3 Simple But Amazing Ways to Make Him Want You Back

Here's the deal: you and your boyfriend -- or rather, ex boyfriend have parted ways. But now it seems, despite some of his faults and his flaws, that you really want him back in your life anyway. The thing is: he is showing you no sign that he wants to get back into your good graces. And maybe... just maybe, he seems to be enjoying his freedom a lot more than you care to admit. So now you are trying to find ways on how to make your ex-boyfriend want you back. If you want some simple but effective tips, here are some things you ought to consider.

1. Take a breather. Let's just say that running after him whenever he walks, or suddenly popping up in his place with a huge batch of "Let's get back together" cookies, or going to the same restaurant you know he will be dining (and flirting excessively with your own stooge date) are very transparent, desperate and well... cheap ploys on how to win back an ex-boyfriend. Needless to say, these things may look hilarious in movies, but you should never do these in real life.

Instead of fretting over when and where you should see him again, just take this time out to take a breather from your relationship. Try to find other things to occupy your mind. Take up a new hobby or a new sport. Visit places you have always wanted to go to. Meet new people and get together with old friends. Or better yet, go to the salon and get a new spunky look!

These recreational activities will give you the time to see what you may be missing when you were still with him. At the same time, this will give your anger, or your disappointment or whatever ill feelings you may be harboring towards your ex lessen and hopefully, dissipate. After all, you cannot make him want you back if your first opening salvo is a list of the things you have been ranting about him for ages.

2. It is important to remember that relationships fail because there is a breakdown of communication between the two parties involved. And that means that neither you, nor your ex alone can be blamed for the split up. You will always find faults in him, as he with you. But couples with lasting relationships either forgive each others' faults or try to find ways of working around these that will satisfy both parties. It is essential therefore for you try to figure out how you can overcome your own perceived shortcomings first, before you try tackling his.

3. Make the first move. Some guys can be pushy, especially if they are determined to get you back. But some guys can be traumatized with the split that they succumb to a somnambulistic trance-like existence. It is therefore up to you to make the first move.

However, make sure that you do this gently and with great dignity. The last thing you want is for your ex boyfriend to go running off in the opposite direction. A rueful smile might do for starters. A small wave from across the street or simply acknowledging his presence when you are in the same room will also work fine. If he still doesn't get the hint, you might want to offer the first "Hello," or "So, how have you been?"

This will give out signals that you are ready to talk and listen to him (and make sure you do.) If he wants to really wants to get back with you, he will call you soon enough.

Brand Marketing Strategy and More New Business

I would like to share with you a little known brand marketing strategy that will enable you to get more new business.
According to the Associated Press (AP), over 500,000 jobs were lost in November of 2008. Businesses are feeling the financial crunch more than ever as potential new clients are holding onto their resources and spending less.

Unfortunately, the economic climate hasn't really improved that much since a year ago and is predicted to be about the same in 2010.

Most business owners cut their marketing when times are tough financially. As business owners we should be doing the opposite, but how do you increase your marketing when your finances are strained? How do you get more business? What is your brand marketing strategy? As most of you know, the internet is the best tool to advertise available today. Unfortunately, print and other types of media are no longer bringing the results that we as business owners need.

So what do we do? We become more creative and innovative and look for the most effective, yet least expensive brand marketing available. Businesses that adapt to the ever-changing economy will thrive while others close their doors for good.

Because I am a small business owner myself, I have also been looking for new cutting edge ways to attract more new business. I want to take this opportunity to share with you a marketing opportunity that none of your competitors are utilizing, yet. I am sure that during these tough economic times you have been looking for a way to attract more new business without spending a lot of money.

I have discovered a little known brand marketing strategy that has the potential of dramatically changing the amount of new business you attract. Did you know that Google is the most visited website in the world? Did you also realize that 76% of internet users view video online? This little known brand marketing strategy involves using a simple video to dominate your competition by getting your business on the first page of local Google searches. Getting ranked on the first page of Google can sometimes take years to accomplish. The great part about this is there is very little cost involved and in most cases is cheaper than running a yellow page ad or an ad in the local newspaper, and will give your business better results.

So, what do you need to start attracting more new business utilizing this simple brand marketing strategy of video? The most obvious item you need is a video camera. You don't need anything fancy. An inexpensive flip video camera or a webcam will do the trick. In fact, you don't even need a video camera. You can use pictures to make a slide show and have a service like animoto.com put it together in a video format for you. It costs very little to do this. The first time I used this service it cost me three bucks!

After you have made your video and edited it with a free program called windows movie maker, the next step is to distribute your video to multiple video hosting websites. You can upload the video yourself to the multiple video hosting sites but it is somewhat time consuming. Because my time is very valuable, I prefer to have an online service do this for me. Once you have distributed your video to the multiple hosting sites, just sit back and watch what happens. In most cases, within 24 hours, your video will start to show up on the local searches. Submit 2-3 videos every week and in a very short time, you and your business will be the authority in your local market, literally, dominating your competition.

The Tools and Trappings of Witchcraft

The tools and trappings of Witchcraft are many and varied. While many of them, such as the broomstick and the witch's cauldron, are very familiar among most of the population, most magickal tools used by practitioners of Wicca and Witchcraft are either unknown or vastly misunderstood. This article will address the uses of many of the most popular magickal tools out there, and, hopefully, banish some of the misconceptions out there.

The specific tools addressed are:
- The Athame
- The Wand
- The Cauldron
- The Altar
- Book of Shadows

The Athame The Athame is probably the most misunderstood of all of the magickal tools addressed here. What is an athame, anyways? It is a ritual dagger that utilized by witches during rituals and ceremonies. It is generally a double-edged blade made from steel, iron or, for the wealthier wiccans out there, silver. The hilt of the blade is most often black, and painted or engraved with a variety of occult symbols.

Stories and movies, which often depict a witch as bad guy, often glamorize the athame as a sinister weapon that is used in sacrifices and other outlandish practices. This could NOT be further from the truth! The true purpose of this tool is as an aid for the practitioner to direct their will in ritual. It is never used to cut anything physically, and if it does, it is considered tainted and cannot be used until some extensive 'psychic cleansing' can be done.

For those who practice Witchcraft, the athame is a representation of the element of air and mental energy. It is one of the most used, and often most cherished, of their ritual tools.

The Wand The wand is another very common item used in Witchcraft. The image it brings to mind is very accurate. It is a length of wood, about the same length as the individual witch's forearm. It can be constructed from a variety of materials, and the magickal properties of the tree from which it is cut often plays a major role in its choosing. The look and style of the wand is as varied as the people who carry them. They are often decorated with crystals, stones, feathers and ribbons.

The uses of the wand are very similar indeed to those of the athame. It is used to direct ones will in ritual or ceremony. However, the biggest difference with the wand is that it is often the preferred means of repelling negativity away from its user. As such, it is often the tool of choice for rituals involving purifying and cleansing.

The Cauldron Now, this is a misunderstood tool indeed! When one brings to mind the image of a witch's cauldron, the phrase, "bubble, bubble, toil and trouble..." is often right there with it. People seem to think that witches like to brew up some of the strangest things in their cauldrons. Though the cauldron is used as a magickal mixing bowl, the ingredients are often found in the average kitchen pantry. For a witch, the cauldron represents the element of water, and the energies of emotions and feeling. In ritual, the cauldron often serves in preparing infusions for a magickal bath, tinctures for a variety of uses, or simply a fireproof container in which to burn a piece of parchment.

The Altar This is another tool that is often very misunderstood. In the Hollywood version, the altar is the creepy table decorated with skulls and black candles where the victim is tied up helplessly. Try explaining that one to the neighbors!!

In real Witchcraft, there are two main types of altars out there: The functional, ritual altar, and the altar that serves as a shrine to honor a specific deity. The shrine-type altar is pretty self explanatory. It is a special place to connect with a specific deity, and decorated with items that either represent or are associated with that deity.

A functional altar is one that is used during the majority of Wiccan rituals, and is often the centerpiece of the ceremony. It is the place where Wiccans do most of the "dirty work" of burning candles, spilling ink, and burning incense. It is a focal point for their ritual intent, and the spot in the ritual circle where they connect and pray to their Deity.

Book of Shadows This is the quintessential spell book carried by every witch out there. There are so many ways to describe this particular item. To begin, let us just say that the Book of Shadows is a combination of a journal, a how-to manual, song book, and spell book.

One of the most common things found in a book of shadows is the Wiccan Rede. This is basically a code of conduct that witches follow, and an empowering bit of prose. Also commonly found within one of these books is a piece called The Charge of The Goddess, or simple "The Charge". This is a very elegantly written piece of poetry that both empowers practitioners of Witchcraft, and reminds them of their common values and beliefs. Both of these items are often included in Wiccan ceremonies.

Aside from that, the contents of a Book of Shadows can be almost anything. Most witches include their favorite rituals, incense recipes, correspondence charts and other difficult-to-memorize magickal tidbits.

