3 Things on How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

In the movies women are often portrayed as someone who is complex especially when it comes to relationships. This is in general is the perception of men towards women - Remember the book "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?" a whole book trying to explain the differences of men versus women with the objective of allowing both genders to understand each other. People read this with the premise that maybe just maybe they would be able to understand their partners or try and keep their current relationships. For other men maybe knowing how women are will be able to help them get their lost relationships back. Truth is getting your girlfriend back is not as complex as you think.

Let me start with the core principle of being honest. Do not hold back; lay down the cards albeit in a tactful way. Being honest does not mean that you have the license to use hurtful words of course crude words will not get you anywhere but telling the truth in a gentlemanly manner or with tact will surely get you to somewhere and that somewhere is mostly being able to understand one another. Hand in hand with honesty is keeping communication lines open. This is very simple do not forget to TALK with your girlfriend, a sit down with your ex in a common ground such as a coffee shop or a restaurant combined with honesty can lead to a good friendship at the end of the day. Women like to talk, they best express themselves through words wanting to be able to reach out to our partners and be understood. Lastly do not forget to show that you care and respect her by respecting her decisions and listening to her thoughts.

At the end of the day when you've decided to try and get back your girlfriend you should be able to acknowledge the reasons behind the break-up in the first place. I am pretty sure that your ex-girlfriend has so much to say about the situation. At the end of the day women are not nearly as complex as how the society has painted us to be. Simple honesty, respect and listening with your heart can do a lot of magic not only to get your girlfriend back but to sustain your relationships as well.

Finding Cheap Chula Vista Hotels

It is San Diego County's second largest city. It is popular destination in California due to its closeness to many area attractions like the San Diego Zoo and Sea World San Diego. There are many Chula Vista hotels you can consider for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Here are some cheap hotels in City:

Good Nite Inn Chula Vista - Enjoy an affordable and quality stay at Good Nite Inn Chula Vista motel for only $37 per night. The Inn is situated at 225 Bay Boulevard Chula Vista, California.

Good Nite Inn is one of the hotels situated near numerous city attractions. Among the top city attractions are The Chula Vista Nature Center across Inn's street, the famous San Diego Zoo, museums, shops, numbers of galleries and the city's most distinguished restaurants.

Many cheap hotels offer quality guest services and facilities. Good Nite Inn is among the cheapest hotels offering quality accommodations. You will surely love the ambiance of the newly renovated rooms in this motel. Some rooms even offer stunning views of the San Diego Bay. An exquisite outdoor pool is also made available for guests as an additional relaxing option. Laundry facilities and free 24-hr Wi-Fi access are offered for the guests' convenience.

Travelodge Inn Suites - Have a pleasant and tranquil stay for only $40 a night at the inexpensive Travelodge Inn and Suites. This all suite room hotel is located at 235 Woodland Avenue Chula Vista, California.

These top and cheap hotels are commonly located near most of the city's tourist attractions. Travelodge Inn and Suites is also accessible to many city highlights. Visitors may indulge in different outdoor activities at the Balboa Park Recreation Center or at the Olympic Training Facility. You can also unwind while spending time under the sun at the Silver Strand State Beach.

Unlike other City hotels, Travelodge gives great value for less. Each Travelodge suite room is equipped with air conditioning units, satellite TV, fully functional kitchenette and 24-hour high speed Internet connectivity, making your stay completely worry-free. Physically challenged guests are also provided with accessible rooms and room facilities for their outmost convenience. Room rates include free continental breakfast, free parking space and weekday newspapers among others.

Days Inn San Diego South Bay - This is a reasonably priced hotel with enormous deals to offer. It is located at 699 East Street Chula Vista, California. The nightly rate starts at $ 42 per night.

Days Inn Chula Vista hotel would definitely make you come back for more not only because of its close proximity to neighboring city attractions, great shopping deals at Factory Outlet and Shopping Center; guests can also experience seeing live wild land or sea animals at the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park and Sea World San Diego. You may even bring back the child in you after a 30-minute drive to Disneyland. To top it all, you can even discover the mystery to many Hollywood movies at Universal Studios.

Days Inn hotel offers a full load of facilities. Their rooms provide beds, phones with data ports, Internet connectivity, AM/FM alarm clocks, refrigerators and microwave ovens. They also offer hair dryers, irons with boards and roll away beds as well as cribs.

We Can't Avoid Every Migraine

This may seem obvious, but it's something I need to remind myself of from time to time. We can't avoid every Migraine. The job before us in managing life with Migraine disease is to avoid as many as we can, through avoiding triggers, getting rest, exercise, nourishment, drinking enough water, living a healthy life, through relaxing and calming our nervous systems, through getting the best medical treatment we can, appropriate use of medications, using other therapies to help us maintain ourselves, balancing our energy and our work-load, getting support, getting to know our own bodies and our own reactions... are you breathless yet? Yes, we do all of that, and it is a big job, and most of us can have a huge impact on the number and severity of migraine attacks that we get. But we can't avoid every migraine.

I didn't avoid the one that hit me last night. Sometimes you can see them coming, you can see the set up as it is happening, like in a movie where you start yelling at the heroine, "No, don't open that door, don't do it!" but she does it anyway. Here's what happened to me: I missed a dose of my preventive medication; I had several days of anxiety over current financial uncertainties; I slept badly for two nights; I got my period; something upset me and I cried; I had a fun and exciting radio interview which I enjoyed very much; I began feeling some head pain and didn't take an abortive right away because I needed to drive my kids to some appointments.

Chances are that even with the large stack of triggers I was dealing with, if I had taken my triptan and laid down at the first sign of pain, I probably would have minimized the Migraine, if not eliminated it altogether. In a perfect world, my husband wouldn't have had an important commitment I didn't want him to miss, and could have driven the kids. Hell, in a perfect world, we'd have safe available public transportation! No, wait a second, in a perfect world we'd have the public transportation and I wouldn't have the Migraine!

Instead, I took Adam to his drum lesson, then we went to the library until it was time to get Rachel from her rehearsal, then we sat outside the High School for 45 minutes until she was let out from the rehearsal. I should have let her drive home but the effort of climbing out of the driver's seat and into another was too much to face. By the time I got home I could only climb upstairs, vomit, give myself an Imitrex injection, and lie down. I couldn't find my ice packs. The pain was so intense that even shifting position in bed made my head pound. All I could do was lie perfectly still with my bean-bag eye mask, do my relaxation breathing, and wait for the pain to ease. After a couple of hours it let up enough that I could sleep. It's still with me today, though much less intense. I think if I keep very quiet it will leave today.

I am lucky that I don't get a migraine that bad very often. Not more than once every month or two. Most often I am able to treat the migraines I get right away; most of them do not progress to that kind of excruciating pain. Life happens, though. We don't live in a perfect world. We have a disease; we do the best we can. I have been going about a week between migraines, which is great progress. I'm grateful. I hope you are doing well too.

- Megan

Should I Change My Name After My Divorce?

There are a few things to consider after getting divorced. One of these is whether you, as a female, should keep your ex-husband's name after the divorce is final. This can be done during the divorce proceedings, but can also be changed afterward with little legal effort.

Why should you keep his name? The main factor is whether you have any younger children together. Its a hardship on the kids when their friends are constantly asking why their name is different from their mother. While this may seem like an easy explanation for an older child, for younger children it's more difficult for them to understand.

Another reason to keep the name is for financial reasons. Is it going to be extremely difficult to change your name on properties and permanent fixtures, such as a business stationery and billboards? Do you have numerous checking and savings account? Are you a movie star and you're best well known under your married name? Do you have a huge stock portfolio? Then maybe you should keep your name the way it is - at least for now.

By all means, change your name if it bothers you in any way. Once it's changed, others will know you're single again and do not wish to be connected with your former husband in any way. Sometimes the man will desire the wife to change the name, but it's purely the decision of the woman to keep it. Then again, it is a woman's purgative to change her mind.

35mm Leica Rangefinder Cameras

The most famous rangefinder (and boy do we all want one!) the Leica 1 was the first rangefinder camera to use 35mm film. 'Mr Kodak' had developed miniature roll previously but he based it on the smaller size used in movie photography. With 24 x 36mm instead of the 18 x 24mm used by Kodak, Leica have continued to produce this exceptional format and quality even in the digital age.

In 2004 the M Leica became the longest lasting 35mm camera making it the 'daddy' of them all. Nikon F lasted 15 years before being totally redesigned and the Rollie made 30 years plus. Ok, one more!! The Exacta saw 38 years but to reach a 50th celebration must mean that Leica has a winner on its hands.

