Get the Man of Your Dreams to Love You

This always seems to be the biggest challenge for everyone. Get the person you are in love with or infatuated with to love you just the same. I am about to make a lot of self proclaim expert very upset now as the info I am about to share with you, the experts would charge you $100's of dollars. Read, enjoy and good luck.

First, let get's to know this guy. Is he on Facebook, My Space? Go look at his bio and find out what he likes. What does he do on his spare time? Typically, they will list great info for you to learn like music, sports, movies etc.

Second, are you his type physically? Does he prefer blondes, brunettes etc. A man will always fall for your looks before he falls in love with you. Now because you may not be his types to the letter, a lot of men have low self esteem when it comes to women. So a man would almost rather get hit by a truck then to hear the sound of rejection by a woman.

Next, somehow, you must start some kind of communication with him. Somehow, when you see him, you have to get on a list of HI and BYE conversation. A way to that would be if you see someone you know conversing, go join them, by doing that, the person you know will introduce you and there you go, you have your IN.

The next time you talk to him in a conversation setting. Take the conversation towards the internet and ask him if he has instant messaging. This could be a great tool for you later.

Later on as you get to know him more, start doing things that stands out a little more. Like he may need help with a task he needs to accomplish or a ride somewhere. Casually, offer to help. Don't look needy, very important, men do not like needy. Find out what he does, is he part of any social group or does he play sports. Be there to support him so he knows you like him.

Most men like women who keep it real. So just be who you are, don't act you way into a relationship because I can almost guarantee you, it won't last long and all your effort will go to waste.

If you can't figure out if he likes you or not, one thing I can tell you being a man myself is that most man wants what they can't get. If he thinks he can't get you to go out with him, that's when he will really want to be with you so do what you are comfortable with to make him want you. That may be just flirting with somebody else in front of him or even go out on a date with someone he knows.

Being on the other side, I know for a fact that these tips really work. I hope they help you get what you want. The Squidoo website listed below has a lot of great tools to help you get the man of your dreams. Hope these tips helped you but if you can't get the man of your dreams to fall in love with you, than there is a good chance he did not deserve you.

Stop Asking Yourself "Whose Phone Number is This?" and Find Out Today

How many times are you sitting at home watching a movie or doing work on the computer and you have to stop because the phone rings and when you get to answer it they already hung up or you see a number on the caller ID and you ask yourself - "Whose phone number is this?" The most irritating part is when the same number keeps calling and calling and they either hang up as soon as you answer or in some occasions it could be worse, the person on the other end of the phone begins to make upsetting noises.

Well, good news! You now can find out the name and other information on anyone calling you at home or work in a matter of minutes. No more than 5 to be precise and all you need is a computer connected to the internet and the complete number, including the area code.

Armed with this information you need to go online and use any of the several different reverse phone directories and type in the number and in a matter of seconds you will receive a full report that features the complete name and current billing address of the owner of that particular phone number, as well as other personal and practical details like the phone carrier, type of line, etc.

So now you know that if you want to find out whose phone number is this without having to go to the police or hiring a private detective all you need to do is go on the web.

Novelist and Sometimes Controversial Dominick Dunne - Author Biographies

Dominick (Nicky) Dunne was born in Hartford Connecticut on October 29, 1925. He haled from a wealthy Irish Catholic Family. Dominick was the second of six children. His mother was Dorothy Francis Dunne and his father was surgeon and hospital chief of staff, Dr. Richard Edwin Dunne.

Dominick states that he always felt like an outsider in his own family. He was more interested in the arts and the glamour of Hollywood than in sports and other more masculine pursuits. His father did not understand this and was verbally and physically abusive towards Dominick.

Dominick enlisted in the U.S. Army and fought in World War II, bringing home the Bronze Star for his bravery in action. He was only 19. When Dominick came back from the war, he went back to school in Massachusetts, attending Williams College where he earned his bachelors degree in 1949.

In 1954 Dominick met actor/heiress Ellen Beatriz Griffin, known as Lenny, and married her six weeks later. They had three children, Griffin, Alexander and Dominique. The children were raised and schooled in wealth and privilege. Although Dominick and Lenny divorced in 1965, they remained close.

In New York, in 1957, Dominick began his career as a stage manager for The Howdy Doody Show and other live television plays. The Dunnes moved to Hollywood in 1957 where Dominick was vice-president of a film studio for several years. He went on to produce movies on his own.

Dominick and Lenny met, mingled and partied with the hoi poloi of the Hollywood scene. The Dunne's were well known for the elaborate parties they threw and the parties they attended.

Eventually things got out of hand with the drugs and alcohol. In a Time interview in 1999, Dominick stated, "When I had my fall from grace and lost everything including my marriage, my home, my career, everything, I left Hollywood at 50 years old, broke, drunk, drugged, and went to a cabin in Oregon to get my life back in order."

The result of this self-imposed isolation was a novel, "The Winners." Dominick continued writing the rest of his life. Asked if writing came easy to him, he said that while writing did not come easy to him, he wouldn't call it a struggle, either. He says it is important to write every day.

Dominick became a contributing editor at Vanity Fair in 1984. One of his first assignments was to cover the trial of John Sweeney, the man who murdered his only daughter, Dominique, the year before.

Dominique's mother, Lenny, became a victim's rights advocate and started the "Justice for Homicide Victims" organization. Lenny was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1975 and died in 1997.