Parenthood - 30 Things My Parents Did That Made All the Difference

Parenting, in many regards, is difficult. It requires work, persistence, and patience. The very word parenthood is synonymous with challenges, frustrations, and responsibility. However, parents everywhere will also collectively agree that parenthood is also the source of the greatest joy, satisfaction, happiness that life has to offer. All the work, responsibility, and even challenges are worth every effort and sacrifice. In fact, perhaps the reason why we experience so much happiness through parenthood is because we develop the most important attribute of life - that of unselfishness. Ironic that we actually find our lives through the losing of them!

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have two incredible parents - a father and mother who loved me, cared for me, taught me, disciplined me, and truly epitomized what successful parenthood is all about. While they were not perfect (although close), they did certain things that I feel every parent would benefit from knowing, and especially emulating. Below are listed several things they did on a consistent basis that have made all the difference in mine and my siblings lives; as well as now the lives of my own children as I seek to implement what they taught and exemplified. (Only 15 are listed in this article; however, to view the other 15, please see part 2 in the Parenthood article series):

1) Power of Example: First and foremost, they lived what they taught! My siblings and I learned how to work hard, serve others, be disciplined, show respect, and act kindly not so much because it was expected of us, but because it was emulated in everything my parents did and were.

2) They Made Mistakes... and Changed: There never has been a perfect pair of parents, and everyone certainly makes mistakes. However, I noticed growing up that when my parents did make mistakes, they learned from them, apologized, and then most importantly - changed.

3) Children Always Came First: There was absolutely no question in my mind growing up that my siblings and I were the highest priority to my parents. I can not recall ever feeling that their careers, hobbies, friends, or entertainment was more important than family, or making time for and raising their children. We spent a lot of time as a family, and just as significantly, my parents made regular time to just have one-on-one time with each child.

4) Limited Electronic Drugs: Although as a child I may not have thanked my parents, I certainly thank them now for being extremely proactive in monitoring the shows, entertainment, and time I spent watching TV, movies, video games, or computer time. In fact, often was the case that we as a family would just spend the night together playing games rather than letting the TV or computer entertain or babysit us kids.

5) My Mother Stayed Home: I was extremely fortunate to have a mother who chose and was able to stay at home and be a mom. I recognize, however, that many other families do not have this great privilege, for a variety of reasons (often uncontrollable life circumstances that force a mother to have to work). Now, my siblings and I certainly did not have all the latest toys, clothes, cars, or vacations growing up - but we each would collectively agree that having a mother in the home to be a mom was perhaps the greatest difference, influence, and blessing in our lives.

6) We Occasionally Went Without: As mentioned in the point above, my siblings and I often went without. We of course had everything we 'needed,' but we certainly were not given everything we 'wanted.' This was in part because of our financial situation. And yet, even when my father got into a position to be able to buy us children what we 'wanted,' thankfully, he still chose to occasionally allow us to go without. He did this of course not to deprive us, but to teach us to appreciate what we had, work for what we 'wanted,' and develop attributes such as sacrifice, patience, sharing, and unselfishness. Simply put - we were not spoiled in any sense of the word!

7) We Had to Work: Every day my siblings and I had a chore - anything from making our bed, to sweeping the floor, vacuuming, taking the garbage out, to doing dishes. Also, I remember every Saturday morning, our entire family would go out into the yard to do yard work together. Let's be honest - what kid enjoys doing this stuff? But, as with everything, my siblings and I look back with gratitude that my parents taught us the importance of work.

8) Fun Family Time... Often: The last two points would make it seem that my siblings and I were deprived children who were worked to death. Quite the contrary! We had a ton of fun together as a family growing up. My childhood is filled with wonderful memories of countless family nights of just playing games, drives up the canyon together, BBQ's in the back yard, yearly vacations, weekend outings, camp-outs on the trampoline outside, and very frequent family nights. As already mentioned, my parents made their children their top priority, and thankfully rather than having the TV be our only entertainment (and babysitter), we often just spent the nights together playing games, laughing, talking, and having fun.

9) My Father Loved My Mother: Never once do I remember my father yelling at my mother. There was always sincere and appropriate affection shown to her verbally, emotionally, and physically - and thankfully, it was often in front of us kids so we knew our dad loved and was committed to our mother. I specifically remember having this enforced to me every meal when my dad would give my mom a kiss after we had a prayer over the meal - a small thing that had a huge impact.

10) They Loved Me Enough to Discipline Me: My parents disciplined me growing up, and I am forever grateful for that. Did I at times resent it growing up? Of course! Did my parents make mistakes in their disciplining efforts? Of course; but as already mentioned, they learned from that and changed. And, did I envy many of my friends who had, what I thought at the time, 'freedom' because their parents did not discipline them like mine? Yes. But, these friends' choices during their supposed years of 'freedom' led to consequences that resulted in the exact opposite of what 'freedom' truly is. Perhaps most importantly, I never doubted that whenever my parents disciplined me that it was out of love and a desire to help, teach, or protect - and never simply out of anger.

11) Mom & Dad Were Equal: Of course my parents had different roles and responsibilities within our family and around the house, as every mother and father does. However, one thing was always certain - they were equal partners. In no way was my father domineering, condescending, or treated as the superior in any way. He was the man of the house and certainly fulfilled his role; but right by his side (not behind him) was my mother who was thought of, spoken to, involved in, and treated like an equal.

12) Cleanliness Was Demanded: My siblings and I still tease our mother for engraining into our minds an attribute we got so frustrated with growing up, but are ever so grateful for now. She demanded cleanliness... in every aspect of our lives! We always had to have a clean room, house, yard, car, appearance, and most importantly - thoughts!

13) Certain Attributes Were Taught, Exemplified, and Expected: Thankfully my parents did not just 'talk the talk' - they literally lived what they taught and expected. A few of the many attributes my parents both taught and helped us develop were: integrity, honesty, unselfishness, hard work, modesty and virtue, tolerance, respect, discipline, patience, persistence, assertiveness, independence, responsibility, prayerfulness, obedience, friendliness and kindness.

14) Throwing Fits Was Never Allowed: This may seem like a small thing, but I remember us siblings were never allowed to throw fits (and thus, I am sure I was not allowed either). Certainly, I am sure my parents were trying to teach us to understand that we can't always get what we want, to learn to share, to be patient, to occasionally 'go without,' and to develop very early in life a healthy respect for adults and the ability to listen, respect, and obey.

15) Be a Friend To Everyone: My parents went to great efforts to teach us kids to love, respect, be educated about and tolerant towards, and kind to everyone. I distinctly remember them teaching me in high school to be friends with those that don't have friends and those I normally would not be friends with. In my ignorance, I thought 'clicks' would somehow disappear after high school; unfortunately for us all, they still exist. Thankfully, my parents helped us kids learn early on how to be friends with, reach out to, and love and appreciate everyone regardless of our differences.

16) We Ate Together as a Family... Daily: Eating dinner together as a family each night was not so much expected of us as it was a daily tradition we all looked forward to. Dinner time was a chance to be together as a family - to talk, laugh, teach, cry, ask questions, express concerns, have family counsels or planning time, and to love.

17) Fidelity & Commitment Were Foundational: Perhaps one of the greatest reasons that marriages and families fail or fall apart is due to the fact that parents become selfish, allow the immoral influences of the media to shape their decisions, and eventually disregard virtue, responsibilities, and commitments. Thankfully, I was raised in a home where I knew and saw and never questioned my parent's commitment to each other. In thought, word, and action - they were completely true to each other. Does that mean they never faced trials, frustrations, challenges, or temptations? Of course not! What it means is they remained true to the commitments of marriage and the responsibilities of parenthood - despite what life challenged or tempted them with. And for that, my siblings and I will forever be grateful that our parents were true to each other, and to us as a family.

18) My Mother Read to Us Kids... Every Night: I honestly don't remember too many books or stories, nor do I really remember learning anything significant (although I am sure I did) - what I do remember was being with and feeling loved by my mother on a daily basis.

19) We Were Involved & Balanced: Our parents went to great lengths to ensure that us kids were well-rounded, balanced, cultured, and involved. Each of us learned instruments, were involved in sports, were required to get good grades in school, participated in scouting, volunteered in community and church service, and got involved in extracurricular activities. Now, don't think for a moment that I enjoyed practicing the piano every day, doing my homework before playing with friends, or always having to do the service projects for scouting or with church groups. (In fact, I am sure my mom hated listening to my piano practicing as much as I hated doing it). But like anything in life, we look back and express gratitude that our parents loved us enough to do the little things to teach us, ensure we were not culturally or racially ignorant, and ensure we were well-rounded and involved individuals.

20) There Was Daily Attention & Affection: I remember with fondness my mother simply playing with us kids. Rather than using the TV to babysit us, she would simply play with us, read to us, or just talk with us. She was there every day when we arrived home from school to hug us and ask how our day went. At night, and every night, our parents prayed with and for us - and sent us off to bed with a hug and a kiss. These are small things that made all the difference, because my siblings and I always felt loved, wanted, and appreciated.

21) My Parents Didn't Live Their Dreams Through Us Kids: It is unfortunate how often I have seen a father, for example, live their boyhood dreams through their son. Failing to accomplish a dream is not shameful if you tried, and it certainly is no justification to demand and do everything to ensure a child accomplishes what you did not. How selfish and damaging to every child's unique individual potential and desires is this all too common scenario. I personally am grateful that my parents did not live their dreams through me, and allowed me to pursue and excel at things that I found interesting, fun, and exciting.