When you become an accomplished photographer your thoughts turn to becoming a professional, don't they? Yes you guessed it, you are going to want an M series Leica. In the 50's and 60's camera design was turned on its head as the SLR brought about the demise of a number of manufacturers. But somehow the Germany giant maintained its position.

With negatives holding their own in the comparison to pixel stakes, 35mm film can be relied on for delivering around 18 mega pixels. Which leads to the question why would you want to carry around a ton of digital weight when a rangefinder can compete? OK there are some obvious benefits to going digital but when you consider the end quality results.... no contest. When you use the 'Rolls Royce' of cameras its hard not to continue.

But when did it all start?

In 1899 Leitz started presenting microscopes to eminent scientists who won a Nobel Prize. This practice was a preamble to the design of the Leica 1 and the model A in 1925; the start of a success story.

The Leica M3 was a radically progressive design being larger and heavier than its fore runner. With a new bayonet lens mount taking over from the 39mm Leica screw thread, the rangefinder and viewfinder was now combined. Two strokes of the newly designed level wind instead of turning a knob meant the film and shutter operations took place in one operation. The M3 introduced a top mounted selenium-cell exposure meter which was to be continued in principle for 50 years.

In 1956 Ernst Leitz marketed a special version of the M3 with a Leicavit trigger wind fitted for professionals; it was called the Leica MP.... have you seen the lasted MP models on offer? In 1967 the Leica M3 replaced the M2 various specials were made.

While this description could continue it would prove uneconomic to design a web page to accommodate a description of all the Leica cameras made. Leica cameras are steeped in history and collecting these fantastic cameras can seriously damage your cash flow...I suggest you take you time and build up a legacy for the children. The list below is a general summary of the Leica models produced; I'm up for an M6.

Leica models to look out for:

- O series 1923
- A Anastigmant 1925
- 1A Elmax 1926/30
-1B Elmar 1926/30
- 1A Luxus 1928/31
- Mifilmca 1927
- 1B Compur 1926/29
- 1B Compur Rim set 1930/31
- Standard 1931
- IID 1934/48
- E Standard 1932/46
- III F 1933/39
- 250 FF Reporter 33
- 250 GG Reporter 1942
- III G 1935/50
- III B 1938
- III C 1935/45
- III D 1948/51
- IC 1949/52
- III A 'morte in sarre' 1950
- III F 1950/52
- Red dial version 1952/54
- III F Canada Version
- III F 1950/52
- II F Black dial 1951/52
- II F Red dial 1952/57
- 72 1954
- III G 1957/60
- Swedish Military 57
- I G 1958/60
- M3 1954
- MP 1956/57
- MP Counterfeit 58
- M2 1957/67
- M2-M 1956
- M1 CFPS 1957
- MD 1964/66
- M4 1967
- M4 50th Ann.
- M4-2 Red dial 1978
- MDA 1966/75
- MD-2 1980
- M2-R 1967/70
- M5 1971/75
- M5 50th Ann. 1975
- KE-7A US Army 1972
- M6 J 1994
- RPS M6 1994
- M6 Royal Danish Wedding Ann. 1995
- M6 Anton Bruckner 96
- M6 EIN 1996
- M6 50th Jaguar Ann. 98
- CL 1993/95
- CL 50th Anniversary 1975

Fathers & Husbands Can Do & Be More - 8 Tips All Men Must Apply

Fathers, husbands, and men everywhere would be wise to realize that real success in life is not determined by career accomplishments, wealth obtained, educational institutions attended, awards won, or even the cars we drive and houses we own. While all of these things mentioned are certainly important, valuable, and should be sought after - real success must solely be determined by who we become, the people we help and serve, and the devotion to, rearing of, commitment towards, and time made for the most important relationships in life - our spouse, children, and family members.

Often we hear the famously quoted words of Abraham Lincoln who said: "all that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." While that is certainly true for me as well, I would confidently add that all that I have become and accomplished, and the very person I am striving to be like, is my own angel father. My father not only taught me how to live, but more importantly, exemplified how I should live. And while my father certainly did accomplish incredible things, advanced in his career, provided wonderfully for his family, and gave us all we ever needed - these things are insignificant comparatively to the much more important things he provided, taught, and exemplified.

However, fathers and men everywhere must never forget that teaching and implementing these principles below takes effort, consistency, and is certainly difficult at times. But as my father can attest - it is certainly worth it. And, I am sure my dad would be the first to agree that when all is said and done, dealing with the disappointments of certain failures is far easier than dealing with the disappointment of certain successes if those successes were not the right successes. Real success in life, as my father taught and exemplified - and which each man must seek to emulate - is made evident in the few principles below, which reveals and leads to the real successes of life!

1) Help with the housework: When was the last time you did the dishes, swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom, or straightened up the house? Your participation in these activities is essential to ensure a happy marriage. We need to eliminate from our minds the inaccurate perception that these duties belong to a woman. Such a mentality is ignorant and selfish! Be a man and learn to help around the house.

2) Be completely true to your wife in thought, speech, and action: The long and slow path that leads to divorce and families breaking up often starts with inappropriate thoughts. Those thoughts lead to actions, those actions become habits, and our habits eventually shape our character and eventual destiny. Be true to your wife in thought! Speak kindly to her and about her! And be completely kind, tender, and loving to her, and do nothing to be untrue to her.

3) Spend more time with your children: Have you ever heard of a man saying this on his death-bed: "I wish I had spent more time at the office." Despite the many pressures and responsibilities we face, let's properly prioritize our time and activities and make more time for those we love and need the most. Your children need you and hunger for your attention - make a resolve to spend more time with them.

4) Control your temper, passions, appetites, addictions, and tongue: The man who is self-disciplined is powerful. Virtue and purity provide strength and confidence. Being slow to anger and able to control our temper is a sign of maturity. Learning to eat properly and exercise often will enhance all other aspects of life. And finally, he who can withdraw from and abstain from the tempting addictions this world so prevalently makes available - that is a man in control and who resultantly has limitless power and potential.

5) Ensure family is a greater priority than work: I know... easier said than done when the boss is riding you, the deadline is approaching, and the promotion is so near, etc. Of course there will need to be a balance in all things; however, is our family the top priority? It should be. And if it is not, we will be that sad and regretful man on the death-bed exclaiming: "I wish I would have spent more time with my family."

6) Make sure you have one-on-one talks with each child - often: Be involved in your kids lives. Talk to them, and listen to them. Provide opportunities for them to come to you and 'just talk.' Go on daddy-daughter or daddy-son dates. Be their friend. Ensure that when they are faced with temptation, become curious, have a question, or face the pressures they inevitably will face - they come to you first.

7) Show your children that you love their mother: You do this in the home - and out of the home - by thought, word, and action. Happy and healthy is the child who knows that their father is true to and in love with their mother.

8) Have a 'Family Nights' together often: Turn off the TV, put the video games away, shut off the computer, and watch fewer movies and spend more time as a family together. Just get together and play games, talk, laugh, and have fun together. It may seem like a little thing; however, if consistently done over time - your family and children will be positively impacted emotionally, socially, intellectually, morally, as well as physically.

Fathers and husbands everywhere certainly have a lot on our plate as we try to balance our careers, education, providing for a family, recreation and social life, community and church service, as well as spending time with our wives and children. However, the items listed above are not suggestions - they are absolute necessities for our own personal happiness, well-being, and eventual success - as well as the happiness, well-being, and success of our families!

The Law of Attraction is Working in Your Life Whether You Know it Or Not

The Law of Attraction has been studied and written about for over a century, but since the release of the book and movie The Secret, it has become much more widely known. Unfortunately, it has also been treated as some kind of magical "wish machine" where all you need to do is think about what you want and sit back and wait for it to manifest.

That's not the way it works though, as nice as it might be if it were true. The fact is, without action on your part, all the wishing, focusing and attracting in the world isn't going to get you very far. The key that's missing in most of the materials teaching the Law of Attraction is the work you still need to put in to attract what you want.

The catch is, you might be working against yourself and attracting the very things you don't want. Thinking positive thoughts is not going to attract what you want if your actions are all coming from the opposite direction.

For example, if you want to get out of debt you might be thinking positive thoughts, working to attract a debt-free life. But if you cringe every time you open the mailbox and find a bill, or check the caller ID on your phone every time it rings to see if it's another collection call, guess what your actions are actually attracting?

That's right - more debt. Or at least maintaining your current situation.

You need to start taking actions that are consistent with what you want to attract. This means that you need to change your underlying beliefs and attitudes about money and debt before you can truly attract the debt-free lifestyle you want.

And you'll be surprised how quickly things can turn around when you get your actions in line with your goals and desires. Little things will start happening that you might not even notice at first, but before you know it that magical Law of Attraction will suddenly start to work for you.