Dominick followed and wrote about many celebrity trials. Some of the more prominent ones being both OJ Simpson and the Menendez brothers trials. He also became the host and contributor for truTV's, "Power, Privilege and Justice." Dominick didn't have any pity for those he said, "Had the best justice that money could buy."
The Cambridge History of Law in America states..."Dominick filled the niche with panache, becoming one of the nation's premier popular chroniclers of notorious criminal trials and lawsuits involving celebrities."

Dominick Dunne died of bladder cancer at his home in Manhattan on August 26, 2009, at the age of 83. At the time, he was working on his latest novel, "Too Much Money."

Books by Dominic Dunne:


The Winners (1982)
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles (1985)
People Like Us (1988)
An Inconvenient Woman (1990)
A Season in Purgatory (1993)
Another City Not My Own: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir (1997)
Too Much money (2009)


Dominic Dunne: Three Complete Novels (1994)

Collections: The Mansions of Limbo (1991)

Non Fiction:

Fatal Charms: And Other Tales of Today (1987)
The Way We Lived Then: The Recollections of a Well-known Name Dropper (1999)
Justice: Crimes, Trials, and Punishments (2001)

Do Something Different For Your Hen's Night

Historically, a dinner party given to a bride-to-be by her friends or family, shortly before her wedding, is known as Hens night. Hens night parties have transformed into a night full of fun, and prove to be a final fling for the lucky girl. The party style is normally common within that specific social circle of friends who are invited or who have organised the event.

Organising a perfect and enjoyable hen night dares has become a subject of great interest among party organisers. People want to have safe and affordable fun, which makes this kind of event management a bit of a challenge. Mostly, friends of the bride come up with ideas; or it is even more favourable to ask the bride. However, most ideas have become outdated, while people demand for something new. A creative way to do this is by alternating a bit of the traditional ideas by adding a bit of your own spice.

Most people search over the Internet for new party ideas, or contact party organisers to help them out. Traditional ideas have included clubbing, dinner parties, themed night outs or a visit to the strippers. However, the main idea is that nobody should get offended and generally have a memorable night. A notable etiquette expert puts it in these words, "Whatever entertainment is planned, it should not embarrass, humiliate, or endanger the honouree or any of the guests".

One of the most popular ideas is having a themed night. Costumes can be hired or purchased at a very nominal cost, and they make up for good pictures and a lot of fun. You can customise the party events to your liking. The theme should be something that the bride is obsessed with, or would dare to dress into. Say for example, she loves the "Sex and the City" movies, you can theme the night accordingly by arranging for some great tasting cosmopolitan cocktails and maybe buying the bride something chic and fashionable.

Another great idea is to organise for some great party games throughout the night; these too can be themed. A great example is to have a Superhero themed event, and all the girls can try their "superhero powers" to get as many mobile numbers of men as possible. You can also play traditional card games or purchase special card games, combined with drinking games.

Another good idea is to organise for giveaways or souvenirs, to send the guests with a memorabilia of the event. Arrange something special to giveaway to the bride. More advisable is that this should represent what the theme of the night is proposed. Lots of gift shops cater for such stuff.

If the bride suggests doing something a bit rowdy, you can always opt for a playboy themed night out. Let the girls come dressed as playboy bunnies, hire a limo and a VIP lounge within a top club. It allows gaining a lot of attention, and there is a lot of glamour associated. Plus, it makes up for a lot of last time flings for the bride.

Nevertheless, whatever you end up planning for the hens night of your best friend, make sure that you ask for a plenty of suggestions, plan everything out, make advance bookings, stay safe and have fun.

Sony KDL-46Z5800 Review

The Sony KDL-46Z5800 belongs to the BRAVIA TV range, and carries the groundbreaking freesat tuner. Now you can access on your HDTV hundreds of TV and radio channels - free of charge. It's no wonder why a few other LCD TV manufacturers are also harnessing this technology.

A gigantic 46 in (117 cm) LCD with full 1920 x 1080p resolution will take your HD viewing experience to a whole new level. Its slim profile will tell you that enjoying HDTV doesn't have to take up much space at all. Sony's BRAVIA range of products is known for its superb styling and engineering. And the KDL-46Z5800 has all that - timeless line design and the BRAVIA Engine 3 technology.

Enjoying Free Broadcasts

Nothing else grabs everybody's attention than mentioning the word "free". And the built-in freesat tuner in this BRAVIA marvel does just that. Imagine: free access to TV and radio channels in full HD - without adding to your monthly utility bills. It's an easy yet revolutionary way to enjoy satellite HDTV. Best of all, there's no need for those messy set-top boxes and dangling cables in your entertainment space.

BRAVIA Engine 3 Imaging

LCD TV's come and LCD TV's go - without leaving a trace. But the BRAVIA Engine 3 is here to stay and blow your senses away. A technology carried by every single product in the BRAVIA TV range, HD has been made even better. It packs in a wide-array of superb imaging technologies that leaves its rivals in the dust.

The Motionflow 200Hz with Image Blur Reduction lets you enjoy sports and action-packed movies in the clearest way ever. It's the world's first quadruple-speed fame rate in LCD TV's - awesome 200 frames every second! No blurring will take you away from all the action. Live Color Creation brings you true-to-life images bursting with vibrant colors. Enjoy the deepest blacks ever and clearest details with the Sony KDL-46Z5800's 100000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Internet Access

Thanks to the AppliCast inside this sleek BRAVIA TV, now you can access a variety of net-based applications. And you can do so even without switching on your PC. The AppliCast feature is a chain of network applications you can enjoy when the TV is linked to the net. Stay connected with a variety of widgets and an RSS reader that keeps you updated on the latest around the world.