22) Eat Everything On Your Plate: First of all, let me tell you how much I hated beets, yams, squash, and granola... but believe me when I say that I ate them (had to) every time they were served to me. My parents didn't do this to torture me (although I felt otherwise as a child), but they obviously did it to teach me an important lesson - to not be picky. I think my parents knew that if I got my way early in life with simple things like not eating what was served to me - that most likely would translate into much larger and more worrisome things later in life.

23) My Parents Were Involved in My Social Life: What that means is that my parents cared and were concerned with what I was doing and who I was with. They talked to me often, creating an environment where I felt comfortable to come to them with questions, concerns, or when faced with peer pressure. Our home had an 'open home' policy where we were encouraged and felt comfortable inviting friends over. Thus, I not only felt my parents cared, but my parents knew my friends and could thus encourage or warn me against anything they saw or sensed. Was I always receptive to their counsel as a teenager? Of course not - what teenager is? But again, I am extremely grateful that they were involved and proactive enough that rules were set, discipline happened, and consequences were enforced. Likewise, love was shown, teaching happened, warnings were given, and praise and rewards always followed.

24) Proper Respect & Social Skills Were Taught: I remember my parents teaching me to look adults in the eye when I spoke with them, answer their questions, learn how to ask questions and hold a conversation, and to show adults proper respect.

25) 'Mom & Dad - Can I Have Some Money': Again, I understand and respect the fact that each parent does things differently - and each child, home, and situation is different. Thus, as with this and every principle mentioned in this article, I am not suggesting the way my parents did things was the right or only way - it was simply one way, and a way that was effective and worked. With that said, my parents never just handed over money to us kids (whether they could or not). Life doesn't work that way, so neither did my parents. If we 'wanted' something, we had to earn it. If we 'needed' something, that was a different story. But, when us kids had 'wants' - we had to earn our money, we were never just handed money. Welcome to life and reality, right!

26) Education & Grades Were Extremely Important: Our parents set the example in getting good grades, as well as both of them getting higher education and advanced degrees. School, learning, and getting good grades was simply just part of our family culture, tradition, and expectation.

27) They Never Gave Up & Had Faith in Our Potential: As mentioned earlier, parenting is extremely difficult. It takes time, patience, and consistent effort. Regardless of the little money we had, the challenges life threw at us, the mis-behaving of us children, or even the troubling years of raising eight (yes, eight) teenagers... they never gave up on us. They always put forth effort to teach, nurture, love, discipline, and raise us. And perhaps just as significant, in the process they instilled within us that we each were someone special and had great potential within us. They inspired and encouraged us, had faith in us, and never quit on us - regardless of how hard it must have been for them at times.

28) 'Don't Prepare the Path for the Child, Prepare the Child for the Path': My parents epitomized this great counsel!

29) Children Turn Out How You Talk To & About Them: I never remember my parents speaking unkindly to, complaining about, or talking to others in a negative way about their children. Did they at times get frustrated, upset, or disappointed? Of course - welcome to parenthood! But they always tried to build, compliment, and praise us kids. Comparatively, a close friend my wife and I know is always talking negatively to and about her children (even with her children right there in front of her). As can be expected, this mother is experiencing some major problems with the behavior of her children. Why? I believe it is because these children are simply becoming what they hear their mother saying to and about them.

30) Most Importantly - God Was First in Their Marriage, Our Home, & Our Family: Again, I understand and respect the fact that many reading this article may not necessarily have a belief in God. However, that does not negate the fact that this very principle was the foundational aspect of my parents successful marriage, the feeling in our home, and the reason my family has turned out the way it has. We put God first in all things, and as a result, everything else seemed to work out.

What You Should Never Do With Your Ex

It has come to my attention that people do not learn their lessons. No matter how many times they are beaten up by the same one. Over and over again that lesson smacks them across the face, and over and over again they go back for more. Their friends tell them the reality of the situation, their therapist tells them what to do - and they ignore both. They even ignore their own gut instinct that screams the truth out to them all day, every day; and despite knowing that they are making the same mistake again, they still blunder into it as if this time it will be different.

I have a feeling that we all know someone who has done this, is doing this, and perhaps that person even looks back at you every morning when you look in the mirror.

The Ex Hex is a classic example of total and utter stupidity winning over common sense and gut instinct. Even though the relationship is over, even though the relationship went wrong, even though one or both of you behaved inappropriately or inconsiderately, you (the one who looks back at you in the mirror) still want that person back in your life, still thinking that it will all work out for the good, this time.

If somebody else was doing what you were doing you would think they were a mentally deficient. If you try to relate your mental deficiency to theirs, you tell yourself that your situation is 'different'. If you make the same mistake over and over again, you convince yourself that success comes from failure. If you fail to succeed in regaining the love of your Ex, you feel like a failure. Why? Because you are one. And you're mentally deficient.

You should ask yourself one thing - why do I want something that is broken?

Think about it - you had a relationship with your Ex. It went wrong. So wrong that you split up. Either you were glad or you were hurt. But now (like all those other fools), you want it back. Despite the damage that is so obviously irreparable.

Once something is broken, it is broken, it is never the same, it will never be better than it was before, it will be worse, it will be the damaged version of the first thing that went wrong and so it will be less good than before and it will not work, just like it didn't work the first time - do not trust something that has been repaired, especially a relationship, it is never as good as it was in the first place.

For some reason, people trying to get back together with their Ex is a regular issue. One that I have to endure on a regular basis from people that will not see the truth, the facts or the reality. It is a comfort zone problem, a need for familiarity, a fear of trying something new, of having to learn about someone else, of having to make an effort instead of being able to coast downhill with someone who has been there before. And unfortunately, if you get back together with your Ex, that is exactly what will happen - it will go downhill. But this time, the decline will be steeper, the dysfunction more rapid and the self-hatred more pronounced.

Whether you were the one to cause the pain, the one to feel the pain, or a bit of both, once someone is your Ex, they should stay that way. Once the trust is broken, there is nothing you can do that will bring it back to its former glory. There is no way to make that relationship work properly again, to be able to feel fully free again, to really enjoy yourself as you used to; because somewhere inside of you, you know that this might go wrong, you know that this will end up where it ended up last time, you know that the truth is staring you in the face and you are denying it to yourself by lying to yourself and allowing yourself to place false hope on a hopeless situation.

And so, despite the glory of 'make up' sex, despite the thrill of revisiting places you know so well on another person (even as it feels like the first time again), despite the urge to feel comfortable with someone, and despite the need to be attached to a memory of the past, getting back with your Ex is nothing but a disaster waiting to happen, nothing but a dream that will become a nightmare, nothing but a question with the same answer. Every time. Without fail.

If you are still hung up on your Ex. If you are still wishing that you could repair the damage. If you are waiting for the right time, or even pursuing the wrong route, now is the time to stop, the time to realize that you need to get a life, you need to move forward not backward, you need to be honest with yourself, you need to remember that either you dumped them or they dumped you, or both; and when that happened it was the right thing to happen. If you are the one who got dumped, move away with dignity. If you are the one who discarded them, don't go back and pick up something that you didn't want then and won't want later. If you mutually agreed to end it, then maturely agree to keep it that way. Life is not a movie. You cannot hit rewind. You can only hit play, and playing the same game with the same person in the same way will only lead to the same result in the end. Thinking that you can change the game to change the result will only lead to an unnatural and uncomfortable playing field that won't be any fun anyway. It will be repetitive. And painful.

So, get over the Ex. Get rid of the Hex. Do not get suckered into the illusion that "for me it's different", stop thinking that you are special or clever, and stop hoping that somehow a magic spell will come along and take away all the badness. It won't happen, you are not that special or that clever, and it will end. Yet again.

Trust is the most important part of any relationship. It is the foundation of your integrity. And that is not to say that you have to be perfect to have a trusting relationship, you simply need to be able to trust that your partner, the person you are with, the one you love the most, is respectful enough of your feelings that they will always put you first, that they will always make you feel special, that they will over-ride your fears with the power of their love (even if they are not perfect and even if you suspect their imperfections). Trust is broken when the ugly truth is revealed, and once that comes to light, once you know that your partner has broken your trust, everything changes... for the worse... and is never as good as it once was. Whether it be the end of your relationship and they become your Ex, or it becomes a part of your relationship and you maintain the facade, breaking the trust is the killer that cannot be over-powered - it is always there to remind you.

If your Ex still haunts your dreams, if you have wishes of regaining their love and re-building that memory (the one you invented), then I have sympathy for you, but I also have a warning - if you do not move on, you will not grow and you will simply wither in the illusion of a life that only leads to more disappointment brought on by your own desperation and weakness.

Be realistic. Learn your lessons. Let go.

Guy Blews

Godly Courtship Guidelines

Without a solid foundation in Godly values, dating is full of potential sins. Often even those of strong faith can find themselves stumbling and giving in to temptation when dating in the modern world. By establishing and sticking to guidelines designed for Godly courtship, men and women can court while remaining true to their spiritual beliefs.

