Star Bulletin Board Ideas

Primary bulletin boards can be cumbersome for some teachers to keep up with on a regular basis. We have so many other responsibilities that adding a currently changing bulletin board can sometimes be the straw that broke the camel's back. In an effort to find easy ways to rotate out this daunting task, I have created four simple bulletin board ideas for you to use:

• Math teachers will find this extremely easy! First, place a math-themed border around your bulletin board. Covering the cork is not necessary. Then, split your class into several teams. Teams will be assigned a specific month and will be in charge of creating the bulletin board. Hand over a non-expensive digital camera and assign that group a math theme (number sense and operations or geometry, for example). Explain to the students that they will receive a participation grade, but the most unique board that shows content and creativity will win the team McDonald's gift certificates (or movie passes, or chance tickets, etc.) In this way, you always have a fresh new board with no time or planning from you and the competitiveness will encourage the teams to do their best.

• Science teachers will breathe easier knowing that their simple bulletin board idea will be no stress for them! Each month, put up a border and a theme title on the board. For homework, assign students to take pictures, write a story, draw a picture, or create a song or poem to express their understanding of the topic. As the assignments come in, staple them as a collage on the board. Not only will your board be filled, but students will be interested in seeing what the others have brought in. Simple, easy, and yet effective.

• Social Studies teachers have not been left out! At the beginning of the year, create a timeline of your specialty (American History, World History, etc) and tack it in the middle of your board. Now, as the studies begin, encourage students to bring in family heritage pictures, mementos, or memorabilia that signifies the date from which you are studying. For example, a student might have gone to a museum and taken pictures of a new Ancient Egyptian exhibit. Now the student can add to your bulletin board, while also marking the date on the timeline, which creates a visual that aides in retention. Reward students by offering a small token prize for those who participate. It's about time(line) you don't have to keep track of your bulletin board each month!

• Reading teachers will be pleased to hand over rights to the bulletin board when they assign small teams of students to a specific month and book genre. The team will be graded on creating a bulletin board that shows their genre, several book cover examples, examples of well-known authors, trivia and tidbits, as well as any other relevant information. The team can also conduct an optional book talk for the class to encourage them to read more of their genre. Students will love the opportunity to get their hands on this typical teacher tool and create something for all to share.

Whether it's an open house bulletin board or a monthly hallway or classroom board that needs to be changed, encourage your students to take the reigns and showcase what they can do. Even the little ones can get involved in creating a board with a little help from a parent volunteer. Set parameters (and maybe include a grading rubric) to allow your students the freedom to show what they know. Easy as can be, you are now bulletin board free!


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