Multiple Connectivity Options

Complete your home entertainment system with HDMI inputs. There are 2 at the back and 2 more at the side - now you can connect up to 4 of your choices of AV/HD devices. Plus, you can control all of them using the TV's very own remote control.

DLNA and USB 2. 0 connectivity makes it easy to boast your photos and videos in full HD glory on the screen of the Sony KDL-46Z5800. Simply connect your compatible device to this BRAVIA LCD TV and access everything using a singular remote control. Save everyone from the hassle of peeking at your holiday snapshots and clips on the built-in tiny LCD's of your cam.

Energy-Saving Features

The Eco Features of the Sony KDL-46Z5800 lets you save on electrical consumption, as well as save the environment. The WCG-CCFL backlight automatically adjusts depending on the room's lighting conditions. You can opt to turn the TV into standby mode or off when no user activity is sensed after some time.

Tips to Find the Perfect Photographer For the Perfect Occasion

Everyone these days is looking to have a marriage ceremony somewhere different and with as much pomp and ceremony that they can afford. But a Santa Barbara wedding is something exceptionally special. Even Ventura weddings are somehow special as long as all the right arrangements have been made beforehand.

Of course, a lot of planning goes into the big day itself. One of the most important decisions to be made is which photographer to use. Of course, this is of paramount importance because these professionals are given the task of making memories of the day and without them people would be completely devastated.

Of course, accidents will happen, but the true professional will have backup plans for any consequence. Sending along two photographers, with more than two cameras, batteries and any other paraphernalia that is required ensures that no one will be disappointed at the end of the day.

But it is not only the equipment that needs to be top notch. A clever photographer will be able to take those special and intimate photos that will delight and surprise the couple after the day itself. Lighting from a setting sun, or a background of rolling waves are excellent ways to make sensational photos without really spending any extra cash. It just takes a talented photographer to see the perfect spot and pose to get a great photo.

There have been instances when photographers have completely messed up the photos for the big day. Insurance policies are there to ensure that the ceremony and celebration can be reconstituted, but nothing can replace the original day and anything that happened then. It is much like rerunning a movie where the end is known. However, in real life, this can absolute ruin what was perhaps the most important day in the life of the couple.

So the best thing to do when choosing a photographer for the big day is to ask relatives and friends who they have used in the past. Do not just look in the yellow pages for a list of artisans because this is such an important part of the day. Check them out well beforehand to take a look at their portfolios. If they are unwilling to show any past photos, or if they do not have any, then this should start a warning bell for the couple. Costs are not what is important here so try to find someone who knows exactly what is happening in the way of fashion and what innovative ideas are on the market.

Take, for example, video photography. Many programs on computer set ups will be able to manipulate the film to some extent and add some kinds of special effects to the finished product. It can even lighten or darken shots that were not fully exposed so that faces or silhouettes can be seen more clearly. With this in mind, make it clear to the photographer what is, and what is not expected of him when it comes to finishing the film in this way.

Alcohol Free First Date


I like the cinema but its not really a great date if you don't know each other as it really doesn't give you the chance to get to know each other. I suggest if you do decide to go to the cinema arrange to have a light lunch or a coffee before or after wards to get to know each other a little bit or just to discuss the movie! Its a great point to start a conversation on.

A walk in the park or local nature park

This is a great way to get to know each other weather permitting. This can be perfect. Its also great if you don't have much cash its a very cheap but nice date!
If you want grab a bite to eat on the way. A hot dog or a nice hot chocolate on the way round is nice.
A picnic in the park is also a great idea.


This is really fun. Its a great way to bond on a first date. Adds a little excitment with the competition of the game and its so much FUN you will definitely have a laugh doing this on a first date.

Zoo, Museums, Galleries

There are so many of them around and its a great talking point. You have something to chat about the whole time. Can be really fun and educational too! No alcohol needed here.

So I hope this starts you off with ideas for a first date.

For more dating advice check out my top ten tips for a successful first date

Money Management in the Kitchen

Cutting out peripheral expenses is the first thing people do when they need to save money. Slowly, eating out becomes less and less frequent. Then, the movies are replaced by rented DVDs. Finally, you reach a point where the only way to cut down spending is to reduce the food budget.

Take heart - this doesn't mean that you have to starve. Here is a list of things you can do to save money in the kitchen and still get in a healthy diet.

1. Buy in bulk. A month's worth of corn flakes, bought at one go, costs less than the same weight bought in four separate packs. This is even truer for whole grains and vegetables, which can be bought cheap and fresh at farmer's markets, and then made into preserves, flour or broths at home. Hunt through the various departmental stores in your area to find out which brands have the best price per ounce or pound - the variation is greater than you think!

2. Buy fresh and unprocessed. The more processing goes into food, the more expensive and the less nutritious it becomes. Fresh food, on the other hand, contains trace nutrients that slowly decrease in concentration over time. Processing, of course, single-handedly removes all but the most basic carbohydrate, fat and protein molecules - which means that you pay more for something that gives you less nutrition, does not let you digest it on its own, ruins your body, AND makes you buy more of it.

3. Preserve food bought in bulk. Many vegetables can be pickled, pureed, canned or turned into sauces at home. This allows you to get inexpensive, delicious and nutritious food made exactly to your own taste. Granola bars made of seeds, grains, nuts, dried fruits and a bit of honey, wrapped in cling wrap, make an excellent snack for everyone, last for weeks, and will satisfy even the fussiest children.

4. Use up the odds and ends. From carrot tops to meat bones, the kitchen sees several pounds of food waste being thrown away every month. Instead of throwing them away, boil them to form a nutritious broth to be used as a delicious base for pasta sauce, gravy or soups.