Finding Twilight Gifts Including Twilight Bag Clips

Are you in the enviable position of having to look for a gift for a Twilight fan? If that is the case then you need to make sure you get them something they will appreciate. In that case we will talk about Twilight Jewelry, Clothes and collectibles. This article will briefly discuss each of these choices. Let's start with the Jewelry...

If you have been on-line for any amount of time then you know how much twilight jewelry is in demand right now. This jewelry basically consists of anything that has the Cullen family crest embedded in it. This can be found at Amazon, Hot Topic and Torrid. If you are looking for something that will be more original then you may want to look into eBay. Many fans have created jewelry for sale there. This leads us to the clothing...

These can be found at many places like Amazon for instance. There are official twilight t-shirts that can be purchased there for the discerning fan. If your choices tend to be more of the more customized route then you may want to look at the cafe press. There you can find unofficial designs made by fans and of course the official offerings. And as a plus you can also specify the color, length of sleeve and size of most of there t-shirt offerings. Which brings us to the collectibles...

With the new Twilight movie out there are even more collectibles available for purchase and collecting. This includes key-chains, buttons, bag clips, board games and of course trading cards. And just like was mentioned earlier you can go to eBay to find even more fan made collectible

This article has briefly covered the different items you can find for purchase for the twilight lover. We covered jewelry, clothing and collectibles. You notice we didn't mention any books because we feel the true fan will already have that covered.

Buying the Best Desktop Computers in Your City

As time moves on, computers are steadily becoming an essential part of modern lifestyle. Now a home without computer is deemed incomplete. A PC comes in three different categories these days. A laptop computer, named thus because of its high mobility. A mainframe PC thusly called because of its high performance and a desktop computers, probably called that way due to the reason that these days almost all desktops have computers.

Searching for a PC for yourself or your family would bear better fruit if you first consider your needs and requirements for your computer and then seek your specific task based PC in the market. You would like to buy a computer that offers three basic functions; good storage, ability to manage tasks speedily and reliability. A computer lacking in any of these three characteristics may not be able to fulfill your needs.

Out in the market, there are plenty of mind-boggling offers for people intending to buy computers but a word to the wise here: beware of the fine print. Though a PC you get from AOL may be come with every cheap offer, you would later find out that you would also need to take AL membership for at least 12 months, therefore the sum total of the computers price as well as the membership prices adds up to a not so cheap rate.

There is always an option of buying a bare-bone PC available, a bare bone PC usually comes bundled only with the essentialities like the casing, power supply, motherboard and internal speakers, and the rest is fairly low capacity. A bare bone computer usually comes with a very low capacity hard disk, low speed Cd-rom and low result sound and graphics card.

If you intend to use your PC for a specific purpose it would be recommended you buy a computer specifically customized to offer best results in the required task. There are special computer packages in the market that may either provide you with complete multimedia capabilities like viewing as well as editing movies or gaming computers that are armed with all the required necessities to give you as real a gaming experience as possible.

A bare bone computer would be recommended for you if you intend to buy a computer that provides all that is necessary to remain connected. A bare bone computer are actually designed for people who intend to upgrade their computers themselves, though a bare bone computers functions quite well, it may not offer the high end sound or graphics or a massive storage capabilities.

Though you can just about get your computer from anywhere, you are most likely to be offered best prices online. Buying a desktop computer online is not only efficient and fast, it is also practical since more and more businesses are moving online as time passes on, and the competition for better rates is a lot more intense online than otherwise.

Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Headphones Review

There will be times when you want to watch television or listen to music, but cannot because it will be too loud and noisy. A pair of headphones would work, but you don't want the hassle of having to use headphone cable extenders just to be able to enjoy the show from a reasonable distance away. Luckily, wireless headphones such as the Pioneer SE-DIR800C's exist!

The Pioneer SE-DIR800C use the best in wireless radio frequency technology to clearly transmit sound up to tenty six feet away from the source! What's more is that unlike with infrared (IR) headphones, you will even be able to listen from another room! They even have digital DTS 5.1 channel surround sound, which will make your movies sound incredible.

Two other features you won't see in most sets of headphones are the "Virtual Room" presets and the onboard volume control. The former, allows you to simulate listening environments... anything from a small room sound to a large ampitheater with echo and reverb! The volume knob is great because it means you won't have to get up and go to the TV to change volume levels like with other headphones.

The only thing not to like about this pair is the price. At around $250 they are definitely expensive, but sometimes you have to pay a premium for excellence. This is a solid set of headphones which will impress you with its comfortableness, wonderful 5.1 surround sound quality, operating range, and extra features that you won't find anywhere else.

Great Army Fancy Dress Costumes Ideas

One of the most common themes for a party is army fancy dress costumes. It's a relatively broad concept and guarantees a variety of different costumes, simply due to the sheer range of ideas a military theme can conjure up.


The first thing to figure out when choosing/designing a costume is to decide what type of army fancy dress costume you really want. Do you want a paratrooper, naval or air force pilot uniform? Or maybe just a subtle twist on an army uniform, such as a sexy army girl costume? Once you've got the basics of the type of military costume you want, it's easy to go from there.


now it's time to think about style. You might prefer a traditionally US-based army fancy dress costume, or modern military combat fatigues, which are easy to get. But maybe you might prefer a period 1940s/WWII uniform or a hardcore Vietnam Vet 1960s camouflage theme. Another good option is choosing a costume from a different country's military (with the appropriate level of respect, of course!). If you choose a period or foreign military costume, make sure to select the right hairstyle or accessories that are appropriate for the costume type.

Thinking Outside The Box

If you're still not sure an army fancy dress costume is for you, try thinking outside the box. Instead of a sexy army girl costume, try an army/space cadet/alien hybrid costume. Or try an Ancient Roman army combat costume (try adapting a costume from the movie 300). Another good option is horror-themed military fatigues - try a camouflage zombie, a punk-rock army girl or a vampire paratrooper. There really are no limits here as this kind of costume theme allows for a good deal of creative freedom. Either way, once you spend a bit of time thinking about what kind of uniform you want, you'll find something that suits you in no time.

Vote For Lumbar Support!

A lumbar support pillow will allow you to rest in comfort while it properly supports your back. If you tend to slouch when you sit, or if you often sit in a chair that does not give you any back support, it may be a good idea to try a lumbar support pillow so you can avoid many of the problems associated with various sitting positions. A lumbar support pillow can be used in your home, in your office or in your car. They are also great to take along on a journey; whether you are going by car, plane, train or bus. They are lightweight and will easily fit in a suitcase or a large tote bag and they will help to keep you comfortable for the duration of your trip. They are great to use while watching television, reading a book or even talking on the telephone. It is not only the spine that gets maximum support when you use a lumbar support pillow, but also the muscles in your lower back that often become quite tense.

These pillows work by evenly spreading muscle weight to the spine area. If you recently had a baby and are experiencing a sore back, a lumbar support pillow will give your back maximum support while you are feeding and holding your baby. These supports have an orthopedic design that helps to reduce back fatigue. Some lumbar support pillows use buckwheat hulls as their filling. Many of these pillows are small enough to fit in a briefcase and will make your day at work much more comfortable. They are great to take along on a business trip too. They give crucial support to the curve of your lower back.

Lumbar support pillows are gaining in popularity as more and more people become aware of their value for back support. Because of their size, they are an item that you can take anywhere; I have even known people to take them along to the movie theatre. Many of these pillows include a strap that you can secure around any chair to keep the pillow in place. The covers for the pillows come in a variety of different colors and you are certain to find one to match the d├ęcor in any room or office. The pillows come in different sizes and price ranges. There is no need to continue to suffer from an aching, tired back.

There are many different brands of lumbar support pillows; some can be used horizontally while others can be used vertically and some can be used both ways. Online retailers offer different varieties and some offer free shipping on their inventory of these pillows. You can also find some good deals on eBay but as always, be sure to check the seller's feedback and return policy. If you want to turn an uncomfortable chair into a chair that will give you support and comfort, you might want to try a lumbar support pillow. You will glad you did!

Do You Understand What a Paid Survey is? - A Brief Outline of Basic Misconceptions

A paid survey is a class of statistical survey where an individual who takes part is paid through reward program. By looking at matters like age, sexuality, income, demography and location information about the participants' economic and personal habits is obtained. Millions of people are interconnected via the internet around the world and numerous business enterprises are preferring it as an impressive marketing medium. There are numerous surveys which a looking for people to provide their opinions on different subjects.

Different kinds of survey schemes are ready for use to pick out. Information is collected on areas including issues like products, services and political affairs through a survey.You may be asked to take part in focus groups or you may be invited to answer questions over the phone. Sometimes previewing movie trailers or product sampling may be required.

