Murder, She Wrote - PC Game Review

Murder, She Wrote, by Legacy Interactive, is a great mystery, adventure game. It is really five murder mysteries in one. You play the game as the Angela Lansbury character, Jessica Fletcher, from the long-running "Murder, She Wrote" television series. Each mystery is tied to a book in the book shelf. Three of the mysteries take place in Cabot Cove, Jessica Fletcher's home town.

The adventures include finding hidden objects and using them in unique ways to solve the mystery. Hints about what to find come out of Jessica's typewriter. You have to find the typewriter ribbon and the missing vowels to complete the words on the list.

The graphics are a bit cartoon like, but great for this type of adventure. Many scenes have a mini-game or puzzle to solve. Most of the mini-games or puzzles are related to the mystery, helping the user piece together the clues. I believe the innovation of adding the mini-games to the hidden-object adventure is a real plus. The mini-games can be played on a timer, or not timed. Playing the mini-games can move the hidden objects around so they aren't always in the same place when you get out of the mini-game. That can add some playing time and suspense to the over all game.

I like the combination of five mysteries into one game, finishing one mystery allows a person to open the next. I can come to a good stopping place, by ending one mystery, but still be excited about starting the next installment when I get back to my computer.

With the addition of the mini-games and puzzles, the combination of five mysteries in one, and the movie scenes that make up the background and context to the game itself, Murder, She wrote plays a lot like an episode in one of the TV series, and is bound to bring hours of entertainment to any user. I would rate the game a 4.5 on a scale of 5!


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