5. Cook less. A multi-vegetable stew and home-baked whole grain bread can make a nutritious meal in itself. Cooking three dishes or more per meal will only make you eat more... and then spend money again at the gym to burn it off.

6. Take less on your plate. This is another way to stop yourself from eating just to avoid waste. Take a little less than what you think you can eat - help yourself a second time if you are still hungry. This is best applied in case of children, who end up wasting a lot of food just because they are not sure of their appetites.

It is very easy to go overboard with buying bulk, eating healthy and then spending more than you were initially. Do not get into the death-trap of buying more than you can eat, and eating just so that it does not go to waste. If the amount you eat does not let you access the lowest prices, stick with the second-lowest price until you rope in a friend or neighbor to split costs with you.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss - The Easy Solution

Weight management is a struggle for many men and women these days, young and old. While we used to blame Hollywood's misconceptions of what an ideal body weight is, the rising obesity rate can no longer be blamed completely on movies stars. Rather than doctors desiring their clients to be thin they want them to be more healthy and happy. However, the difference is not necessarily being judged by the patients.

What's The Result Of All This?

Being addicted to yo-yo diets is something that seems to be happening to either gender. Yo-yo dieting: What is it? Going on a diet, getting rid of a couple of pounds, then getting off the diet is yo-yo dieting. The weight loss/gain process continues as the weight comes back on and the dieter tries yet another diet attempt. Continuous weight gain and loss is rough on the body, particularly the heart and certainly it's also difficult on the emotional well-being of the individual.

Additionally, a lot of individuals on diets are utilising techniques for weight loss that aren't healthy. A lot of individuals use diet pills which a lot of the time are merely caffeine pills which they say are obesity's miracle cure. Then, we also have the group that falls for every fad diet that comes along. Any diet concentrating on one particular food, i.e., the cabbage diet or the grapefruit diet, do not give individuals a well-rounded balance of nutrition needed to be healthy. Also, low carb diets like Atkins normally create unusually high levels of protein in the body to be digested by the liver. Nutritionally, a man just cannot live solely on meat and cheese.

So What Must Be Done?

Once in a while, dependable working out and dieting method isn't sufficient. It might be hereditary. It's possibly the behavioral decisions which we make daily without understanding how they are hurting our health and wellbeing. What can we do to modify our behavior? Hypnosis weight loss motivation is one means of doing this. The old fashioned images of old-time magicians dangling a watch in front of your eyes and lulling you to sleep are the first thoughts you may have of hypnosis. However, hypnosis weight loss is nothing like this image.

Accessing the subconscious mind and changing inner habits is the goal of hypnotherapy weight loss. During the normal course of events, you are in control of the level of conscious thought whilst your subconscious takes care of things automatically, such as tying shoes or turning the dishwasher on, things for which conscious thought is unnecessary. Nevertheless, the subconscious mind is the driving factor which functions with the conscious mind and controls what we do. While you are sleeping, the subconscious mind takes control.

Using hypnosis weight loss to jump start your diet works because it relaxes the conscious levels of your mind. You are still aware of what is happening, though your conscious mind is quieted and the subconscious mind has taken control. You will be able to put a different 'programme' into your subconscious mind with the help of hypnotherapy weight loss. If you have a weakness for chocolate, the hypnosis can make you feel nauseous every time you think of chocolate.

Great First Date Ideas

So you have arranged to meet her next week for the first date. Where are you going to take her? What are you going to do? Impressing a girl does require a bit of planning but you will be well rewarded for putting in that little extra time to make the first date one that is memorable for her.

Going to a movie for a 3 hour date is something you might have done in high school but this is hardly the best way to get to know someone better. Here are some dates ideas to stimulate your imagination.

1. Up, up and away
A ride in a hot air balloon is sure to get her excited. Plan the day in advance. Many operators only do early morning and evening flights. Weather conditions are important so make sure that you choose an appropriate time of the year to avoid disappointment.

2. Get down to earth
Picnics are a great way to spend a date especially if you choose a good location. Head down to your local supermarket and load up on a selection of cold meats, dips, crackers and cheese so that you have a reasonable selection just in case she is vegetarian, lactose/ gluten intolerant. Make sure you get something sweet to finish with but nothing that will melt. Also remember to get the insect repellent in the warmer months. Nothing will kill the romance faster than a pack of hungry mosquitoes.

3. Drive her crazy
Go kart racing is a great adrenaline rush and will give you plenty to talk about afterwards. Make sure you warn her in advance that she will need to wear comfortable clothes.

4. Fun on the sand
Head down to your local beach for and endless list of first date activities. Go for a snorkel, build a sandcastle or hit the volleyball court.

5. Play ball
Many great dates have begun at the local billiard/ pool hall, bowling alley or mini golf green. Generally these are activities that few women do on a regular basis and so they love the novelty of getting a strike or getting a hole in one.

6. Amuse her
Amusement parks aren't just for kids. A ride on a roller coaster is a sure fire way to excite her.

7. The star treatment
It will set you back a few pennies but hiring a limo for the night is sure to impress. Cruising the streets with the sunroof open and a bottle of champagne is not just for the stars and will make you shine.

8. In house catering
Hire a chef to cook for the two of you personally. Be sure to check whether she has any food requirements beforehand. You don't want your perfect steak to go straight from plate to rubbish bin.

9. Go dancing
A salsa class or night is a great way to get up close and personal.

10. Jazz things up
Jazz and piano bars are scattered around the place. A bottle of wine, some solo saxophone and soothing double bass provides the perfect backdrop for conversation.

