The Snuggie As Seen on TV - ( My Review )

Well I know you guys may have seen the infamous commercial for The Snuggie.

It kind of reminds me of a backwards bathrobe or maybe something a monk would have designed but I can say that all in all in a crazy way it kind of makes sense. How many times have you been sitting on the couch watching a great movie or even reading a book and felt the need to get some extra blankets or bed covers because you started feeling a little cold and you realized that the cover was either to bulky or you had to have your arms exposed just to continue reading or maybe find the remote to change the channels on your television.

The funny thing is I was in that exact position when I seen the late night commercial for The Snuggie and even though the commercial did seem kind of extreme and humorous I couldn't stop thinking about purchasing two for my wife and I. So after seeing the commercial I decided to buy two, the colors I chose was Blue ( my wife's favorite color) and a green one for myself.

Once I placed my order online I received my package in about a week and I must say I was pleasantly please as well as surprised. They felt very cozy to the touch and seemed to have a decent quality to them. They also gave each of us a pretty neat book reading light device which came in really handy. So some of you may be asking "How Do You Put It On" well it's just like putting on a hospital gown. You put your arms though the holes and that's it.

Now I can say that it kept me warm and I was able to have my hands free to do a lot of the things I wanted to do but because I am kind of a short person it dragged a lot on the floor so I had to grap it to keep it from dragging to much. Also for the first time wearing it it was a little itchy but after a few wears it felt fine and that problem went away. It was washable and after several times in the wash the snuggie still maintained it's out of the box feel. I was also amazed to find out how many different snuggies they have available ranging from kids, school and even dog snuggies.

So in my opinion I would recommend buying The Snuggie, mainly due to the fact that they're not that expensive, easy to use and they are comfortable. I may also purchase the kids snuggies. If I do I will tell you guys all about it.


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