What is "The Secret" and Does it Work?

"The Secret" was written by Australian Rhonda Byrne and released as a movie on DVD in 2006. The main premise of this book is that 'our thoughts create our reality'.

We as humans are creatures of habit. Our thoughts become habitual - have you ever found yourself having the same thought over and over again? I bet you can recall an experience that you have had over and over again also. They go hand in glove - a thought is a thing and thoughts manifest into physical reality. As Lisa Nicols who appeared in the Secret says "What you think about you bring about".

You may find yourself saying 'I wasn't thinking of having a disagreement with my spouse this morning' so why did we have this disagreement? There is always that part of ourselves that wants to blame the other person for 'how we are feeling'. The truth is that no one makes us feel anything - we do that all for ourselves. Focusing on what we appreciate about our spouse, rather than what we resist or don't like about them, will shift our own vibration into the positive. The Secret suggests that as you lift your own vibration you will not be attracting 'that argument'. In other words you just won't buy into what is being argued about or you physically will not be in their hemisphere when they are upset.

The good news is that the opposite is also true, by using visualizations and affirmations on a consistent basis you can attract that reality that you prefer. For example you want to create a new home. So using the tools talked about in the Secret you would begin visualizing that new home complete with the furniture, aspect, size, colours, feelings, people etc. that the new home comes with. To really create you need to take it one step further and feel and see the new home, and also act and believe that you are already in possession of your new home.

Here's the step that can make the difference of whether you get what you're wanting or not. What creeps in during the lag of time between deciding on what we want, then visualizing, affirming and taking action to what we want? DOUBT - this is when some time has passed and the new house hasn't arrived yet. So unconsciously we start thinking about how the house has not manifested yet, then we start to question what we are doing wrong? Why it's not working for us and so forth. What happens is we start resonating with the doubt rather than resonating with the new fabulous house that we want to manifest. The key is; you must continue to believe, affirm and visualize that house as if it's already in your possession. Remember we are creatures of habit so the natural thing for our mind to do is to go back to the 'original thinking' of before we starting visualizing etc the new house.

Affirmation, visualizations need to be practiced on a daily basis. As we all live busy lifestyles and going 'within' to do the inner work can feel at first like we are not achieving anything. Given our 'instant gratification' lifestyle we expect things instantly. The process of creating the reality you prefer takes time and practice. Remember those thoughts you've had running around your mind may have been there for many years they don't just disappear overnight, rather - as you focus on new thoughts the old thinking becomes less ingrained and the new thinking becomes more etched in your mind. As we've established thoughts have energy and thoughts become things. Keep focused on what you're choosing to create and once you create it you'll wonder how you were ever without it!


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