The good thing about paid survey schemes is that there is no risk involved at all and you acquire money as you do them. Earning extra money on the web without pressure at all is good, especially for persons like job seekers, students, stay-at-home moms and those who have retired.

You must not pay upfront money or submit your credit card details for a legitimate paid survey system. There are cases when survey schemes are specific to certain geographical territories and may not admit people to participate. All that paid survey programs require from you are your thoughts and not your hard earned hard currency, since they are paid by institutions which use the details. Unfortunately, a lot of paid survey opportunities seen on the web are scams. The aim of these scam projects is to bombard you with a number of adverts on different commodities when you sign up and you will be lucky to earn any cash from them.

What vital points should I take to get moving?

Set up an email address for paid surveys exclusively. Since it is very important to avoid confusion between your personal and business matters, a separate email address will enable you to effectively take part in many surveys.

Some paid surveys schemes payout employing a cheque whilst several accept PayPal as a method of payment. Signing up for a PayPal account is a worthy move since you can acquire payments fast. There are situations when you can convert into cash the prizes or points provided to you in a survey. You can also gain gift certificates for storehouses like Walmart and numerous similar shops.

Filling out survey forms can be a strenuous recurrent task and you need tools to aid you to fill out the familiar fields like names, addresses, phone numbers.etc. Apart from dealing with your passwords for you, software such as RoboForm is a crucial time saver because it can populate those commonly existing fields automatically.

Depending on how many of surveys you can gain weekly and the amount of your effort, you can net a lot of money from surveys. It is possible to earn a repetitive income from a number of companies by referring individuals. You will be renumerated a share of a profit for a single survey the referred individual needs. Some people have reported earnings ranging from $600 to $8,000 a month.

To acquire many surveys you must sign on with a number of survey institutions. It is possible to commence making hard currency within a short time period if you sign up with survey companies which pay on subscribing. With survey programs and focus groups you normally have to wait and it may take a slightly extended time to be to be given hard currency. Therefore, the more you subscribe the more dollars getting chances you will gain!.

Get Back With Your Ex Boyfriend For a Happier Holiday Season

There are a few things that you can do to get back with your ex boyfriend for a happier holiday season. But first of all let me ask you something - Why do you want that jerk back? Think about it, he told you on your face that he did not want you anymore and left you crying with a cup of eggnog on your hand. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere you started thinking that it is impossible to live without him, and feel even more in love now that you broke up, than before. You are unable to stop thinking about him, you are hardly eating, you can barely sleep and you will soon look like a creature from the scary movies. Every time the phone rings, you think is him. Every time you have a new message in your email in-box, you think is him. It is like the whole world is revolving around him. But why?

Well, let me just go to what you really want to read because you are probably doing that anyway.
There are two ways to get back with your ex boyfriend before the holidays.

The "Psychotic" Way to Get Back With Your Ex

1 - Tell him that you are pregnant
2 - Start dating his best friend
3 - Call his girlfriend
4 - Spread rumors
5 - Call his family
6 - Sleep with him, that is a killer

The "Healthy" Way to Get Back With Your Ex

1 - Stay calm
2 - Leave him alone
3 - Find the reasons
4 - Control your jealousy
5 - Live your life
6 - Take care of yourself
7 - Accept that you broke up

It is all up to you but to get back with your ex boyfriend for a happier holiday season I would go with the second way.

Paid Surveys For Teens - Here They Are

You're a teenager, so what? I know, I was one once, and it sucked. I couldn't drive until I was 16, I couldn't legally drink alcohol until I was 21, and I still lived at home, had to live under my parent's rules, and the list goes on. You're probably a teenager reading this right now, shaking your head, and thinking, "Man, life sucks!." I was in that boat, but man, fast forward a few years, work hard, and you'll be enjoying life so much.

In the meantime, it's time to make some little side money, so that you can take friends to the movies, go to a restaurant, and actually eat for a change. How can you do it, you might ask? Paid surveys!

When you sign up for a paid survey company online, a lot of kids have the misinterpretation that you have to be at least 18 years old. This isn't true. There are some companies out there that will allow you to sign up, and all you have to be is over the age of 13.

How can I find surveys for teenagers?

It's really not that hard. You'll want to just scour the FAQ, and look on the registration form when you're signing up. Just look at what the age limit is, and see if you qualify. If you don't, move one. I can list a few off the top of my head that work.

If you're finding that you don't have a lot of luck, you can always try and use your parent's name with permission, and see if that earns money for yourself.

The Bobby Bowden Era is Up

For 34 years Florida State University head football coach Bobby Bowden has helped his team become one of the most storied college football programs of all time. During his tenure the Seminoles have won two national championships and 12 ACC (Atlantic Coastal Conference) titles. Bowden has also led the Seminoles to 14 straight ten win seasons in which the team finished ranked in the top five each season. One of his biggest accomplishments is the fact that Bowden only had one losing season as a head coach of Florida State.

It's hard to believe that the man who built the program to be what it is today will be forced to step away after the Seminoles bowl game this year. With Bowden stepping down and retiring offensive coordinator Jumbo Fisher will be taking over as the head coach. Fisher was deemed Bowden successor at the end of the 2007 season and was slated to be paid $5 million if he had not received the head coaching position by 2011. After the season ending loss to rival Florida Gators, Bowden was given the option to step down and take on a lesser role by being an ambassador for the team or retire.

Even though Bowden and the Seminoles dominated most of the late 80's and pretty much all the 90's lately his team has not been a championship contender and have run into major academic problems off the field that could eventually vacate 14 of Bowden's wins from the 2006-07 seasons. As of now the ruling to vacate the wins are still under appeal, which Florida State hopes to win.

In all it was a great run for Bowden, as he accumulated the second highest win total in Division 1 FBS with 388 wins, just five shy of the legendary Joe Paterno who still coaches at Penn State. Part of Bowden's epic tale was told in the blockbuster movie We Are Marshall which told the story of how Bowden helped the young Thundering Herd of Marshall University rebuild after the tragic plane crash in 1970 that claimed 75 lives including 37 players and eight coaches. At the time Bowden coached at nearby West Virginia University and allowed the new coaches at Marshall to use his office, playbooks and any game film he had to help prepare them for their upcoming season after the plane crash that not only shocked the small West Virginia community but the world.

SaleHoo - Earn More Money in Selling Electronics Online Via SaleHoo Dropshipping

There is no denying that electronic items are the most sell-able product around the world. And it is made more popular by online trading. People are always on the lookout for the newest innovation in electronic gadgets. These gadgets a have great impact on our lives and it somehow became the reference of our life's status.

And since it is in high demand, it will be a good business opportunity for those who want to grow their finances even more. It would be a good product niche for an online drop shipping store. You can start with small electronic gadgets like MP3 or DVD player, it would not be hard to sell since a lot of people love to watch movie at home. In drop shipping, you will no longer need a warehouse to store your product but instead you will need to look for a drop ship supplier who will store and deliver the product for you. So your job would be to collect all the order requests, collect the payment and pay your wholesale drop ship supplier.

In drop shipping business, partnering with reliable drop shipping company is a must. It is not easy to just let your money go without getting any value from spending it. In this kind of business the product would no longer pass in your hands before delivery. So you have to make sure that the drop shipping company you partnered with has high credibility rating. Remember, there would be no chance for you to inspect the product and your drop shipper would just deliver it to your customer using your name. So whatever problems that would arise regarding the item would be your problem alone.

And to give you an idea where to get a reliable wholesale drop ship supplier, you can check out SaleHoo web directory. SaleHoo is an online database of wholesale supplier, drop shipper, liquidators and manufacturers that provides only the best products and services to their customers. SaleHoo's list is always updated and has the most reliable business providers. It has a security measures and sets of standards that must be satisfied by the company that are vying to get in to their list. You can further investigate the credibility of their listed companies by reading the reviews that are posted in their customer section. You can also get some hints from other customers through their online chat where people can freely share their thoughts about their past transactions with their drop shipper or wholesaler.

Selling electronic products online is one of the most lucrative businesses today. So take advantage of our latest technology and have the opportunity to earn big profit.

You're It

Wherever you go, whatever you do, You are becoming more and more You. This is a bonus of the amazing change this density is experiencing. Some call this change The Ascension. People haven't been able to be wholly themselves and only themselves for tens of thousands of years. But now we're in the time.

Being one's Self is a gift beyond measure. In your Self lies a powerhouse of potential and it's all yours. Every one has this creative potential and there's more than enough stuff in the universe to satisfy every person's dreams. Again, becoming Yourself is an immeasurable gift and now is when the gift is making itself felt.

