Important Interactions

No matter what business you are in or what you do in your personal life, dealing with people is part of existing.

From making small talk with the cashier when you get your groceries to telling your mechanic the funny sound your car is making, it is not possible to live without dealing with people. It is how you deal with these people that can determine whether or not you yield a long term successful relationship or limit yourself to your existing network and in tern existing boundaries.

The size and strength of your social network can enable you to do things beyond your reach.

Your ability to properly communicate with others can be invaluable in a multitude of ways.

Just saying hello to a stranger as you walk by or chatting with someone in the movie store can bring you opportunities.

Let's say you just got laid-off of work as an accountant and you don't know what to do. You happen to strike up a conversation with someone at the coffee shop. You ask them how they are today and they reply, " well, I'm OK but I would be a lot better if I could find a good accountant, my accountant just quit on me in short notice." Just like that you found a job and you would have no idea it existed if you wouldn't have stricken up a conversation with a stranger.

That was just one example. The list goes on and on.

Let's say your car breaks down and it is an old car. The repairs cost more than the car is worth and you don't have that much money to spend on another car. You are getting some groceries and start talking to the guy in line behind you. He informs you that his mother had to surrender her license due to old age and he needs to sell her car to pay for her medical bills and he needs to sell it soon. It is a older car but it has low miles because she has only used it to go three blocks down the street to get groceries and go to church once a week. He makes a deal with you and you get a great bargain on a good car and you would have never known about it if you wouldn't have spoke to him.

Since dealing with and interacting with others is necessary then it makes sense to be as friendly and talkative as possible.

Think of all the opportunities you might have if you would implement this in your routine.

Interacting with other people is a one of the most important parts of life and it is how you deal with people that can determine your ability to move ahead or fall behind.

The choice is yours.



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