What's the Best Boyfriend and Girlfriend Breakup Advice?

It's not always easy finding the best boyfriend and girlfriend breakup advice especially when there's so much useless advice floating around in cyber space. For this reason you need to understand that the best advice isn't about living with it or moving on. It's about doing the deed and living to tell the tale.

No one wants to be the bad guy when relationships end. We all want to be able to be happy and we want the person that we once cared for deeply (maybe even loved) to be happy as well. Sometimes though, we reach a point where we realize that the person we are with is not the right one. It's a painful discovery that can be made so much more painful if the best boyfriend and girlfriend breakup advice isn't followed. Why is that? The breakup itself will cause pain to the one doing the dumping as well as the one being dumped.

So, how do you avoid bad blood when going through the breakup process?

Don't Cause a Scene

There are all kinds of great movie scenes involving breakups gone wrong. Take them to heart because art often imitates life. Don't breakup in a restaurant or while on a date. While you don't want to do it at home (the home of either one of you) you also don't want to do it in a place that provides no fast escape for one or the other of you. It's best to do in public but avoid places where you'll be forced to wait for a check or a waitress to bring change or credit card slips. Do it somewhere that offers a quick break from the intensity of a breakup for both of you if possible. Parks are great provided that you both have a way of getting home that doesn't require the other person.

Don't Draw it Out

This is not the time to offer long drawn out reasons. Just be simple and be brief. The time for questions will come later. Your ex is going to want to know why so be prepared to answer (if not tonight then at some point down the road). Offering a lengthy story to explain why will be completely lost so don't bother. Also don't offer excuses. Tell the truth. Whatever you do don't fall back to the same stale old reasons that other people give. You owe it to the relationship you had and any feelings you may have once had or still have for the other person to give an honest reason for calling it quits even if that reason makes you look bad.

Do these two things and you won't need to look for the best boyfriend and girlfriend breakup information; you'll already have it.


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