We are walking around in the time of all times. The time when uplift and spontaneous evolution are available to all, not just to the privileged elite who knew it was possible. This is the period that's been alluded to and predicted for many, many thousands of years. Congratulations, you're here, you're in it, and you're finally becoming You. If you don't want this evolution, you can step away from it. But hurry.

The person you're becoming now is a new creation. It's a blend of your Higher Self and your everyday self. This blending has happened before but not in our wave. With this new creation, the part of you that knows how you want to live is taking over. In general, you are getting into alignment with your Self. And your Self is magnificent.

How can you tell? Well for one thing, worry is slipping away from you. You might become aware of the fact that you worry less than you used to. You're letting go of worry and it is also being pulled from you. There will be no bad repercussions from your cessation of worrying. Your life will manage without it.

Think about this. A whole hour with no worries. Even a whole day. Unfathomable, until it begins to happen to you and you notice it. A worry free existence - even in little pieces at a time to begin with - is almost too much to imagine. But the "almost" shows that as a species, we've already taken a huge step forward from what used to be a wholly and categorically worry-filled existence.

Your higher self is fluffing off extraneous information that no longer serves you. It's stripping your life down to the essentials. And those essentials are simple, brilliant, powerful, and awe inspiring. Worry is one of the first things being jettisoned. It was dead weight and in the way. It was so prevalent and useless that it had to be disposed of in the first round.

In the current stripping down phase you'll see a lot of energy that is not in synchroniziation with you. You'll see it leaving you. Things, situations, people, and all the worries attendant with each of these are moving out.

You may fear loss once you see so much exiting your life. But eventually fear will go too. So there's nothing to worry about even there.

Being tenacious, fear will resist and resist till it realizes it's been cut loose. Then it will throw worry at us, but the worry won't stick, won't have any purchase. There will be nothing for worry to attach to.

Do you see how it works? First worry goes, and then problems go. Not vice versa.

You can stop micro managing your affairs, if that's not your interest. There is less and less for you to micro manage. Situations are smoothing out. People in your life are aligning to your model. If they aren't, they're leaving you. You won't worry much, and you might find that odd. In fact in some cases, you'll barely care. You might think Now why did I ever think I needed that person or that situation? The thing is, you are not who you were then, so it all fits.

No one is taking over except You. And it's high time.

It's a process. Can you see yourself 10 years ago? What were your major concerns then? How did you deal with them? How did you feel throughout?

Can you compare yourself today to that person you were 10 years ago? Do you feel more sure or more uncertain? Do you feel your life is moving faster than then, the same as then, or slower than then?

Whatever your answers, you're changing and not just in an "Oh, that's to be expected" kind of way. Your master builder has at last arrived and it is managing your entire project.

You can exhale. Sit back and watch. Do all you feel you need to do, but allow yourself some observation room. You will see a show more fascinating than any Hollywood movie. If you can maintain the objectivity, you will have a very, very, valuable experience by just Looking at what is happening in your life at this dynamic time.

Let Your Shirt Speak For You at Work

The first thing that your colleagues and your boss notices when you walk in is your dressing style. In a presentation or a meeting, you can start off with a great first impression by dressing right and making a good first impression. One needs look good all the time but looking good at work can even give you the edge and get you the promotion and the raise that you deserve. One of the most important aspects of dressing is shirts. We need to pay detailed attention to them because that is the most obvious.

When it comes to shirts, traditionally people wear colors such as light blue and white are the main preferences. These shirts are usually plain and not many like to have stripes or patterns. They also have a standard collar. However, this is not the rule of the thumb and you can definitely try more vibrant colors. In fact, a splash of color will make you stand out at work and get you noticed. Of course, you need to ensure that the shirts are neatly pressed and clean. The most important thing is to wear a shirt which fits you perfectly. Baggy, loose fitting shirts or the ones which are too tight making you look like you are about to burst is a strict no.

This is where custom shirts can make a huge impact. The shirts fit you perfectly and you can design your own shirt keeping in mind the colors that look good on you. Most celebrities, movie stars and CEOs will wear only custom shirts. If your boss notices that you took pain to get your custom shirt, he will immediately know that you pay attention to detail and are a perfectionist.

Apart from shirts, you need to ensure that you have a good collection of tasteful ties which look professional. You can try matching solid colored ties with your solid colored button down shirts. This is a great fashion trend and it will give your style a boost. Also, pay attention to your accessories. Avoid white socks and have black socks for at least two weeks. You can consider blue or brown socks too, just ensure that they match the rest of your attire. Remember that Black and blue never match, just as black and brown don't either. Make sure you have a good shiny black belt and also a brown one. Remember to match your shoes with your belt and keep tem polished and shining all the time.

One last thing, stay away from funky facial hair and too much cologne. Remember that, the things that which really stand out are the ones which are subtle but make their presence felt in a non intrusive manner. So get your custom shirt now and get ready to climb up the corporate ladder.

Nightclubbin' Eyes With Gray Contact Lenses Or White Contacts

The chances are, you are familiar with regular colored contact lenses. You may also have seen a movie where people are wearing theatrical or dramatic effect colored contacts. If you're looking for some special effects for yourself, then you are in luck! Unlike the past, you do not have to special order colored contact lenses. For some of us, this is not only for Halloween. If you have a nightlife, like many people do, no doubt you have special outfits that need special effects. Changing your eye color can be an essential part of your overall outfit. Adding theater to your nightlife is commonplace. So why not use colored contacts to complete your look?

There are many lifestyles that are becoming more and more common. For example, in the past, the Goth look was extremely limited to a small number of people. However, today, this has extended into many different groups. In addition to cosplay, there is also the lifestyle of permanently dressing in a particular character role. For example, if you enjoy Nosferatu as part of your identity, you may choose to complete that look with changing your a eye color. One of the most striking looks is to add a gray contact lens to draw attention to the eyes. This particular eye color is very common with Nosferatu costuming on a daily basis.

For some of us, there is a focus on dressing as a zombie. This look is very much a growing niche. In addition to parties, there are also other events that you can be paid to participate in. Part of getting paid for these events means having a very unique and genuine look. With so many people competing these days, it's important to have an edge. This is why something like white contacts may help you to stand out from the crowd. While other people have more clothing or makeup points, you can have an additional point by changing your eyes.

If you are trying to use contact lenses of a dramatic nature in order to work, you don't have to worry. These contacts function just like other contacts. You can still see through them just fine. You also do not need to have a prescription in order to order them. However, be aware that there are different sizes of the eyes. You will want to have a professional measure your eye in order to have the correct ordering. This is especially true if you are working as a bartender or in the service industry. You may have this look as part of your job and you do not want to interfere with your job performance.

How to Save Money Through Weekly Budgeting

Most people receive their salaries every month. This entails a spurt of spending from the 1st to 10th, moderate spending till the 20th, and then a crunch as the last week of the month hits. However, necessities have to be paid for, so that goes into the credit card bill. In the end, this becomes a vicious cycle, leading to mounting credit card debt.

In order to have some money left at the end of the month, it is best to budget weekly. First of all, set aside the sum required for monthly maintenance - house rent, Internet and telephone bills, credit card bills, loan dues, tuition fees, babysitter's wage and so on. Divide the rest of the money into five parts.

By dividing money into five parts for four and a half weeks, you automatically have half a week's worth of funds to use as emergency expenses. DO NOT touch this till the last week of the month, or in case of true emergency situations - no, that awesome band at the pub is not an emergency!

Begin the "budget week" on the day when you make your biggest expenses - groceries, bills etc. If you are a daily shopper and tend to spread your expenses throughout the week, you can begin the week any day you like. Sometimes, though, the weekly budget is simply not adequate to meet your needs and pay back existing debt. This is when you have to consider serious downscaling.

Add more and more items to your "monthly" or "biweekly" expenses rather than weekly - a monthly clothes budget of $200 sounds much more satisfying than a weekly budget of $50, for example. Also, go for quality and durability rather than quantity. Cut out your "entertainment" budget and rent a movie instead, restrict clothes shopping to one good item per month, and cut out junk food as much as possible.

Buying in bulk and using coupons cleverly can reduce your budget for essentials to nearly half. If necessary, split the cost of the bulk purchase among neighbors and friends, so that everyone benefits. Also, try to buy food in as unprocessed condition as possible. Cooking from fresh raw materials from a local farmer's market and freezing the meals once a week works out much cheaper than buying frozen food from the departmental store.

Finally, keep tabs on your expenses. Bills can spiral out of control even when you think you are being frugal. Stay aware of this, and know exactly how much you have spent every week - and what percentage of your income is left for the rest of the month.

