And if you do that, what about the next special occasion where food is featured, like Valentine's Day. Then there's Easter.

No matter when we decide to go on a diet, there is always something that gets in the way of our weight loss success. If it isn't a national holiday that fosters a feeding frenzy then it is a co-worker's birthday or some other celebration.

The only way around this is to give up dieting. Seriously! Diets just don't work because they don't allow for real life. It was when I decided to Refuse to Diet that I actually achieved my goal weight.

This may sound backwards, but it isn't. Dieting is temporary, so even if you lose weight while on a diet, at some point you will go off the diet. And, if you are like most people, the pounds will pour back on when you do.

This tends to lead to people thinking they are the failure, rather than realizing it is the diet that didn't work out. And when we feel bad, what do we do? Eat, of course!

Now we have really got ourselves into an unhealthy spiral. Soon we believe that it is impossible to lose weight...other people can, but not us. We even begin to wonder if maybe we just don't deserve to have that healthy, slender body that we crave. We console ourselves with ice cream. Or chips. Or bread. Or all of the above.

And so the spiral continues.

How do you stop the madness?

You start with your mind, not your mouth. Counting calories or carbs is not going to do it. You first have to believe that you DO deserve to be healthy and trim. You have to learn to love yourself-just the way you are. This is a big challenge. We have lots of practice loathing ourselves and not much at loving. Oh we love lots of other people, but us? Fat us? No.

Louise L. Hay has done fantastic work with people in this area. In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, and in the movie by the same name, she teaches the importance of "mirror work"...of practicing looking in the mirror and saying "I love you" as you look into your own eyes.

If that is too big a leap, see if you can find something about you that you don't hate. This was how I started my weight loss success journey.

Once you begin to not hate yourself you can begin to move into liking and even loving yourself. Then it is an easy step to know that you deserve a healthy body. Once you get there, then you naturally and automatically begin to make healthier choices, little by little. You get to enjoy seasonal goodies but you no longer feel compelled to eat them every day. Before you know it, you have the healthy, slender body you always dreamt of-without dieting!

Toshiba Regza 42RV635DB TV

After months of searching for a new televisions I finally decided on the Toshiba Regza 42RV635DB, and I must say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made on a television. I decided to get a forty two inch and was able to find it at a considerably lower price at one website than I have ever found it anywhere else.

So I snatched it up as quick as I could and as soon as it was delivered I eagerly ripped it open and hooked it up because I was sure the view was going to be extraordinary! being a previous owner of several Toshiba products, I do not know why I decided to get rid of them.

I guess it was because I could not take so much with me when I moved I had to sell or leave behind things that I just could not fit in the car. I regret selling my Toshiba products each and every day that I look at my Toshiba Regza 42RV635DB television.

The best thing about it was that everything I ever sold I now have back and am able to own all the things I sold, at pretty much the same price as what I sold them for. The picture on this television is absolutely wonderful and no other televisions I have ever owned could compare to the quality and the sound that I get from this one.

It was so easy to set up, even me being someone who does not know much about hooking electronics up, I had no problem, it took me all of twenty minutes. And even less time to load all the channels. The digital menu on this television is the easiest I have ever found to navigate and I think this also helps in the easy factor.

I have all my things hooked up to this television including my play station and my surround sound and they work really great with this television, it is like they are made for each other. I notice no lag and no color change no matter what kind of game I am playing or movie I am trying to watch.

I am definitely thrilled that I am the proud owner of this Toshiba Regza 42RV635DB television and I think that everyone should get the opportunity to experience this television first hand just like I have. If you have not experienced it yet you should go out and buy you one. And if you would like to know how great it is before you buy it then you should try it out at one of your local television stores. Or if you have a friend or family member who owns one you can always watch theirs for a few minutes. Trust me all it will take is a few minutes and you will be hooked.

I am very proud to have these things from Toshiba and I do hope they continue to make more fantastic products. In the chance that they do not make more products then I am happy with what they got because everything is absolutely wonderful.

Girls Pajamas Are a Great Gift For Any Occasion

Are you racking your brain trying to think of the perfect gift for a girl? Why not girls pajamas? Gifts for girls can get pretty complicated. It can be hard to find age appropriate and desired makeup, toys, games, and electronics. It is difficult to pick from those specific items and to know what is targeted to each age, or personality type, and what she would like.

Although if you are trying to find a very practical gift that they will be able to enjoy again and again, and also that they will get very good use out of then you will find that girls pajamas may be your best choice.

There are many different kinds of pajamas, you are sure to find something to especially suit the girl you are shopping for. There are so many themes, colors and fabrics, manufacturers have done a great job of appealing to so many personalities with pajamas.