The first guideline for Godly courtship is understanding the difference between dating and courtship. Dating is more of a temporary recreational way of socializing with the opposite sex. Because of the casual nature, dating is more based in having fun and submitting to peer pressure than developing strong relationships.

Courtship does have some similarities but is has a degree of accountability not found in dating. Instead, you are looking specifically for someone you could marry. With courtship, godly man and woman are making a serious commitment not only about their relationship with God but their desire to be serious with each other and no one else. Because of this courting is about always putting your best foot forward to find a marriage partner and making sure others view you as marriage material. It encourages remaining respectful and having pure motives.

One of the problems with dating is it incites couples to pair-off and do activities in private. Even those with godly intentions may find themselves tested when spending so much intimate time alone. To avoid this problem, go out in group settings, this will allow healthy interactions to develop. Group courting can be done in public at Church events or with friends and family.

Those courting can also talk on the phone, text message each other, go to movies, theatres, concerts and other social settings. They just do so with support from others in strong Christian relationships. Seeking the advice of a church counselor or pastor and looking at the examples set by other married couples within a Church can give a couple who just started courting guidance on how their relationship should develop.

While courting you should work on developing your moral character and learning if the person you are making a commitment to genuinely loves God. Have open communication and listen, you want to be sure they have the same spiritual beliefs that you hold dear. Maturity is also important and this is not just about age. Not only do you need to be an adult physically but you should also have a developed spiritual relationship with God. Being emotionally ready and financially mature is another factor necessary for courtship.

Relationships formed on the rules of courtship respect the traditional roles of men and women. Men initiate relationship contact while women may offer encouragement to let a men know she is interested. Couples always speak respectfully to each other and about each other when talking to other individuals. They should also encourage each other to follow God's word and refrain from allowing themselves to be placed in compromising situations. This can be done by limiting close physical contact and avoiding dressing too provocatively.

Though the intent of courtship is marriage it may not always lead to this; when this type of relationship ends, the couple parts on good turns still able to remain cordial with each other. Ultimately, though many who choose to court instead of date will form strong relationships that will form the basis of strong marital bonds unlikely to end in divorce.

Til Debt Do Us Part

"Til Debt Do Us Part" is a TV show by the author of a book of the same name. What was amazingly frustrating watching this show was the fact that these families were on the edge of divorce but that debt was a given in the lives of these families. It wasn't the debt that was driving them apart but addictions or haphazard life patterns of being unable to hold a solid job or self indulgence to the point of neglecting the other partner.

Yet our marriage vows say "for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse". Debt is part of what makes us poorer. And the stress of paying off debt is perhaps part of the worse; yet paying off debt makes us both better off and richer in the long term. It is the long term vision to see that better life that can lead one to make the shorter term sacrifices to achieve that debt-free life.

Imagine driving the car past its shiny "new" status and paying it off. Then save for another year the value of that car payment. At $500 a month (the average car payment) over a year, that is $6000 saved to buy a quality used car when the current one falls apart.

Imagine cutting back on all the extras, from eating out to shopping for entertainment to having stay-cautions instead of vacations. Cut out that 20% of extra frills and only spend money on groceries, rent or house payments, utilities, minimum debt payments and put that extra 20% of your income against the debt. For many people, that amount (from $300 or $1000 a month) went toward movies, fancy clothes, gym memberships, extracurricular activities for the kids, and Starbucks. Put that amount against your debt, and you could find it paid off in 12-24 months.

If you were debt free, that extra money could build up the emergency fund you always knew you needed but never had the funds to have. Or save for retirement, since you can"t borrow for that. Or save up for that house payment or kids college. Once the debt is gone, many other long term goals become possible. Even investing becomes an option, once you no longer pay 15-30% on credit cards and have several hundred dollars a month payments for a depreciating car in the garage.

Once you pay off the debt, the stress that drives you apart also falls away. Part with your debt and habit of overspending, not your marriage partner.

Cowboy Boots - Are They For Riding or For Fashion?

One of the not so many things in these times which are said to be common for all ages is the cowboy boots. If you try to watch several movies, magazines, videos or even songs, these types of boots is the mark for a macho impression, and exudes girl empowerment for stylish women. If you still have not rewarded yourself with a nice pair of boots, then you might want to have a second thought on it. But if you already got a lovely and sturdy boots, go through the rest of this article and you might want to buy another pair for you.

One of the pleasant things of owning these boots is that they give you the ultimate protection for your feet and become fashionable at the same time. And there are heaps of high class materials used to make them and various styles that you can choose from. Nowadays, your boots can be made out of leather, different animal skins and intricate designs of embroidery. They are very versatile and can even be worn in numerous occasions.

Even women can enjoy wearing them. They can have the traditional cowboy boots, and those that have lovely ornaments on them. The good thing about these boots is they can perfectly match any outdoor occasion you love to do, may it be for riding, hiking and a lot more. There are so many brands that you can choose from. Dan Post Boots is one of the well known manufacturers of durable and trendy boots. Hence, avid riders of Harley Davidson love them so much. Apart from their stylish feature, they are made of good quality leather that will last for ages and survive on bad weathers. No matter how dusty and muddy the trail you go through, these boots will still last long. They are indeed a wise fashion investment.

If you find your boots too dull and ordinary, you can try to customize them by adding embroidery, metal accessories or even play with various animal skins. Try to reinvent them in such a way that your boots will be distinct from the regular ones. Some can even go as far as putting gems, pearls and other stones. Although, they can be a bit pricey but they will surely be a one of a kind piece purposely designed for you.

These boots are not just for motorbike riders only. Anybody who wants to be more adventurous when it comes to fashion can buy one for themselves. You just have to pick a style that you can carry it even if you only pair it with jeans and shirt. But if your purpose is for riding or any intense activity, then you will definitely have to get to know the anatomy of these boots to be able to pick the right one. Try to go online since there are sites that provide full product info for all their items. Bear in mind that boots must perfectly fit your feet so as to serve their purpose. You will just waste your money if they will make you feel uncomfortable when you wear them in any event.

So what are you waiting for, go to your nearest cowboy store or start browsing the net and look for a nice and long lasting pair of boots that you can give to yourself.

Find Australia Travel Deals For Your Trip Down Under

Australia is an extraordinary place to visit, especially if you enjoy spending time in nature, seeing exotic animals like kangaroos and fairy penguins, and appreciating diverse cultures. Whether you go to Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, or any of the country's other states, you will see sites you will not see anywhere else in the world. And if you take advantage of Australia travel deals, your trip will cost you less than you expect.

Of course, you need not spend your entire holiday in the outback. You can also take tours to wineries and the famous Ayres Rock. Theme parks like Sea World, Movie World, and Wet 'n Wild appeal to children and young-at-heart adults. And there's no shortage of bars, restaurants, day spas, zoos, and wildlife parks. If you are really adventurous, you might even take a scenic flight over amazing landscapes.

Planning a trip requires thought about the not-so-fun parts of vacations. Whatever Australian state you visit, you'll find excellent hotels and inns to fit every budget and style; but you need to make reservations in advance. You will also want to know where to find banks, buses, embassies, dentists, and health clinics. Hopefully you will not have any medical emergencies, but you need to be prepared, just in case.

One way to keep costs down and get the information you need is to buy an Australian discount card. With multiple travel deals in Australia, a discount card makes the best of the country within reach of the frugal traveler. You'll get the cheapest and best travel insurance, car hires, car rentals, bus and plane tickets, hotels, and tours.

Do you want to spend some time on one of Australian's sand beaches? Consider an Orpheus Island Resort, located within the Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world, and accessible only by seaplane, Orpheus is a paradise for the discriminating traveler. With a travel saver discount card, you can even afford this luxurious retreat. While you're by the sea, think about using your discount card to go on a fishing trip, a sail, or a surf trip.

Australia also has unique cultural resources. The Sydney Opera House, for example, is one of the busiest performing arts centers in the world. You can get discount tickets for an opera, the circus, a rock concert, or a cabaret. Be sure to leave enough time to tour the building; it's a work of art in itself.

Whether you plan to spend a few weeks, a few months, or a year in Australia, you will quickly recoup whatever you pay for a discount card, and keep on saving. Depending on the type of card you buy, you can get from 10 to 50 percent off on services, sightseeing, and accommodations.

Australia is the largest island continent--a multicultural society with a rich heritage and outstanding natural resources. The easiest and most economical way to see this remarkable country is to buy a discount card and stay for a long visit. You won't regret it.

The Benefits of Using a Bill Organizer

Some people have a hard time managing their monthly bills. Having one person that pays bills is much easier than two or more people trying to keep the bills organized. If more than one person is trying to handle the bills it can become confusing and things can become quite unorganized. Having a monthly bill organizer can help with this task.

Our monthly bills can become overwhelming and that is usually due to the extra things we spend our money on. It can also be very beneficial for you to try to cut back on any unnecessary expenses. This can be harder than it sounds. The important thing to remember is if you do not need it then try not to buy it. This will help if you stick to it.