Here are just some fun date ideas for your first date.

The Truth About Hair

Getting your hair done is "energy" work, just like massage or touch therapy (such as Reiki or Raindrop). Think about how good you feel when you wash your hair. Do you feel a difference when you bathe and wash your hair, or just hop in the shower and don't? The act of washing your hair makes you feel more balanced because you are working on your crown center (or crown chakra).

Your hair carries energy or vibrations in every strand--not just nutritional information or the drug residue we often hear about. Hair encompasses cell memory. Think about the length of your hair and contemplate a moment about what you are holding onto within your life. Do you have your hair cut regularly, or just trim the ends? Do you shave your head? I spoke with a beautiful woman about losing her hair due to cancer treatment. Rather than viewing it as a loss, I suggested she look at it as a "reset button" since her body is bringing in new vibrations and shifting the cancer consciousness. It is an excellent opportunity for her to bring in new energy and to "program" that energy (hair) with positive thoughts and affirmations.

I recently watched an old movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman." I suddenly realized the military shaves all the old energy from the recruits! There are other circumstances where the head is shaved; perhaps a threat of lice infestation in prisons. But the other impact involves replacing one's identity and cell memory with a new consciousness. As the affirmations "indoctrination" process takes place, the hair grows back with that shift in consciousness.

Back in the early sixties, Catholic women were required to cover their crown chakra with a hat or a veil. Monks would have the crown center shaved to open their crown to the God energy. Remember the stories of Samson and Delilah, or Repunzel. They symbolized strength and the power of hair.

Start paying attention to individuals who have changed their styles or kept their hair cut short. Consider those who shave their heads and those that never cut their hair. Are they part of a religious sect, or is it because of personal preference?

Why do I drive 35 miles from home to a particular salon to have Bryan apply my color and Tomi cut my hair? There is an amazing combination of expertise and personal energy on the premises. The energy they emit and the consciousness they hold influences my energy field while they work on my crown center. The crown center is the most open and powerful energy center on the body. Additionally, there is an exchange of energy within our conversation.

The energy of your hairdresser should resonate with your own personal energy. While you are sitting, the heart center and throat center of the hairdresser are in direct contact with your crown chakra and your third-eye center. This position creates the perfect environment to attract and absorb different energies from others. Pay attention to how you feel after you have had your hair styled. Does your hairdresser uplift your mood, or feed your fears? What is happening in that exchange?

Corporations, such as salons, strive to achieve a form of consciousness. They perpetuate energy into their products, their image, and their brands. Ultimately, their employees and customers reflect that same energy. Their products and designers reflect and use the products to provide a positive environment, making you aware of whom you allow into your energy field. Do you feel good and uplifted after getting your hair done? Or do you feel drained and tired; exhausted; or poor? Pay attention to the correlation, and make a shift to another salon, if needed!

Patronizing an upscale salon allows you to feel special as well as increasing your abundance/wealth consciousness. Are you spending adequate time and money on yourself? When you look and feel wealthy, you open yourself up to accept even more abundance, wealth, and opportunities into your life. Remember to take extra care of yourself--because you are worth it!

The Plasma Revolution

Plasma TVs were invented since forty years before but it has been popularised among the public only from 1999 and became easily available from then. In recent years the cost of plasma TVs has dramatically dropped to about fifty per cent. Not only has the cost found its difference rather the technology has also developed as well. Larger screens with better images are made in latest plasma TVs. One of such improvement is the 'infinity' screen which has no visible edges. More picture is been viewed with no frame and with good clarity.

The best feature about these screens are the clarity of the picture been viewed. We long for the best product for our hard earned money we pay to get such products and we demand more on these nowadays. Another important feature is the sound. Would you not hate when you are very interestingly watching an action movie and if the dialogue gets drowned out by all the background noise. This has been very well rectified in latest plasma TVs.

The new arriving sets have a voice enhancer which automatically projects the dialogue when the background sound is high. But these screens are quite expensive which costs a lot that could not be bought by a common man. A 103 inch model displays a 'modest' cost of about $70,000. It may be an excessive amount to go for a mere television, but our life style and sophisticated taste demands us to move forward towards the technology front. It may be just a matter of time until you get satisfy with all your technology urges.

Becoming a Ninja in 2010

We live in very uncertain times. How's one to deal with this uncertainty? Unfortunately many people, perhaps most people, will resist change and as a result, will suffer greatly.

Here's one option for change: Becoming a ninja in 2010.

Why a ninja lifestyle? Think about it. Ninja's embody all the characteristics necessary for survival, especially in uncertain times. They can adapt to any situation. And adaption is key.

Here are a few important qualities which ninja's embody, and how you can apply these principles to modern day times:

  • Discipline. Ninja's are traditionally known as extremely disciplined. This is true both in their diet and training. Applying these principles to the modern day is an excellent way to stay healthy and fit, which in turn will cut down health care issues, and keep your immune system strong preparing for any potential pandemics that may arise.
  • Sense of Calm. A unique aspect for ninja's is their sense of calm. Their ability to sneak and surprise requires a tremendous amount of patience and calmness, despite being in combat type situations. This is an extremely strong quality to embody in the coming year. We've seen many people lose homes, jobs and suffer disastrous situations. Those who are able to weather the storm, are those that can maintain their center, dealing with the situation in a calm, patient, and systematic manner.

Modern day ninja's are subtle, smart, disciplined and live outside the norm of society's gravy train way of doing things. While everyone else around them suffers, they calmly rise above the noise and confusion.