Of course, no amount of budgeting is useful if you fail to stick to your plans. Whatever budget you prepare, make sure to keep track of every penny spent, and to refuse any additional spending. If this means you end up buying non-organic food, ten less bars of chocolate, or one less pair of shoes - don't let it matter. Your finances come first.

Four Tips on How to Play Hard to Get to Win Back Your Ex

Have you ever played hard to get to get the man or woman of your dreams? Were you successful only to have it end a short time later? Did you ever wonder why the relationship ended? Was it just the thrill of the chase that killed the mood of keeping them or something else entirely? This is what you need to decide before you choose if you want to get them back.

If you've decided it wasn't the thrill of the hunt and catch but something else entirely, have you considered the thought of getting back together with him/her? Do they feel the same way about you? The important thing to remember is not to jump back into the relationship. If you do, you may end up losing them before you had a chance to get them back. Here are four tips to help you understand how to play hard to get without pushing your ex further away.

Four Tips On How To Play Hard To Get To Win Back Your Ex

Tip 1 - Don't Always Be There

You want your ex back but you don't want to smother them. The best thing you can do is not to always be there for them. You certainly want to make your presence known but don't always answer when they call. It is important to pick up the phone every now and then but you don't have to stay on it for hours. If you choose not to answer their call, you will need to return their call eventually. When you do, make sure you tell them that you've been busy and apologize. Again, keep it short and unemotional.

Tip 2 - Appeal To His/Her Senses

When you want to know how to play hard to get while trying to win your ex back, one of things you need to remember is to appeal to your ex's senses. Use those tactics that attracted your ex in the first place. If you dressed stunningly before, then make sure you use that. Whatever you can do to get their attention without looking like you're purposely trying to get his/her attention.

Tip 3 - Hang Out Together With Friends

Another how to play hard to get tip you need to remember is not to spend one on one time alone together; not in the beginning anyway. Spending time alone is bad because you may end up hurting your cause. For instance, you may end up saying something that you didn't mean or actually sleeping together. Consider meeting up at the movies, club or party with some other friends.

Tip 4 - Don't Sleep With Your Ex

If you're sleeping with your ex the moment he or she comes back into your life, you're not playing hard to get. In fact, this is the last thing you should be doing until you know for 100 percent that the both of you want a relationship. If you sleep with him or her before you're ready to make the commitment, you're going to end up losing your ex again. Don't take advantage of each other.

The thing to remember when you want to know how to play hard to get is not to go overboard with it. If you do it too much, your ex might decide it's too much of a hassle and give up following your advances. While you don't want to always be available to your ex, you certainly need to be available. Use these four tips on how to play hard to get and win your ex back.

How to Make Money Online Writing Articles and Get 10 Free Web Traffic Tips

Make money online writing articles could be beneficial from many aspects. Why someone should spend time writing articles and how could articles be a top making money way? We discuss some ideas to earn money with articles.

1. Backlinks.

2.Keyword rich, seo optimized, well organized

3. Social media

4. Becoming an authority, expert or guru

5. Creating an eBook or online course

6. Creating a newsletter or ezine

7. Start a paid community or group

8. Create joint venture

9. Make an advertising channel or network

10. Create a directory

Lets focus now on how to make money writing articles and get lots of targeted free web traffic mentioning a few words about each making money way.

1.When it comes to search engine rankings top positions on first page get the most of traffic and statistically more visits means more sales and more money. So as backlinks are one very important ranking factor for top 10 positions on major search engines the more you have the better chances to be on top positions and search results.

2.Traffic is nothing if it is not targeted. Imagine looking for a car comparison test and land to a page offering free sex movies. You may enjoy it but the webmaster more likely will not make money from you and you will not buy something, as you did not find what you were looking for, as the keywords were irrelevant and not well organised to make any sale.

3. Social media such as facebook, youtube, myspace expand last years and attract many new people daily. So by having an online presence there you follow the rules and go where the money and trends go. Imagine having many people to trust you and follow your calls to action how much money can you make and earn.

4. So if you become an authority writing many articles on a specific topic which is very popular such as business or internet marketing then chances are that you build trust and on the internet where anonymity is often dangerous trust means that customers are more likely to buy anything online especially from a well known person not just another blogger.

5. Now mix your 20 or 50 or more articles, combine them into categories and publish enough pages to form an ebook. What could be its tag price? Anything from a few dollars to a few hundred depending on how well or sure you are about the correct price. And why to sell something that is being found online for free?

First because you have kept some articles exclusive for your eBook and second because it is convenient to have all the content found in an eBook rather than search for hours on the internet to gather lots of information.

6. The same rules apply to making a newsletter. This can be free to build in exchange of an email address given updates about new releases or news first published and build a huge list, which is a very effective internet marketing method.

7. A new group acting as a mastermind private generator forum of new ideas could only mean one thing. You attract the elite of fresh business ideas and are a decision maker offering tips, opinion, reviews, and tested methods on any aspect.

8.Why not outsource your ideas and target a bigger audience? If a few thousand visitors per year could mean being independent then a few millions could mean retire rich early.

9.So now that you receive many targeted traffic some publishers or even competitors will contact you and ask you what is the price to advertise their products or websites on yours? Again you name the cost, set your own rules, and earn more money.

10.And why not make a directory that for a small fee will only show top websites with certain criteria such as minimum pagerank, high traffic, top content of for free present just about anything someone could be looking for? If you have all the answers to most questions then success is guaranteed.

So we showed 10 ways to make money writing articles and at the same time have targeted web traffic. They are one of a kind traffic leads to sales and more money making. With no limits as you only set your goals about how much money to make and earn.

Are You Being Stupid or Lazy in Marketing Your Own Business?

The incredible stupidity, cheapskatedness, laziness of business owners is most visible in their consistent bizarre behavior regarding present customers vs. new customers or prospects in their small business marketing.

They are loathe to spend money and time on the people who have already proven they will patronize them and, in fact, do patronize them. But always willing to pour time and money into chasing the next new customer. They are in ardent, sweaty, drooling lust for the next new conquest, completely uninterested in the already conquered.

There are many reasons for this far too numerous to analyze here. They range from perverse human nature to economic ignorance to boredom to foolish belief in customer loyalty and on and on and on. The car dealer spends $50,000.00 a week on newspaper, radio and TV ads to bring in new customers but God forbid he spend a couple hundred bucks on a mailing or a couple thousand bucks on a party for his present car owners.

It's hard to find any business where this combination of stupidity, cheapskatedness and laziness is as magnified as the car business. It is a very good thing everybody buys cars, because in pretty much any other business, most dealers and almost all the salespeople'd starve, deservedly.

But on different levels, the same nitwit behavior pervades most businesses. My dry cleaner advertises like a banshee in Val-Pak and local papers; not once in the 3 years I've spent no less than $150 a month have I gotten a piece of mail, and to add insult, the coupons say: for new customers only.

The dry cleaner is fortunate I hate the thought of trying to find another competent dry cleaner so much. The dealer I bought my last car from, not so fortunate.

If you want to start 'mind capture' somewhere, start with the top 50% or 40% or 30% of your customers. Make sure what they are talking about EVERY week of their life is YOU. Then move on to doing the same in a target prospect group. Or your industry or community. It is reportedly quite difficult to get ghosts to up and leave a haunted house. Movies like 'Beetlejuice' and 'Ghostbusters' come to mind.

Well, most people have haunted houses all their own. Populated with the ghosts of whatever they heard their parents say about money at the top of the stairs, ghosts of past unsuccessful or unpleasant experiences, ghosts of things tried but once and ruled out forever, ghosts of ancient arguments and disagreements, ghosts of industry norms and business practices created for a 1950 world.

A popular theme for the daytime 'Maury Povich Show' is a parade of women who were really, really ugly, flat-chested, buck-toothed, fat, pimply and shy and put upon in school, who have now lost a zillion pounds, gotten breast implants, complexion cleared up, contact lenses or laser eye surgery in place of bottle-pop glasses, teeth straightened, hair poofed, who bring to the show the boy or girl grown to man or woman they haven't seen since 7th grade, who treated them badly, to appear in front of and demand a groveling apology.

Some of these made-over bombshells are strippers, others in less exotic occupations. All have carried their humiliations and resentment against another schoolkid around with them for 15, 20 years, haunted by the ghost of junior high past.

We ALL do this in one way or another; we are ALL haunted by some ghosts; ALL eager to show the neighbor, schoolkid, peer, mouthy brother-in-law, etc. we turned out the winner, they were wrong. I suppose that's unavoidable. I know no one totally above all this, me included. I'm not even sure this is ALL bad.

Taking satisfaction in rubbing a harsh critic's nose in your success is a form of pleasurable celebration. But being relentlessly, daily hounded by such a ghost, not helpful.