A bill organization system can help to ensure you do not run out of money for other expenses. If you are not careful you can end up broke before a major bill is paid every month. You will want to be sure to include things like clothes, groceries, and gas into your monthly expenses. If you spend money every week eating out or going to the movies this should be added into your expenses as an entertainment expense.

Everyone has entertainment expenses but they do not think to add that expense into their bill organizer. There are many things that will fall into this category. You will also want to be sure that you add in any expenses for clothing or household items such as soaps and cleaners.

Some people do not even think to add in things they have to buy every month like garbage bags and dog food. If you are not adding these things into your bill organizer then you will not remember to keep money out for these expenses.

You will love the monthly bill organizer once you start using it. Having a bill organizer in place is the best way to keep your bills from getting behind. This is a very handy thing to have around because no one wants to have overdue bills. You can even just use a simple pen and paper to organize your bills if you do not want to spend money on software.

No matter what you use to organize your bills you will be surprised at how much money you can actually save. Everyone wants to save money. This can also be a great way to start saving for your future. The extra money you are saving on your monthly bills you can put into a savings account to save for a rainy day.

It is also a good idea to plan for your retirement. Have any extra money you save each month put towards your nest egg. Having a bill organization in place can benefit you in many ways. When you are saving money towards your retirement plan and paying your monthly bills on time things will definitely start looking up for you. Start using a bill organizer as soon as possible and start reaping the rewards.

How to Self Publish a Book and Financially Survive

Have you wanted to self publish a book but do not know where to start? The first step is to determine your market, then the cost, followed by the decision on what your book is worth and at what price it should be sold. Do not allow emotions to get in the way of sound judgment that will spell your financial demise.

There is a fine line between the price being high enough to keep your publisher in business but low enough to encourage sales. Remember, you can always lower the price, but raising it once there is a price printed on the cover is unthinkable.

When you self publish a book the expectation of making a ton of money is unrealistic so let me begin by dispelling the myth about "best-sellers." Such books are few and far between and Harry Potter was a once in 5-billion-book-miracle and lightning does not strike twice. How many people do you know who have won the lottery? I am certain the answer is none, but do not stop dreaming about hitting the publishing pot of gold. I am sure that most of us would be satisfied with just 10% of the Potter success.

What you need to know before you self publish a book.

In any given year there are a billion books in circulation. Once you grasp that astounding number realize that the average book published in the United States sells 5,000 copies. A quantity of 10,000 is considered a "Best-Seller." The authors at the top of the lists are movie stars and politicians, most of them did not write their own books. There is an entire ghost writing industry in the U.S. So the competition is fierce as celebrity opens many doors to publicity, the key to any book success. What that means as a first-time author is that you need to work harder and smarter.

Key elements to consider before you self publish a book.

o Picking a Niche Topic

Writing a book on a niche topic like cooking, woodworking, sewing, flower arranging, sailing, gardening or any niche topic, you need to research Google, eBay and Amazon to see what others have written, then write your book covering the areas these authors may have omitted from their books or not have covered thoroughly. Not all niche topics are equal but it is foolhardy to try to duplicate the work of others because they were successful. Being original or covering the parts of a subject that were omitted from a successful book will always serve you well. On the Internet you can then capture the keywords used by those other authors that will help drive your own online sales.

o Self-Publishing vs. co-publishing

In the true meaning of the term 'Self-Publishing' an author, by necessity, is transformed into a business manager and publishing technician. Remember when you self publish a book the author pays all editing, design and printing costs plus distribution, advertising and marketing expenses. The printing and binding process is full of minefields. This carries the risks of simple mistakes costing thousands of dollars once they reach the printing press and need to be fixed. Or worse, errors not caught at all will mean you end up with a book with errors that degrade the quality of your book.

Once printed the author then needs to arrange distribution that turns the author into a quasi-sales person. When you self publish a book do not get caught up in thinking that you get 100% of the profit, that may sound attractive, but it can also lead to a bag of snakes.

Co-publishing is the best alternative for the author who is willing to do the same financing on his or her title, but who is willing to engage an experienced publisher willing to share his expertise for a percentage of the profit.

o Print a Small Quantity First

A number of first-time authors have come to me in recent years after spending thousands of dollars on Internet-based publishers only to discover that the "On Demand" cost per book leaves no room for profit. Many complain that the initial $500.00 to $750.00 investment quickly mushroomed with one added charge after another. Ordering one book at a time as needed is not just time consuming it is crazy-making. If you are only selling one or two books a week then this is nothing more than an ego trip, not a publishing enterprise.

One of the biggest objections of Internet publishing is that they offer limited predetermined page sizes and cover designs giving your book a cookie-cutter look. Little to no professional editing is done and no creative design takes place. In the end, you self publish a book that leads to a costly disappointment. Agents can instantly spot an online produced book.

One of the first mistakes in self publishing is producing a small quantity. If you are publishing your book for bragging rights then signing a contract for $500.00 with an Internet publisher will fill your need. But think about it. In order to properly promote or market a book you need to mail press releases to various magazines, newspapers and radio hosts and that can quickly consume 500 copies.

Also be prepared for the individual mailing costs of at least $5.00 per copy or about $2,500.00. No one is going to write a review based on your synopsis, a picture of the cover or your good looks. Therefore expecting a magazine review without providing a copy of your book is unrealistic. At an average On Demand printing cost of $10.00 pr book plus $2,500 in postage you have just invested $8,000.00 and you have not sold a single book. Oh, you can do this one book at a time but in the end you have spent the same amount of money over a longer period of time hoping that one of these contacts will click... this is a bit naive.

After 25 years of independent publishing I will not publish a title unless an author prints a minimum of 1,000 copies. On the other hand, I do not encourage first-time authors to print more than 3,000 copies regardless of the unit cost savings at this higher quantity. No one needs a garage full of books if they do not sell and if the book is successful we can reprint within six weeks.

The author must seriously consider that the first 1,000 books is for test marketing and that the book will not turn a profit and will likely break-even. Therefore, self publish a book with your eyes wide open understanding the financial investment that is required and realize that there are pitfalls.

Most radio interviewers require a copy of your book in advance of booking the interview. Be grateful that they want a copy. As the author of 7 books I will tell you there is nothing so miserable as an interview in which the host does not have a clue why their producer booked you on the program or what questions they should be asking. This turns into a clumsy interview or one of the shortest on record. Either way, you as an author suffer the consequences. Remember, the interviewer is not there to sell your book they are there to create an interesting program for their audience. If you are not provocative enough the rug is quickly pulled out from under you. If you are serious and you want to self publish a book then seriously invest in a coach to guide you through those first half dozen radio interviews, it will be money well spent.

A bit of advice... when you send a copy of your book to an interviewer, send a list of 5 questions you would like to be asked. You will win many friends in the media for this professional consideration. Also include a short biography. An interview that begins with an inadequate introduction leaves the audience in a fog. If you do not have a strong background tell the interviewer why you wrote the book or a funny story on how it eventually got published.

Remember to self publish a book is a process like baking a cake... leave out one simple ingredient and you end up with a pancake.

Deprogram Your Mind - Awaken Your True Power

If you live in a pervasive state of unhappiness then I'd like you to know there's a very simple reason for this. It's because you exist within a confused state that has literally cut you off from your Inner Truth and the courage to follow it. Where does this Inner Truth live? Well it's not in your mind, rather in your Heart. If you would like to know how to de-program your mind so that you can reconnect to this Truth and the power that lays therein read on.

So what does deprogramming the mind have to do with happiness? Well it may, or may not, surprise you that many try to "figure out" what will make them happy and this is done via the mind. In the mind reside all of the learned beliefs that supposedly help you navigate your way to success, happiness and fulfillment.

After many years of buying into and pursuing societal definitions of success I was left feeling empty and unfulfilled. Let me be clear here, it wasn't because I didn't achieve these lofty goals, I did indeed. At one time I was a "successful" psychiatrist earning a six figure income, with a beautiful home and in a seemingly happy relationship. All the while however I felt empty and very much unfulfilled.

Yes, I had followed the "success" propaganda much of my life but at the pinnacle of my "successful" life I realized that I had been sadly duped. So after a period of hard self reflection I became consciously aware of how I had allowed myself to be deceived and out of this also came an answer that awakened my Heart to my Inner Truth. Well, the rest is history as they say.

I realized that, like most human beings on the planet, I had lost a connection to who I was and why I was here. In essence I had lost a connection to my purpose in being alive and the experience of what meant to be truly alive. I realized that I had allowed myself to become a pawn in the competitive "game of life" that many still ardently subscribe to here at great cost to their well being and integrity.

Most importantly I realized that my purpose was to help others wake up to their Inner Truth. This sprouted a powerful process that helps one become consciously aware of the unconsciously programmed limiting beliefs that rob many of their birth right; their powerful creative abilities, their ability to know who they are as divine beings and their true purpose in being alive.

You see, it is the absence of this deeper awareness that results in unhappiness. After all, how can anyone be truly happy if they have no clue about who they really are, what they are capable of and why they are here? Well, they can't!

All of the "mind programming" I am referring to exists in your subconscious mind where it is both inaccessible to you and very much in control of your life. In other words you are enslaved by it with no way to change it. What's more it is supported and reinforced by what I call the "movie" of you life history.