This is key for operating within the coming year of 2010. Much financial, economic, and environmental turmoil has already arrived and is predicted to become much, much worse.

Is it just a coincidence that the movie Ninja Assassin just came out during the last months of 2009? It is said that life imitates art, and perhaps this is art conveying the message that becoming a ninja is key for dealing with the coming catastrophes.

In any event, becoming a ninja can add a great deal of direction and discipline to your life. There are different options available for taking the necessary steps in the new year to get started on this incredible path.

  • Ninja camps. There are ninja type camps you can attend in the coming year. These can offer anywhere from weekend training to full on 3-6 month style training.
  • Ninja Book or How to Manual. These are excellent for getting started. Not only do you get the history, but you also get modern day tips and techniques that you can apply immediately. You can also learn ninja training which you can start implementing right away as well.

What is the Best Laptop Processor

One of the most frequently asked questions when choosing which new laptop to buy is which processor is the best one to get. The answer is not as simple as naming a processor brand or model. There are a number of things to consider in order to determine which processor is the best for your needs.

First of all there are only two main commercially available processor manufacturers: AMD and Intel, so you will only be choosing from two brands. Chances are you have already heard about Intel processors such as the Intel Pentium 4, Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, etc. Quite a few people do the foolish thing and buying an Intel processor because it is the brand they have heard of, or because uncle bob says to get one.

In truth, you should never buy a processor because of its brand, as the brand has no effect on the processors performance. Instead, you will need to search the internet for reviews of specific processor models so that you can determine their performance levels. What you need to look for, are performance benchmarks of each processor when running a certain program. These results will usually be expressed as graphs to help you make sense of the results.

The other thing to look out for is how well the processor you are looking at performs in the programs you will want to use on your new laptop. There is no point buying a processor that is good at playing games if all you want is to surf the internet and use office applications as the processor will be way too powerful for your needs and you will end up unnecessarily paying for performance you will never use.

If looking through processor reviews seems a little too daunting for you then don't worry just go by the following recommendations. Those of you looking use your laptop for office applications, email or just internet surfing, will be fine with the cheapest laptop processors on the market today. Any single core AMD Sempron or Intel Celeron processor will be more then enough for your needs. If you want to do all of the above but at the same time chat to friends on instant messaging or VOIP programs like MSN messenger and Skype, listen to music or watch videos and movies, then you will want to look for any dual core processor. Even the cheapest of the dual cores will do such as the Intel Celeron Dual Core or the AMD Sempron X2.

It is only when you want to do computer gaming, video and music editing or graphic design that you will need a more powerful processor such as an AMD Athlon Dual Core / Turion or Intel Pentium Dual Core / Core 2 duo with more than 2Ghzs. However please bare in mind that for these programs you will also need a dedicated graphics card so dont splash out on the laptop with the fastest processor you see, check if it has a good graphics card too.

What Does it Take to Succeed at Anything? Do You Want to Be Rich? Or Are You Going to Be Rich?

We've seen or heard of the movie, The Secret. It talks about what successful people know, what do they do, how is it that they succeed at anything and everything they do? Well the answer is quite simple, and at the same time not so simple. The simple answer is doing, but doing what?

The first and foremost thing one must do is have the desire to be successful. I'm not talking about wanting something, but desiring it. The difference is you can want something, like money, or financial success, or a job, but desiring it means it becomes a part of your being. Wanting is something that one sees happening. For example, wanting something to eat, or a new car, or a mate, it doesn't matter, it's just want. It's abstract; it's something all living things do. Desire on the other hand, is something you actually do.

Desire means you know very specifically what you want. Not I want more money, but I want $5000 by the end of next month. Not only do you want something, but you have said to yourself that you are going to do something to make it happen. You have to make the commitment to make it happen.

So now you've thought about putting this to application, "I'm going to make it happen because I desire it to happen", and you need to know what to expect. Expect failure. Don't panic, don't quit, don't freak out, it's not the end of the world, but the next frontier. The most common cause for failure is temporary defeat. There is no such thing as permanent defeat, but only temporary defeat. Do not quit without seeking some kind of professional assistance.

I'm not talking about a psychiatrist; I'm talking about what you're trying to succeed at, being successful. The greatest success comes, just one step beyond that point where one thinks defeat has overtaken them. Failure is an illusion, a trickster full of irony, and shows up just when success is almost a reality. Recognize this and take the next step. Do not succumb to failure, it's an illusion created in one's mind. Find the lesson that "failure" is teaching you, and turn it around. Consider it another hurdle you have conquered.

To be successful, you have to be success conscious. Most of us have been conditioned to be failure conscious, as if failure has become the norm. Failure is not the norm; it's not the way nature is designed. Everyone needs to lose the concept that only 1% succeeds, and the rest are slaves to the monetary system. It's not true, don't fall for the lies! Desire means knowing what you want, and because you know exactly what you want, you can now get it! You have to see it in your mind. You have to have this desire become a part of everything you do; it becomes a part of your being.

So let's take the method by which desire, for anything, but let's use getting rich as an example. It consists of just 6 simple steps. Simple by principle, doing it is up to you. You will probably want professional assistance with this, but I'll give them to you anyway.

1. You have to fix in your mind exactly what you want. You have to know the exact amount of money you wish to have and when. Abstracts like "lots" of money doesn't work.

2. There is no such thing as something for nothing. You have to determine exactly what you're going to do to make this happen. At what price, meaning your effort, will you invest?

3. You have to have a definite date when this will be realized. Make the date and write it down.

4. You have to make a plan to carry out your desire, and start right now! Don't think you're not ready, just do it now. To make this work, you have to act, do it now.