If you need a little help in making a decision that will bring a smile to your girls face, read on. You can learn more about girls pajamas and how to choose something that she will really enjoy.

Of course we have all seen and loved the girls pajamas that highlight a specific character that she particularly enjoys, usually coming from movies or television shows.

If you are looking for younger girls, you will find a lot of popular characters that they will like such as Tinkerbell, Dora the Explorer, Cinderella, sleeping beauty, Ariel and even snow white.

Girls pajamas also feature the popular favorites like My Little Pony, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, Curious George, and the teen stars who make up High School Musical and the cast on Hannah Montana.

With the wide variety of kinds and characters that are featured in girls sleepwear, you will be able to easily select something that is beloved by your little girl, as well as so many of her friends.

When you are planning your shopping list for a young girl, you should be very aware of all their interests that she may have when it comes to choosing characters for her pajamas. This process will ensure that you purchase the right girls pajamas.

When you look around, you will find the variety of girls pajamas is not limited to just picking a character. You can choose from a gown type nightie, or pajamas that have a top and bottom. Selections may include some pajamas that have shorts and pants with a matching top, or a long zip-up type with feeties.

One of the first things when selecting pajamas is to make sure that you make your selection of girls pajamas on the type of climate in which the young girl lives.

You also need to be aware of the fabric and breathability of the pajamas you decide to purchase. You need to think about the weather where your girl will be wearing them. In a colder area, you may want to pick girls pajamas that have a long sleeve top and pants, or the long, one piece kind with built in feet. If she lives in a warmer area, think about options with 100% cotton fabric, short sleeves and shorts. Gowns can be free and airy also. Just consider the options and choose something cute and comfy.

Make Him Commit - This Will Have Him Begging For You

Are you at that stage in your life where you're ready to take the plunge, but you don't know how to make him commit? Have you tried to push a man down this path before and it was simply disastrous? Are you at a completely loss as to what you did wrong and fear doing the wrong thing again? When women get that sudden urge to get a man to make a commitment to them, they often take desperate measures and everything goes awry.

Men really can't be forced into doing much of anything, and when it comes to something as big and important as committing to a relationship, their resistance level goes up. The more you push and insist that they make a solid commitment to you, the more they are apt to pull away, if not run away entirely. Instead of taking a hard take on the situation, back up, take a good breath and look at the relationship that you have.

Are things rolling along nicely and you are the one who is suddenly feeling the rush for more? Don't forget that he might not have entered this relationship with the same sense of urgency as you. Just because you feel the urge to settle down doesn't mean he's there yet.

Take it slow and let the fun and easy relationship you have with him take over. Make every date fun and show your adventurous side by being open to the idea of trying new things. If he sees that being with you is a lot of fun and he comes to realize his life is pretty dull when you're not there, he'll be the one asking you to commit to him.

Many men fear losing their freedom and their ability to go out and have fun. If you've already cloistered him up and the most fun you have is when you choose a movie to rent for you Saturday night together, he may start wondering what his life with you will become. Don't cling and don't be overly possessive by preventing him from going out and enjoying his activities.

Show him you respect the man that he is and don't be afraid to let him know you admire him. Few men want to be around a woman who makes them feel awful, so be the one who picks him up and makes him feel good about himself and the growing relationship with you.

If you follow these simple steps, you won't even have to work at making him commit to you because he'll be one step in front of you. In no time, he'll be asking you to take him seriously.

How to Make This Christmas More Fun and Less Stressful

Christmas time is a time for doing special things with family, but holiday events can fill up the calendar very quickly. We often find ourselves running from one event to the next without so much as a breath in between. The holidays then become about pleasing others and not ourselves or our families. However, this can all change.

To enjoy a merry time and reduce holiday stress, the trick is to prioritize and organize what is truly important.

- Together as a family, list the fun things you want to do after looking through the local newspaper/family magazine or remembering what you did last year that was a hit.
- Decide on a realistic number of events to attend and to host
- Eliminate unrealistic and unaffordable choices
- Remember to schedule rest periods

In need of some ideas? You can have great fun and create warm family traditions around these simple events.

-Pick out the Christmas tree
-Trim the tree
-Go to watch a Santa Claus parade
-Tour a neighbourhood with lights
-Visit Santa
-Go on a sleigh ride
-Volunteer at a shelter or food bank
-Build a snowman or snow angels
-Go skating, skiing or tobogganing
-Watch favourite Christmas movies or shows
-Read favourite Christmas stories
-Bake favourite holiday treats

Make a list of the things you want to do during the month of December and the things you feel you have to do then ask yourself these two questions:

1) Did I enjoy this event last year?

2) Was it important to be there for others?

If the answer is yes, schedule it in. If not, eliminate it from your schedule and spend your time with the ones who really matter - you and your family.