As with ghosts in a real haunted house, it is damnably hard to get our ghosts to move out of our psyche.

Psycho-Cybernetics is really all about that, and for myself, I've done an enormous amount of work with it, and still do, to evict as many ghosts as I'm able, keep the others in check.

A lot of ghosts get in the way of success.

First Class Amenities in Salt Lake City

First class amenities are what determine the amazing factor (or lack of it) of any hotel. Salt Lake City hotels are proud to present their wide assortments of facilities offered. If you are a pet-person then do not worry because these hotels offer pet accommodation, too. Smokers and non-smokers do not have fret about disturbing each other either; all hotels provide details on whether smoking is allowed or not. You can even find yourself a hotel that offers iPod libraries and movie theaters. Entertainment in Salt Lake City is highly-defined and suitably-provided.

Haxton Manor is a hotel that remains easy on your stomach and your wallet. It awaits its guests in seven rooms only. Now you do not have to worry about its size because each room is spaciously designed only to give its guest a homey environment. Private baths and lavish queen-sized beds are provided in every parlor. Jetted tubs and grand fireplaces increase the beauty of the rooms. The Boar's Head Pub helps you socialize with other travelers. It will not be a lonely stay at all. The fireplace is perfect for relaxation and conversing with other guests. The Continental Plus breakfast is offered in the grand dining room. It is very warm and intimate for the leisure traveler.

Holiday Inn Express Central is situated approximately six miles from the beautiful and historical Temple Center of Salt Lake City. Ten miles away from the Salt Lake City International Airport, this hotel provides accommodation at its best. With local amphitheaters situated nearby, you don't have to worry about renting a car for commuting through the city. The epic Great Salt Lake is only ten miles away from the hotel. Corporate travelers can stay at ease due to the business center located in the middle of the hotel. Laundry services are also offered to all guests. Complimentary continental breakfast, brunch and lunch is offered as well. Swimming, exercise and massages are provided in the fitness center.

Salt Lake Plaza Hotel is humongous and dazzling in view. It is only a street across the lovely Temple Square. The Salt Palace Convention Center and Utah Symphony Hall is only a few feet away. The world's largest Family History Library is situated right next to the hotel. This implies that your stay in the city will be a memorable one with all these attractions located an arm's length away. Four blocks away from the Cathedral of Madeleine, a photographer's heaven, travelers can easily spot the most epic points of this city. Air conditioning, hot tubs, meeting facilities and other amenities are offered by the hotel. Pets are allowed as well. The windows of every room offer a lovely view of the Salt Lake City skyline.

Candlewood Suites is proud to announce its state-of-the-art amenities provided to all corporate and leisure travelers. It is only 30 miles away from the city's major ski resorts. With the Temple Square only ten miles away, this hotel offers you a peaceful and quiet stay. The hotel management realizes that the buzzing and hustling of the city is very exciting indeed but every traveler requires his resting point. Complimentary washers and dryers are provided as per request. Housekeeping is also available. The entire hotel manages to carry off a very sleek and clean look. All rooms offer living rooms. It is almost as though one has rented a smaller version of their very own home in Utah. How amazing could it get?

Ramada Hotel is situated four or five miles away from downtown Salt Lake City. It is approximately ten miles away from the international airport of SLC. Guests can enjoy a free breakfast and lunch served daily by the friendly staff. Additional amenities offered include 24-hour front desk service, free coffee, free parking and high speed wireless internet access. Small pets are allowed. Television sets and whirlpool baths are also present for all guests.

Wedding Transportation

Stylish and elegant wedding transportation

Although arriving of a bride and a groom to the wedding in a long and beautiful white limo is a very elegant choice, we can give you more ideas how to have a swank wedding transportation.

Therefore, you want to come to your wedding with style. This is a perfect opportunity to express yourself and your lifestyle. Many companies work in this area of wedding organizations and they can provide you the best services you need.

If you want to have an original transport, we have several ideas for you. Since it is not a costume for the bride and the groom to come together to their wedding, you can come by car. However, when the wedding party is over, you should give your guests something they will always be glad to remember.

Now is the right moment to be creative. If you are not having your wedding in some urban center, very classy and elegant solution for your wedding transport is a horse-drawn carriage. This way, you will make your bride feeling like in a Cinderella story and provide some memorable moments for your nearest and dearest. In addition, your bride can put in the horse- drawn vehicle several things you will need for your first wedding night.

If two of you are adventurous persons, you can use a motor bike for your sweet escape from wedding. Harley Davidson is a great choice for those who are brave enough, but if you aren't, a Vespa will do. If you and your darling are a nature loving couple, riding from your wedding on a horse or on a bicycle for two will be a real surprise for guests.

If you prefer exotic places, wedding in Venice or on a boat can be very fancy and stylish. In Venice, after a wedding ceremony and a cocktail in some Italian restaurant, you can have your sweet escape via gondola through a Venetian canal.

Still, white limo is a very popular choice. However, if you want to be different, choose the limo in some other color, like black. Black is always extremely modern and elegant choice. If you think that the limo is too usual option, try with a sports car. Lexus coupes, Saab convertibles, etc are very classy and fancy options.

Tips for wedding transportation, trends and costs

Wedding transportation is an important thing when you are organizing your wedding. All couples want their wedding day to be perfect, so while your bride to be is dealing with finding her ideal dress and choosing invitations, you start thinking about transportation.

When you are picking the wedding transportation, choose something that can reflect your style and personality. Ask your friends who are married for recommendations or you can ask a reception-hall manager to give you phone numbers of local limo companies.

Call companies and see what they can offer you. Then compare prices and offers. Standard cost per hour is between $50 and $150 and a tip for a driver is approximately 15 to 20 percent. Now, some limo companies are offering you a wedding package, in order to make your arrival more elegant and fancy.

They can provide you a movie star treatment, including the red carpet moment, where the driver drives a limo over a red carpet. Wedding package includes also a champagne toast and lasts about 3 hours. If you want a swank wedding transportation, you should reserve the car at least six months before the wedding day.

Eliminate Re-Gifting and Give Him Some Stuff For His Cowboy Room

Re-gifting is common when someone receives a gift that does not happen to relate to their likes or interests. We all have either given a gift away to someone else or unknowingly do the next best thing and put it on a shelf in the back of the closet.

If you pride yourself on trying to find the right gift for your cowboy, he may be interested in some items for his new cowboy room he has been working on over the past several months. Prevent your gift from ending up in a box in the back of the basement or garage and give him something that makes sense.

Looking for western based items that he can place in his home away from home can actually be fun if you know it will be something he will enjoy opening. Some of these could be rodeo lamps, belt buckle lighters or even a western picture plank wall hanging can adorn his paneled wall. With a little extra thought, your gift will be more appreciated and end up being used instead of given to someone else.

If he likes old westerns, you can find old movie posters of the classics like "The Searchers" or "High Plains Drifter" to adorn his old west bar or game room. Instead of guessing whether or not the present will be appreciated, your decision to buy items that match his game area will give it a much better chance of making the cut. Even an old west saloon clock or dartboard will add to the ambiance he is going for.

Whatever his interests, if you find unique gifts geared toward his interest in the old west, it will be treasured much more than a tie or new shirt because his cowboy room is his sanctuary from the rest of the world.

Think Your Nasal Voice is Sexy? Think Again!

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who are so concerned with their visual image, watching their weight, working out, donning the most recent style of clothing, and yet are totally in the dark when it comes to the sound of their speaking voice. If you are plagued with a voice that is nasal, whiny, high-pitched and thin, you are not doing justice to your visual image.

People recognize you by the sound of your voice. Unfortunately, how you think you sound and how you actually sound are two different ball games. When you leave a message on your voicemail and play it back, what does it sound like to you? Certainly, it is different than how you sound in your head. For many people, it is a shocking, unpleasant experience because what they hear is not recognizable: it is not how they hear themselves.

The truth, unfortunately, is that however unpleasant that voice may sound on your voicemail, answering machine, camcorder, or other type of recording equipment, it is the image you project vocally. It is how others recognize you.

What is that sound saying about you? If you find it embarrassing, how do think others perceive it?

A whiny, nasal voice in a male leaves the impression of a wimpy man because excessive nasality raises the pitch (highness or lowness of sound - not the volume which deals with loudness or softness) of the voice. A high-pitched voice in a man does not exude masculinity or sensuality whereas a voice similar to that of Vin Diesel, Sean Connery or George Clooney does.

The female voice that is high-pitched and nasal is irritating and, in the long run, a turn-off. Often, the strident female voice gives one the impression of a bimbo as well. When Hollywood wanted a sensual voice to portray Jessica Rabbit in the movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, they didn't select Fran Drescher. Instead they chose Kathleen Turner.