5. Now that you've done steps 1-4, let's make it a clear concise statement. Put down the amount of money, the time limit, what you intend to give, (meaning your time and effort etc) and clearly describe the plan you intend to do in which to realize your desire.

6. Do this every day! Read what you've written down every day, twice! First thing in the morning and just before going to bed at night. As you read your statement, you have to feel the money, believe you have the money already. This isn't hocus pocus, but very important.

Remember this: no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality, and it takes no more effort to aim high in life and prosper than it takes to fail. It's just as easy fail, as it is to succeed, and vice versa.

All this takes is 6 minutes a day of effort, that's it. If you don't know how to go about this, like I said before, take the guidance of a professional. But at six minutes a day, how could you not? You and 90-something percent of the people out there have not realized their dreams because they just didn't know how! Now you can have a teacher, a proven leader that will personally work with you every day. Just do it. Why would you not? Do you want, or desire to be successful? Just do it. You do the research. Do you still want to be rich, or are you going to be rich? It's up to you.

Sony KDL46V5810 Review

Sony has always been a leader in electronic technology and with the latest Sony KDL46V5810 television that ingenuity has really come through. It adds a freesat satellite tuner to the popular KDL46V5500 model.

With a 46" flat 1080 LCD screen and full HD capabilities, this is one television that your family will love snuggling up on the couch to watch. You will have the most vivid and stunning picture you have ever seen. When you watch Animal Planet on this television, it will be almost like the animals are right there in front of you. The clarity that HD brings you will be amazing in the Sony KDL46V5810 television.

Sony has incorporated freesat into this television, so you will be able to have over seventy hours of free channels where this service is available. What a great addition to a television set because this will eliminate all those cords and wires running everywhere behind and around your television set. You will be able to enjoy the neatness as well as the freesat and you won't have to worry about a set up either. You will have access to over 140 channels and you will have radio as well. What advanced electronic technology and it brought to you only from Sony.

Another unique feature of the Sony KDL46V5810 television is that you can share pictures and music or videos with the latest networking feature. You will be able to watch movies that you have on your DNLA -enabled personal computer in HD quality and on a large screen with absolute picture clarity. What a large step into future technology and it is only brought you by Sony.

The Sony KDL46V5810 television is one of the best environmentally friendly televisions out there. If you are a stickler about your power bill, you will welcome this television into your home with open arms. You will be able to access all the energy saving features from the menu and you will be able to adjust those as you please.

Who would have though that such an advanced piece of electronic equipment like this Sony television could be made from recycled plastics and papers? Believe it because it is true and goes by the ISO 11469 standards of international requirements for the recycling of plastic parts. How could you ask for more from your television set?

You will be able to have a feature called Eco Settings that will automatically adjust the light on your set in response to the ambient light in the room. This is designed to save energy and for environment friendliness. One other feature that may very well be the most futuristic of all is called Voice Zoom. No more searching for the remote control because you will be able to use your voice to turn the volume up and down.

The Sony KDL46V5810 television is sleek in design and will compliment any entertainment center or room. You can even set it for a framed picture while off, letting your television showcase one of your favorite pictures in full color. If you are ready for the best of television and then some, purchase your Sony set today.

Using Sothink SWF Quicker's Template to Create Flash Animation Slide Shows

Sothink provides a number of inexpensive, popular and powerful tools to assist with web design.

One of those is SWF Quicker used for creating Flash graphics and animation. Quicker allows you to start from scratch or edit existing flash files. I have achieved very satisfactory results using Quicker on a number of projects.

Unless you have specific requirements not addressed by the Slide Show Template included with the product, use it! You can create a professional slide show within 10 to 15 minutes.

Tips for creating your slide show:

  • Do not expect to do much editing within the SWF Quicker Graphical Interface once the wizard is complete. Think of the template wizard as a stand alone application, not a method for creating a basic project to modify further once the wizard is complete.
  • Prepare your picture/slides ahead of time. Resize them all your desired display size or to fit within the display maximizing the height or width. Optionally, the pictures can be slightly smaller to create a background colored border. Preface slide file names so they sort sequentially, it will save reordering when you run the Wizard to create or modify your slide show.
  • Take your time going through the Wizard; verify that the slides are correctly ordered, an appropriate transition is applied to each slide and that the timing is set to your needs. I like to use 4 to 5 seconds between slides and typically disable all user controls to create automatic self running and looping presentations.
  • It's a good idea to double check everything before saving your slide show near the completion of the Wizard. Once you click next to save your work, the back capability is disabled. Making changes requires either rerunning the wizard or editing the Action Script within Quicker.
  • At the last step, the Wizard publishes your slide show in the designated directory. The show consists of a.swf Flash file containing the controls and the picture files stored separately. This capability allows for simple file replacement to update or change slides.
  • Once the Wizard completes you can edit the Action Script to make changes. To locate it, click the movie explorer tab in the lower right panel, expand index, select action layer 2, and highlight "actions for frame 1." The action script can be edited in the bottom panel under the action tab. Picture information and the slide duration are easy to find.
  • When embedding flash video.swf files, I always set the window mode parameters to transparent preventing bleed through to other windows, and set the z-index to less than 0 display pop-up menus over the top of the slide show.

If you are looking to create Flash Animation Slide Shows, Sothink's SWF Quicker could be the right solution for you. A full licensed version is available for $84.95 from their official site.

