Foreplay Tips

Ever heard of the comfort zone? The bedroom is meant to be one. You come into a man's abode for the first time, he takes you round, showing you which room is which till you get to the last one, the bedroom. Your bedroom must be as inviting as possible to arouse your partner. Women love sensuous feelings at all times in a romance. An untidy and unkempt room is usually a turn off. Most women love to be caressed, fondled, complimented and shown intimacy and affection. All these make the mood swing right. Whether it is a first date or a ten year old marriage, women do not just want to have sex but really make love hence the need to get the foreplay right is as important as having good sex.

Here are some tips to help you get it right:


Set your mood aright. You may have had a heated argument but don't let that becloud your sense of arousal. Relax your mind and let love fill you up gradually. Respond to the touch it may be another way of saying 'I'm sorry'.


Come give me a hug. Warm long hug is proven to pep up a woman's level of hormone that heightens sexual arousal. Hug yourselves and express deep feelings of how wonderful it feels to be in each other's arms. Exchange deep passionate kiss. Pour ice cream all over her body and lick off teasingly with loving kisses.

Boost his ego

Don't hide your feelings, boost his ego by saying 'You know I enjoy it so much, you really turn me on with your tongue'. Avoid negative and cynical comments such as 'Don't you know how best to turn me on? I can't stand your touch'. These are turn offs and not encouraging at all. Be matured about it and guide him to what you expect if he is not getting it right.

Tell him what you want

Communication is key in relationship. Express your mind to achieve the kind of pleasure you have in mind. If you want it slow, say so. If otherwise, blurt it out. Remind him of something good he did to your body that sets you on fire sometimes. Use one word at a time like 'slowly', 'great', 'go left', go right', go down', go up' just any how you want it, let it flow. Get your rhythm.

Shower Trick

Remember the warm warmth sweet scent of bath gel and bubble bath. All these have a way of moving things in the right direction. Call him over to give your back a scrub. The slippery effect if properly applied may work wonder.

Identify your soft spot

Don't get frustrated if he is not getting it right. Identify your soft spot and carry him along. Teach him the new things your body craves for and guide him gently to them.

Find ways to say it's not working

In spite of all, if you are not feeling right about the whole process, find a way to say it's not working for you perhaps you may want to explore another avenue. Do not discourage him out rightly. You can tell him to slot in one of your favourite romantic song or movie. This will help you disconnect from the thought of having sex and set you up in the right mood for love making. Perhaps its that time of your cycle when the mood is not always right, turn the mood aright by retuning your head to receiving the vibes that come with love making. Try to view sex as the antidote to your frenzied life, a time to relax and enjoy.


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