This, in essence, "is" the programming which must be erased if you are to awaken, remember who you are and reclaim your true power. If you'd like to learn more about the process that can set you free kindly visit the web site below where you can also request a free introductory telephone consultation.

Sleep Panic Attacks - Do They Come From Nightmares?

Sleep panic attacks are more common than many people think. I don't want to start out with a lot of confusing statistics, but sometimes I think it can be helpful to keep things in perspective.

Surveys indicate that at any given time between 1% and 5% of the adult population may be having difficulty with anxiety and panic disorders. Some experts indicate that over the course of a lifetime, up to 25% of people may have significant difficulty with an anxiety problem at some time.

Fully half of people who suffer from full-blown panic attacks will have one at night. However, even those who have anxiety attacks at night will experience most of their difficulties during the day. Only about 10% of their attacks will occur at night.

All that is to indicate that nighttime panic episodes are by no means rare and having one does not mean a person is "weird" or out of the ordinary.

In many ways, it makes sense that people are vulnerable to anxiety attacks at night. After all, many things seem more sinister after dark. For example there are a lot of streets that people don't think twice about walking down during the day but stay away from at night.

What's less clear is is what triggers and anxiety episode while someone is sound asleep. What we do know is that, despite many people's beliefs to the contrary, the night time attacks are not triggered by nightmares. Sleep researchers have established that dreams and nightmares occur during REM phase sleep. Sleep panic attacks tend to occur much earlier in the sleep cycle.

So we know one thing that is not the cause, but still don't know what the actual cause is.

But actually, much the same could be said about daytime panic attacks. They may seem to have a trigger, an external cause, but the reality is that the triggers are rarely substantial. It's not going to the mall or giving a presentation that triggers a panic attack, it's the way the person processes those concepts.

Even without knowing the cause, it is possible to effectively treat sleep panic attacks. The overall treatment program is essentially the same as for any other panic attack. With regard to medications, sedatives may be used for a very short period of time. Antidepressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors may be used for longer.

Psychological therapies such as cognitive restructuring are the mainstay of eliminating the underlying cause.

In addition to these measures, people with anxiety problems at night can make some common changes to practice good sleep habits. These include avoiding caffeinated beverages and other stimulants late in the day, avoiding watching distressing movies, news reports or TV shows, listening to soothing music, taking a relaxing bath before retiring.

It also helps to keep in mind that almost everyone is successful in overcoming panic problems.

A good program to help you achieve this goal is caused Panic Puzzle. You can read a review of this remarkably effective program at:

What is the Best Laptop Memory - (RAM)

If you have ever been stuck with a slow laptop, you may have tried to upgrade the memory to give you a nice performance boost. Memory or RAM plays a very important role in a laptops performance, so it is critical that you get enough as well as fast memory to make your laptop run smoothly. Therefore, here is a concise guide to show you how to select a new laptop with the perfect amount of memory for your computing needs.

To buy a new laptop with the right amount and speed of memory that will suite your needs, you will need to consider two factors. The first and most important is the amount of memory the laptop has installed. This will be measured in Gigabytes (GBs), where a typical laptop will have anywhere from 1GB to 4GBs of memory.

If you only plan to user your laptop for office programs or surfing the internet, 1GB of RAM will be enough to ensure your laptop is fast and smooth. If however you want to multitask and use the programs above but also use chat programs such as Skype or MSN messenger while listening to music and or watching movies, you should be looking at 2GBs of RAM to make sure your laptop will run smoothly.

Those of you that will want to play games or use intensive programs like video or graphical editing might want to consider 3GB - 4GBs even though you might be able to get away with 2GBs. If you do go with 2GBs you might need to upgrade to more memory later on as new programs will use more RAM as technology advances.

You can get more than 4GBs of memory, but you will struggle to use all of it at any one time so buying more than 4GBs will be a waste of money. Most manufacturers try to sell you more memory then you will ever use to try and get some more money out of you. Always remember that adding more memory only speeds up your laptop to the point where the programs you run have enough memory to use. Once this point is reached, adding additional memory will have no effect on performance.

The other factor you must consider is the speed of the memory which is measured in Megahertz (MHz). Today's speeds hover anywhere between 667MHz and 1333MHz. Memory speed is far less important as it only plays a small role in determining a laptops overall performance so try to get memory that is as fast as you can find, but certainly do not pay ridiculous sums of money just to get memory that is a few hundred MHz faster.

Windows 7 - A Quick View at New Operating System Released by Microsoft

Series of operating systems have been produced by Microsoft and now it has come up with its new Windows 7 operating system in the version of Microsoft Windows. It can be used on personal computers, laptops. Desktops, tablet PC etc. It was available in retail from October 22 and was released to manufacturing in July, 2009.

Windows 7 is loaded with many new features such as handwriting recognition, virtual hard disk support, supports use of multiple graphics cards, new media centre support, redesigned calculator, new items added to control panel, gadget for windows media centre, color calibration, improved kernel, RAW image viewing, photo viewer slide shows, improved taskbar, replaced quick launch toolbar, buttons for pinned applications, SOAP-based web services API, new.NET framework version support, improved 3D games etc.

This new release has been power-packed with several new features and there is also removal of some features that were earlier included in Windows Vista. Applications such as Photo Gallery, Calendar, Windows Mail and Movie Maker that were part of Windows Vista have been removed here.

For the people seeking upgrades to this new operating system there is a bad news for Windows XP users as they cannot upgrade to Windows 7. To use Windows 7 you will need to install it from scratch.

As a part of minimum hardware requirement to use this new release of operating system you need at least 1 GB RAM for 32-bit operating system with 16 GB minimum storage, DVD drive is a must for installation and 1 GHZ processor.

So now you can get your new Window 7 product that is power packed with many new features and rectified problems of earlier versions.

Stress is a Laughing Matter

"We don't laugh because we're happy - we're happy because we laugh!" - William James

Laughter is great stress medicine. Like intense exercise, it increases brain levels of calming substances such as serotonin and endorphins - it's natural Prozac! Feeling tense and uptight? Hold the valium, start laughing really hard and feel your body become so limp you might have to sit down. Kids laugh about 100 times a day, adults laugh much less - so lets take a lesson from them!

Severely depressed people feel not only sad but profoundly hopeless, so stressed that suicide starts to look attractive. But if they can somehow laugh, a ray of hope pierces the depression: "Laughter takes you from moping - to hoping - to coping".

Here are three ways to make humour a potent weapon against stress:

1. Look for the humour in every situation;
2. Tell more jokes, and
3. Simply smile more and laugh out loud periodically - especially if life doesn't seem that funny!

Look closely, and you'll see that all high-pressure jobs, difficult people or awkward situations have much that's funny or ridiculous about them. Think of something that usually upsets you - a traffic jam, or dealing with a really difficult relative - then imagine how your favourite comedian would turn it around and get a huge laugh. Turn on a mental comedy tape, imagine that obnoxious person on the toilet, in the nude, or making a fool of themselves. A stressful situation coming up? Think of some humorous responses and keep them always at the ready.

Put more laughter in your life: select funny books, tapes and movies; keep joke boards posted at home and work; collect jokes and memorize them. When joking, joke with the person, remember, ridiculing or racial jokes create an unhealthy, negative atmosphere. When in doubt - tell a joke on yourself, most people take themselves and their troubles far too seriously -especially as it was mostly our choices that resulted in out problems in the first place!. It's been said that "If you can laugh at yourself, you'll never cease to be amused". The trick is: take ourselves lightly, but our work and responsibilities seriously.

Lighten up the daily routine occasionally! Have pizza and ice-cream for breakfast; make a camp in your living room with blankets; grab a pair of Groucho spectacles or a clown nose when someone's being way too serious.

Are you frowning too much in these stressful times? Then LAUGH MORE. It's no big deal - see how you feel - it starts out fake and ends up real! Too shy? Start with just smiling more and practice - go to a mirror and frown with your mouth wide open, remember a laugh is a smile that bursts! A doctor in India holds regular sessions of public laughter, and attendance is growing. So even if there's nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit. Laughter is infectious - spread it around! The reality is that we all face anxiety, depression, illness, loss, and death, each having the power to remove happiness from our lives. But that power can be stripped away by laughter and a humourous outlook, which give us control over the way we experience that reality.

"A sense of humour can help you overlook the unattractive, tolerate the unpleasant, cope with the unexpected, and smile through the unbearable." - Moshe Waldoks.

Online Safety Tips - 7 Essential Rules For Individuals & Families

While the internet can certainly be an incredible tool and resource, the unfortunate reality is that it can also be an extremely dangerous and destructive place for children, adults, and families. Not only can we easily find the violence, dangers, scams, temptations, and immorality - but individuals and companies everywhere are actively seeking us out.

What is more disturbing is the reality that individuals, parents, governments, and entire societies everywhere have so slowly become conditioned to and somewhat accepting of this selfish and immoral culture the internet daily preaches. Thus, while the moral values of our culture continue to degenerate, we must resolve today and ensure that our families (and us as individuals) will not fall victim to this ever-destructive force - a force that is masked by the wrongfully assumed 'popularity' of the masses, and the result is often the disintegration of marriages and families. Commitments and responsibilities are discarded, money is lost, information is stolen, time is wasted, guilt is felt, lives are ruined, and families are destroyed - all while a few greedy individuals and companies make a profit.