You have a better voice inside. It is just a matter of finding your optimum or 'real' voice by allowing your chest cavity to power your sound. Most people are unfamiliar with this technique because most are using their other 4 resonators and not including their chest, the most powerful and largest of the 5 resonators. If, for example, your voice is characterized by excessive nasality, then your nose is your primary resonator.

When you find your 'real' voice, you will discover a voice that is richer, deeper, warmer, and much more sensual. And, you won't be embarrassed hearing that fantastic voice on your voicemail to boot!

Even the White House Can Be Crashed

One of the funniest movies I have ever seen was Wedding Crashers but one of the not so funny things I have ever seen or heard is the White House Crashers. For what was suppose to be an elegant dinner for President Barack Obama, India's prime minister, high end social life's, and celebrities to all gather and see the inside day to day lives of the governing body has ended in turmoil. Even though the event went well and nobody seemed out of place at the event surrounded by secret service agents everywhere, two uninvited guess were able to walk their way right in.

The event took place on Nov 24 and featured the who's who of rich socialites. Even though they had not received tickets into the event Tareq and Michaele Salahi two socialites who are also trying to get spots on Bravo channels reality show " The Real Housewives of D.C. " did not let that hold them back from attending. Somehow they were able to walk right in and take pictures with President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and enjoy a night of exquisite entertainment.

It was only noticed after the event that the Salahis did not have an invitation and crashed the party, however the Salahis are standing by their story that they were indeed invited and even had the emails to prove it. But after the press retained copies of the emails it clearly shows that they did receive a guaranteed invite and took it upon themselves to show up at the White House uninvited in hopes of getting in.

The emails do show that the Salahis had been working with Michele Jones who is a special assistant to Defense Secretary Robert Gates to obtain tickets for the event. While Jones did attempt to help the Salahis obtain tickets for the event, she was not able to and left them a message on their cell phones notifying them they were not invited. But like any great party crasher the Salahis said their cell phone battery had died so they never received the message until after the party was over.

Even though they did not have tickets in hand once they got there, they still were allowed entrance which given the circumstances and the location should have never happened. Somehow not only did they get in but also they were formally announced as they poised for pictures on their way in.

Whether they crashed the party or not the couple should of never made it past the gate outside. It's amazing that two average citizens can just walk right in and get up close and personal with the President and a prime minister without anyone knowing they did not belong. What if they had ulterior motives upon entering the event, they had all the access needed to harm our counties leader and no one seems to know how. I do not know how the secret service department works but whoever was working the entrance line should be looking for a new career outside of security.

How to Get Rock Hard Abs - Easy Ways to Get a Ripped Six Pack

Do you dream of possessing six pack abs like your favorite movie star? If you do, but think it's an improbable target, then you need to think again! Although you cannot transform yourself from fluff to buff within a few days like celebrities do, with hard work and determination, you can really get great abs fast! Read on to find out how.

Great abs can be yours if you,

1. Realize that there are no short cuts to sculpting your body, especially if you have been negligent about your waistline till date. So, even doing ab-crunches all day long won't guarantee flat abs. to get rid of the fat, you need to increase the cardio exercises. You can proceed further only when you have rid yourself of the flab!

2. Increase cardio training by doing more of running, rowing, biking, skating or perhaps even walking! Mix and match your workouts regularly in order to evade boredom and increase the benefits of cardio. You will also be able to work many muscle groups.

3. Try to develop the core and not just stick to doing crunches all day long! There are many ways to strengthen your core and a fitness trainer can tell you what you should do and how. If your core is strong, you can easily work your abs more.

4. Have patience and not expect overnight results. Remember that the right training will help you get great abs fast, but not instantly. Also try not to over-train because you might end up injuring yourself.

Shopping Malls - Convenience and Bargains Under a Single Roof

Shopping malls came into their own after the Second World War, when more people than ever before started living in urban areas. Walk-in malls, strip malls, megamalls - there are as many types of malls as there are shopping requirements. There are malls with car parks, childcare, casinos, movie theaters, mini amusement parks, zoos...just about everything you could want in a single area and more.

A trip to the shopping mall can become an excursion for the entire family. Kids remain glued to the toy train display or aquarium in the supervised kids' corner while you shop at leisure. You can buy a dress for yourself, a necktie for your partner, aromatic candles for your colleagues, chocolates for the kids, a cell phone for parents, and a lot more. The best part about shopping malls is that you don't have to drive from store to store to buy different things. Imagine being snug and dry inside the mall as it pours outside. That is another reason people prefer covered shopping malls to stores in open areas. There is no fear of getting caught in bad weather.

Of course, not all shopping malls have the sheer scale and grandeur of the gigantic Mall of America, which is home to more than 500 stores. This mall is like a mini-city, and the government thinks so too, because MOA has its own zip code! Even if you visit a more modest shopping mall closer to your home or workplace, chances are, you will be shopping in more comfort than any of your previous generations did.

For example, a strip mall, while less attractive in terms of the number of branded goods stores and high end boutiques, has essential items that you would need for an ordinary day - groceries, makeup, video rental, even food counters. A strip mall may not be located inside a closed building, but it is usually located closer to major urban areas, so getting there should not be a problem. In addition, if you do visit the strip mall, remember to use public transport, or you may need to walk across many blocks after parking your car.

Shopping malls also serve another, less visible purpose. They are good at chasing the blues away. Whether you are upset over exam grades, workplace gossip, or a breakup with your partner, walking through the glitzy, crowded malls, with teeming life and people and music, can ease your sadness to some extent. Millions of women, and some men, swear by retail therapy at malls. There's nothing like buying yourself a nice dress or new shoes to make you feel better about yourself. Shopping malls offer you to chance to do that in comfort. Seems too consumerist or shallow? If you don't want to splurge, shopping malls offer you the comfort of window shopping. That is one reason many people like to visit these shopping areas, much to the dismay of many mall owners. The traditional brick-and-mortar shopping complex is under threat from online stores and e-commerce. They are here to stay - at least for now.

Are Online Paid Survey Programs the Real McCoy?

When somebody is paid through an incentive program for participating in information research survey, that is a paid survey. By looking at matters similar to age, sex, income, demography and location information about the participants' economic and personal addictions are obtained. Business organisations are increasingly utilising the web for market research because the internet connects millions of people across the world and is cost effective. There are market research enterprises which hold databases of survey schemes looking for viewpoint from individuals.

There are many several types of surveys. Political activities, products and service types are some of the subject fields on which surveys try to acquire data.You may be asked to take part in focus groups or you may be invited to answer questions over the phone. Sometimes previewing movie trailers or product trying may be wanted.

The great thing about paid survey programs is that there is no risk involved at all and you acquire money as you do them. This is a great way to get extra money online whether you are retired, student,jobless and stay-at-home mom.

A recognised paid survey scheme must not demand for a money upfront or for credit card details. Anyone must be free to sign up, but it may inhibit individuals from certain geographic territories for relevance. Paid surveys need your viewpoint and not your cash, because legitimate surveys net their hard currency from commercial enterprises which use the information. Unfortunately, a lot of paid survey opportunities seen on the web are scams. The aim of these scam projects is to bombard you with many adverts on several offers when you sign on and you will be lucky to get any hard currency from them.

So how do you get started with paid survey schemes?

An email address dedicated to paid surveys is needed. A dedicated email address will separate personal from business issues, since you will be participating in as numerous survey schemes as possible.

Paypal and cheque are some of the favourite means of payment used by many survey strategies. If you prefer to be paid nearly immediately or promptly opening a PayPal account is very vital. There are situations when you can change into cash the prizes or points offered to you in a survey. Gift certificates may be offered and you can use them in a number of web and high street shops.

Filling out survey forms can be a strenuous repetitive task and you want tools to facilitate you to fill out the familiar fields similar to names, addresses, phone numbers.etc. Software similar to RoboForm will be a crucial time saver since it fills out time consuming familiar fields automatically and also manages your passwords.

Depending on the number of surveys you can gain weekly and the amount of your drive, you can earn a lot of hard currency from survey schemes. It is possible to get a repetitive income from many enterprises by referring individuals. You will be renumerated a commission for a single survey the referred individual takes. Some persons have reported earnings ranging from $600 to $8,000 a month.

To get many surveys you must register with numerous survey institutions. It is possible to start getting dollars within a short time period if you sign up with survey organisations which pay on enrollment. With surveys and focus groups you normally have to wait and it may want a more or less prolonged time to be remunerated. More hard currency making possibilities are created when you subscribe with many paid survey systems!.