Healthy Breathing Habits and Factors to Follow in Order to Avoid Breathing Pain

Breathing is life and different people have differing breathing patterns but all that is needed is that they all have healthy and proper breathes. Poor breathing leads to a lot of disorders but they can be prevented. There is a relation between good breathing and various breathing capability stages and their relation to the individual's health, well being and life span.

Breathing is affected by the ease, strength, depth and the smoothness with which it is taken with increased breathing volume and vitality. The condition of the body (ill health) calls for a different breathing procedure from those with sound health. Ill heath means that the body is not performing some of its functions as it should thus different levels of oxygen are needed. Denial of oxygen to the sick worsens the disorder because the body does not have enough energy to fight the disease causer's letting them spread unchecked.

The activity one is engaged in their day to day life also affects the amount of oxygen levels in the body. This means that parsons who do manual work that demands a lot of energy will have bigger breathes as opposed to those who sit on a couch to watch movies most a time. The climate and the environment we live in is also a facto as where the environment is polluted then there is little oxygen hence straining the muscles of breathes.

Breathing being life should be taken very seriously especially in regard to the age of the individual. Children whose body is growing need better breathes because the brain is still growing and failure to have enough oxygen does lead to mental retards. Supply of oxygen to all the body parts leads to faster and even growth.

It is clear that different situations lead to different responses all for good healthy breathe


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