There are many things we can do online to be safe - things ranging from: not giving out personal or financial information to strangers, not clicking on unknown links, not opening emails from people we don't know, realizing that much of the information we read (or people we meet online) are not totally accurate (or real), to not copyright or plagiarize, etc. However, what I am referring to is much more important and potentially much more dangerous than any of the previously mentioned online safety tips. For our own sakes, and especially for the happiness and well-being of our families, we each need to make a commitment that in our homes we will implement these necessary online rules:

1) Don't Be Alone: The family computer must be in a public place - with the monitor facing out! Most of the trouble, temptation, scams, wasted time, and immorality happens when a child (or adult) is allowed to 'use the computer' on their own in a private place.

2) Parental Involvement: Parents must be more involved with their child's online activity. I am not talking about looking over the shoulder or being with them all the time - everyone of course still needs their privacy, agency, and freedom. However, do you know who your children are emailing, texting, chatting with, or talking to? Do you know what websites, chat rooms, pictures, and emails your child has sent, looked at, and visited? If you are involved and communicate with your children often about their online activity (in a constructive, not intrusive and disciplinary way) - you can guarantee that when that temptation comes, question or curiosity arises, or when they get asked to meet that online 'special' person (who is a complete stranger) - they will feel comfortable coming to you first because you were involved, informed, and cared.

3) Don't Be Ignorant, Don't Assume, Trust Less, Be Involved More: Familiarize yourself with online Teen Lingo. Do you even realize that there literally is an online language of incredibly complex acronyms your children use to talk with their friends? Why do they use such lingo? Of course, to hide and disclose from YOU what it is they are talking about. Educate yourself and do not be ignorant. Trust your children, but love them enough to be involved, active, and discipline if necessary.

4) Dangers of Evening Hours: No computer after 9pm. That is a rule in our house, and it may need to be different in your home. But, why such a rule? Obviously, it is the evening hours that we become idle, lazy, susceptible, bored, curious, etc. Others who are online know this reality as well - and those 'others' include individuals (known or not known), companies, advertisers, pop-up ads, websites, etc.

5) Turn-Away Immediately: Establish the rule and self-discipline that if ever an image (pop-up, advertisement, picture, website, etc) appears that is inappropriate, you will 'Turn-Away Immediately.' No matter how shocking the image, curious you are, weak you feel, alone you may be, or how strong you think you are - just look away immediately.

6) Establish Rules: Establish your own family online rules. Sit down together and establish these rules, and ensure that everyone is aware of and committed to them. Have the rules placed near the computer - and commit to following them always. Use this meeting as a time to educate your children about online safety, tips, traps, etc.

7) Be the example: The six previously mentioned rules are absolutely necessary for your children and family's sake; however, how can we expect our children to follow these rules if we ourselves are not adhering to them. Most often, children not only do what their parents allow them, but they do what they see their parents doing. Be the example in ensuring that the internet is used for positive, constructive, educational, and wholesome activities in your home!

Why are these rules so absolutely important? There are a number or reasons why, including financial safety and protection online, personal safety, etc. However, more important than anything else, this is about ensuring that we as adults and parents, and especially our children, do not become involved with our modern day slavery - that of pornography!

I wish it weren't true, but unfortunately for us all - sex, immorality, and immodesty sells. As a few greedy individuals and companies make a profit from this sleazy material, the realistic and sad result is that - thoughts are corrupted, commitments and responsibilities are discarded, selfishness and temporary gratification become more important than self control, sins and crimes are committed, addictions are developed, families are torn apart, and slowly our society's very foundational values have disintegrated.

Keeping thoughts clean, turning away from temptation, or altogether avoiding pornography is becoming increasingly more difficult considering the fact that - the vast majority of movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, advertisements, and websites are immoral, immodest, sexual, and pornographic in nature. We are daily bombarded... and thus daily fighting a battle. It is a battle to keep our thoughts, actions, habits, and character clean and pure and chaste.

Thus, establishing personal and family online rules is absolutely essential - essential for us personally to ensure that we do not fall victim to this modern slavery, and to ensure that our marriage, children, and families do not fall apart. The moment that pornography is allowed and justified, and these rules are discarded, is the first detrimental step to ensuring that our marriages and families will experience the pain, shame, embarrassment, anger, loss, separation, and failure that pornography's effects inevitable bring. For yours and your family's sake - do not look, do not get involved, and ensure these rules are implemented and exemplified.

Skin Moles Removal - Are You Ready For This?

Are you really in love with that growth on your skin?

If you are thinking about removing your mole, I think that it is safe to assume that you are not totally in love with it. Some people came to fall in love with theirs, while others may have loved them at one point something happens then you don't like your mole anymore. A mole will grow with time as you grow. They may start as a flat brown spot, much like a freckle then gradually grow with you. If you are going through the process of skin mole removal, you may already have spoken with your doctor and got his approval. There are different methods of removing them, you have to make sure you choose the one that will leave the least scar behind.

It is not a big hairy mole, is it?

The skin cell that produce melanin, melanocytes, is the cause for moles. Some of them can be as cute as a button and some of them can be quite big and grow some hair. You may have seen these kind of moles in the old movies with the wicked witch and she would have a big hairy mole on her face and all the kids would be afraid of her. In reality, the wicked witch could have been quite pretty and quite nice as a younger woman then her mole would become bigger as she gets older then she would get teased about it and turned into a wicked witch with a hairy mole. What a sad story.

Check with your doctor to be sure!

Many people have had moles throughout their lives and it would stay the same or would grow slightly. On the other hand, there are also growth tumors that starts out like moles and would keep on growing and changing size, shape and color. These are the kind that you should have checked by a doctor to be on the safe side. The doctor would suggest that a biopsy be taken. I have known a young lady who had what seemed to be a mole, then she eventually died because they were malignant tumors. I am not telling you this to scare you. I just want to let you know that there are different types of moles and while most of them are benign, there are some that are potentially dangerous.

It is just a regular one!

If you think you have the common one called dysplastic nevus, check for irregularities such as, color and shape and size. According to statistics, people with dysplastic moles have a bigger chance of developing skin melanoma. Again I don't want you to be afraid, If your mole looks normal then there is a good chance it is and you'd have nothing to worry about. After all skin mole removal is only a process to help you dispose of yours only if you are not happy with them. If you are happy then keep up smiling and be beautiful.

What Could Happen on December 21st, 2012?

On December 21st, 2012, our planet will end a 26.000 year circle, and align directly with the center of the Universe, and the Sun. This galactic alignment also takes place on the traditional day of the pre-Christian ancient pagan Winter solstice. What are the possible effects of this alignment?

The Maya believed that events in the Universe influenced our daily cycle of life. They aligned their cities to the stars, and events in the far "milky way." Decisions were made on what Maya astrologers saw in the stars, and beliefs were formed on movements in space influenced earthquakes, and other major changes we feel here on Earth.

On December 21st, 2012- The Mayan Calendar ends. As Earth, the Sun, the milky way and the galactic equator align on this day- signifying a new age or an end of an age for humankind.

1. A Geomagnetic Reversal

Popular in recent Hollywood Movies, a geomagnetic reversal could be triggered by a solar flare, and Earth could self-destruct under a powerful energy force of over a 100 nuclear bombs. No experts have denied this could happen.

2. The Nibiru Collision

Some experts in cosmology claim that Planet X or Nibiru, could collide with our planet on the day of the great alignment- propelled by a magnetic force created by the final alignment.

3. An "Alien" Invasion

Scientologists believe that on the day of the great alignment, an evil ruler from the planet Nibiru will descend with his forces, and enslave earth, after earth is battered and partially destroyed by meteoroids flung by a magnetic force by the great alignment. This will signify a new dark age for our planet.

4. Nothing

Aside from viewing a completely different night sky, some people claim nothing will happen, except our fears will end, and we experience looking at a beautiful night sky.

5. Black Hole Alignment

One very real theory is that when earth does align, a gravitational effect between the Sun and the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, Sgr A, will create havoc on our planet. This theory does coincide with the theory of mass extinctions recorded in our past, and perhaps even this force could completely destroy our planet.

6. Earth Hit by a Shower of Meteoroids

Our planet because of a magnetic force created by this great alignment could be hit by thousands of meteoroids propelled from space. This would be the same effect as thousands of missile random attacks, leaving the survivors left in a battered and ruined World.

7. A Great Enlightenment

Perhaps we could discover the true origins of ourselves and our planet, and some religious people believe, "Angels will return from the heavens:, and the presence of God. Saving Earth after a great disaster, and bringing in a golden new age for all of us.

Whatever happens during this great alignment, we can only surmise that life after the 21st December 2012, could change forever. As we enter the new cosmic age of Aquarius, and as the Maya believed- a new beginning.