Men Love Pretty Feet

Ladies, there are men who are totally obsessed with a womans feet. Unbelievably, there are women out there who do not have pretty feet. Some people forget that their feet need care just as much and sometimes even more than other parts of the body. There are those who suffer with issues such as bunions, corns, discolorations, their feet are dry and ashy, dead skin, and their feet are just plain not taken care of.

In the Eddie Murphy movie 'Boomerang', Eddie Murphy is looking for a woman who in addition to having the desired facial appeal, knows how to dress, has sex appeal and is attractive. He wants someone who has pretty feet. While in bed with his conquest, he pulls down the sheet from around her feet. He then checks to see what her feet look like. If there are problems, his interest in a relationship completely disappears.

Feet fetishes are not uncommon. There are men who watch a woman from the head to toe. If the woman's feet are not polished and 'sexy', they move on to someone else. This type of Foot Fetish is more common than you would think.

Men will even compliment women on their feet. Think of it this way; thousands of women shoes are sold daily. A vast majority of those shoes are toeless styles. Sandals and footwear with the toe out are extremely popular during the summer, winter, especially spring and on into the fall.

Women purchase toe rings, toe jewelry, toe enhancers; they keep looking for other feet enhancers. Anything and everything is desired to improve the look feel and sexiness of the feet. The reason for this is not only for a woman's own personal pleasure, she is also very aware of the attraction and temptation her feet are to the opposite sex.

There are men and women with foot fetishes that look at feet first. If the intended conquests feet do not look as they desire, they move on to anther individual. Feet can make or break a potential relationship.

Make sure, when you are dating and after marriage, keep your feet well manicured. Today, pedicures are a multi million-dollar business. Ladies in particular enjoy having their feet massaged, rubbed, oiled and even having their toes polished.

How to Pick the Right Gift For Your Cowboy - Decorate His Theme Room

If you pride yourself on trying to find the right present for your significant other and struggle to get him something you know he will enjoy, target his theme room for ideas. Get the creative juices flowing and look for things to adorn his cowboy room.

Looking for western type of items can be relatively easy to do knowing that he likes anything to do with the "Old West". Decorations for the wall are the first place to start when beginning your search. Old movie posters of the classics like "The Searchers" or "High Plains Drifter" are one idea to help get his room in shape. Even an old west saloon clock or dartboard will add to the ambiance he is going for.

Another area to look into is lighting. His cowboy themed room needs to have light and that old lamp from the garage just won't do for the affect he is going for. You can buy rodeo lamps, belt buckle shaped lights or even an old western floor lap with rifles or a musket as the stand. Anything that fits within the room motif is fair game and because it will not end up in your living room, you will be assured it will not mix in with your traditional or contemporary designs.

Keep your gifts from ending up in the back of the basement or garage and give him something that he may actually use this year. You know the tie you gave him last year was not something he really liked, but wore a couple times for your benefit.

This year, give him something that he will enjoy and use as part of his western theme room. If you add color and style to his cowboy themed room, he will appreciate the gift much more than last year's tie with "the World's greatest husband" imprinted on it.

Get Out of the Friend Zone With Your Ex!

Well if you are reading this article then the chances are that you are either wanting to get your ex back or at least wondering if it is a good idea or not.

There are many different things that you need to put in to perspective before even trying to get your ex back, things like: What were the reasons for you splitting up in the first place and is it something that can be resolved or even changed if you were to both give it another go?

Do you both make better friends than you do partners?

Do you share any common interests even down to movies that you watch?

These all sound like very basic things but you really do have to think about these and many more if you are wanting to get your ex back and make it work.

Jealousy is one of the biggest problems in relationships but if you know you're partner loves you then you have to realize that if they wanted someone else then they would be with that other person and not you.

I advise you to maybe go for a meal so that you can both talk about how you want the relationship to be but don't rush in and say 'will you marry me?' as that could possibly just scare the other person off, instead, just take it slowly and see if you think it would work and also if you think that the other person wants it to work.

Finding Time As Parents to Have a Great Sex Life - Mommy and Daddy Deserve Awesome Sex Too!

Any parent knows that trying to find time, let alone the energy to spend some romantic time together is very difficult. As much as you love your children, to keep your relationship healthy, sometimes you just need to get away alone. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of time together and hearing a little voice from the doorway asking for a drink of water.

Because you have children, you need to put a little more thought and planning into your time alone. You can still be spontaneous, but it may be interrupted. It is best to remove that potential from the equation.

Babysitters are a quick and easy fix. The teenager next door can come over, and you and your spouse can go out on a nice date. However, when you get home, you haven't really helped with the next step. Of course you may have rekindled something, but the end of the date may be the end of the magic.

Instead, try to find a friend or family member who will not only babysit, but babysit at their house. Overnight! By forgetting that you are a parent for one night, you can bring back the passion you experienced when you first started dating.

If you belong to a play group and you are close to a few of the other parents, maybe plan something with them. Swap nights out. This way, you don't have to pay for a sitter, and you know your child is having fun.

If you don't have anyway to have your child stay at another house for the night, find someone trustworthy who can stay at your house overnight with your child. Then, check into a hotel, and go out on your date. Instead of coming home, you can extend the date into a fantasy night.

Try to make the magic last from the start of the date until the next day. This way, you aren't just going to be like a couple of friends going to a movie, instead, you are a couple.

There are things you can do on a day to day basis that can keep the romance alive, and help build passion until your next date night. Little unexpected kisses while you are walking by each other can be one way. Send each other love notes via text, e-mail or even pen and paper. Bring home flowers one night. Little things to let your partner know that you still see them as the sexy person you fell in love with long before children came along.

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. Just make sure you don't lose the love and romance.