How to Store Your DVD Collection Safely and Cleanly

A DVD collection can quickly grow to become a valuable asset worth both a high sentimental and monetary value. A DVD collection can comprise of a variety of treasure favorites from a range of genres from Disney movies through to action thrillers. To keep this asset safe and maintain its value over a long period of time it is important they are kept in a dry and clean storage solution. This may include a designer steel cabinet through to a mock antique furniture design made quality wooden materials such as oak or pine. When considering which DVD storage solution you should consider the space you will require for your DVD collection. As your collection continues to grow you may want to consider a storage cabinet or device which is larger than your current collection. This will ensure that you always have plenty of space as you obtain more DVD's. Most DVD collectors also own DVD boxsets and special editions which can come a wide and varied array of sizes which can even include collectable t-shits within the DVD box packaging. If you own or plan to own such DVD boxsets you may wish to consider a storage solution which will hold these items.

Their are also many other practical elements you should consider when purchasing a DVD storage solution. You need to strongly consider the level of access to each individual DVD. You may choose to select a simple tower design which is tall and narrow in design and holds only a limited number of DVD's, alternatively you may choose to select a large wall mounted cabinet design which can easily be accessed without reaching to just above floor level to access your DVD's. DVD storage furniture can also feature swivel panels which allow the unit to rotate on its axis or shutter covers which provide modern and speedy access to your DVD collection. You may also wish to consider using a lock option to keep your collection safe.

In relation to style and design you may wish to consider the style of design of the CD storage furniture. The type of design you select is often based on the age of DVD collection owner. For example children and teenagers maybe best suited to storage solutions featuring a colourful design or images of their favorite characters. This will help to make their storage more interesting to young people who will be heavily focused on image over practicality. However a family DVD storage solution maybe based on a more traditional and classical design using the natural tones of wood or contemporary designs using a variety of materials such as chrome and vinyl.

Their are ultimately many different DVD storage options and elements to consider, however with the variety available it is easier than ever before to select a storage solution which best suits your needs.

Computer Operating Systems - Which One is Right For You?

Computer operating systems are a lot like food in that tastes in them vary greatly. They also are similar to food in that not everyone needs the same types, nor wants the same thing. The majority of personal computers owned by average Joe's and Jane's are most likely to feature a version of Microsoft's Windows while businesses might run either Windows or some version of Linux. Every individual and every business uses computers for different reasons and as the operating system is the backbone of every computer it's important to make sure you're using the operating system that you can benefit from the most.

For the majority of users Windows is going to be the logical or even default choice. Windows has been the dominant operating system for well roughly 20 years and is compatible with upwards of 98% of software. Many Windows users don't actually choose Windows as their system but since it's packaged in with the vast majority of new PC's these users are unaware that there are alternatives. For those who are aware of alternative operating systems they often choose Windows as their primary operating system for compatibility reasons. Some even go so far as to install Windows side by side another operating system such as Linux. Windows users enjoy being part of a group that has very few compatibility issues, plenty of regular updates, as well as regular major releases every couple of years. Windows is a great operating system for those individuals and businesses who want to use their computers for every day activities like conducting business, building websites, putting reports together, and surfing the Internet, among many others. Windows users also have the easiest time finding Orange County computer support when they encounter problems with their PC's.

The most popular alternative to Microsoft's Windows is Linux. Though regular updates are provided to Windows users free of charge, Windows upgrades are released on average, every couple years and in order to maintain the ability to run the latest hardware and software users will be asked to pay a fairly steep price for new versions of Windows, which often includes nothing more than an enhanced/revamped graphical user interface and sometimes becomes more complicated for the average user. Depending on the version, Linux is generally free of charge. There still exists a stigma that only tech geeks will understand and be capable of using one of the many versions of Linux, but with the release of Linux systems like Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and even Kubuntu, the learning curve for Linux has been brought way down. Not only do most modern versions of Linux now resemble Windows making them easier to use for individuals with little technical savvy but Linux is now much more compatible with programs that once ran only under Windows. Many people who have become frustrated with the price of Windows, the operating system's vulnerability to attacks, it's proprietary tendencies, and closed system have turned to Linux.

The few Windows based programs that don't have a Linux alternative can be run through Wine, a program designed specifically to run Windows applications on a Linux operating system. Though some businesses may run a Linux server operating system it remains mainly an alternative for users who want a richer and more secure experience on a computer. It used to be that in order to get support or technical assistance for a Linux operating system you had to know someone who possessed a high level of technical ability but these days even many Orange County PC repair companies have begun offering services for help with the many different versions of Linux.

With Windows having the largest penetration rate amongst individual and business users and Linux quickly gaining ground in the compatibility and popularity departments, you might think that there's no other operating system to consider. Apple's Macintosh however is what some in the computer world refer to as a sleeping giant. Mac's utilize Unix, which Linux is based off of and is as solid and reliable as Linux. In the past compatibility issues have kept a great many people from choosing a Mac over a PC though in more recent times Wine for Mac's, much like the version found in Linux has become a powerful tool with which to run Windows based programs.

As Wine improves Mac's will undoubtedly become more popular among home users. Business wise however Mac's have long been the operating system/computers of choice for those whom render movies, graphics, and record music. In time however expect to see Mac's share the spotlight with Windows and Linux based PC's as the operating systems becomes more compatible with commercial and popular software. Many Orange County computer support specialists now offer services that can help owners with their Mac's should they have any issues with the operating system. This is another indication that the popularity of Mac's is steadily growing.

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Important Factors When Shopping For a New Laptop Computer

If you have ever tried shopping for a new laptop computer then you will know that it is not always a simple task; every single year new models and designs are released, and performance improves. It takes some research to find the best deal.

One of the best ways to find out what laptops are currently popular and have specifications the fit your needs is to search online. There are many websites dedicated to the sales and reviews of laptops that can give you valuable information.

Every laptop model is different. There are now many different sizes, shapes, speeds, and colors. You can choose a laptop for the office, home, or to travel. Technology is advancing all the time which results in more economical offerings in ever smaller sizes.

The most popular models will usually have a fourteen inch screen. This size is great for a range of uses and tasks. You can view the screen clearly so there is now problem watching a movie or surfing the net. If you want a larger size then you can choose a twenty inch laptops, such models are not so easy to carry around but look great in an office or home. The smallest options have six inch screens. Such small size has meant that they are ultra-lightweight and portable though the screen size does cause restrictions in quality.

If you are going to buy any computer then you will also need to check the amount of memory or RAM that it has. A new laptop is likely to have a modern operating system such as Windows 7. For this to work adequately you will need at least 1 GB RAM or preferably 2 or 3 GB RAM. If you can afford it is best to pick a laptop with the most RAM as it will be able to do a greater number of calculations in a shorter time.

You also need to check the size of the hard drive. It is common to find people who have thousands of digital media files. An entry level laptop may have only a small amount of storage space - 80 GB or 120 GB. If you plan to store a lot of video and audio files then look for a laptop with a 320 GB or 500 GB internal hard drive.

Other factors can also help you make an informed choice. Do you need a built in DVD player? A lightweight thin laptop may not have this device. Also the price you are willing to pay is an essential detail. There are laptops available for $300 though these will not be high powerful machines. A good laptop can easily be had for $1000.

External CD Drives? Burn This!

The technology behind an external CD burner has made it possible for the average person to download songs and make their own music. You can take music, or data files, from your computer and make your own CDs. An external CD burner offers the same features as an internal burner and it also offers a more secure case that helps to protect its components from damage. You will have to plug these burners in using a separate cord from your computer. You will simply utilize a USB connection. Your external CB burner will be automatically loaded by your operating system. For optimal playback and recording, it is best to take the time to install the drivers that came with the external CD burner and not use the generic drivers used by the operating system. The driver will only need to be installed once, even if you at some point and time remove the CD burner and then plug it in again.

At this point, you will need to have a software program installed that will work with your external CD burner. Often times these programs come with your computer, but if your computer does not already have one installed there are some that can be downloaded for free; for instance, DeepBurner or Windows Media Player. If you prefer more features and more flexibility, you can also purchase a software program like Nero or Sonic Record Now.

Once connected, an external CD burner will look just like another CD-ROM drive to your computer. You can access any disc through Explorer (for PCs) and through Finder (for Macs) or any similar disc navigation system within the computer's operating system. At this point, the drive will read data at the speed indicated on the drive packaging. On the other hand, the speed that it will transfer data to your computer depends on the type of connection that you are using. Any program that is on your computer and capable of burning CDs will have the capability to make use of the external CD burner.

You can learn more about the features and the prices of an external CD burner by referring to online buyers' guides. Take time to browse through the reviews and compare features and pricing. Some popular buyers' guides are Epinions, WindowsMarketplace and Bizrate. While doing your research, it is also important to note if the burner comes with a warranty (of at least one year); and when purchasing online, what the shipping fee and return policy states.

Some external CD burners also have DVD burning capabilities. This is a nice feature as in addition to copying documents, programs, audio and videos and games, you will also be able to copy your favorite DVD to a CD. This will enable you to share it with a friend, or just have a backup in case of loss. You will also be able to burn a movie to DVD that you downloaded off the internet. As you can see, there are many reasons why adding an external CD burner to your arsenal of gadgets is a good (and fun) investment.