Lady, Get a Clue - 3 Practical Steps to Finding Your Purpose

I decided to revisit some of the conversations I have had with many women I have coached and mentored. And the question I found the most prominent was a little more than just a simple question but a dilemma. The dilemma has come my way in various question formats, and a series of frustrated statements. Here is a few:

"Why am I here?"
"I am not sure what it is that I am supposed to be doing."
"What is my purpose?"
"I am waiting on God to give me my purpose, give me a vision, Lord give me something."

I believe that in all of us God has placed a supernatural seed of purpose. It's supernatural because once identified we find that the assignment is something that we can not do on our own. We can not fulfill it with our current resources and abilities. It often times produces evidence that the assignment is for not just us alone but the manifestation of it will in turn be a blessing for others. I also believe that when the time is right God will send us on our own personal scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt has a number of clues to get us to the treasure. Each clue is given in small increments that I believe are given to us this way for the sake of not overwhelming us throughout the journey.

The problem I see arising in women is our inability to be committed to doing the work of actually hearing God on the matter. The work that I am suggesting is that there are some practical things we can do to partner with God in the PROCESS that will get us to the PROMISE. The bible tells us that if we SEEK we will find, and if we KNOCK the door will be open. The words seeking and knocking means that there are things in our human abilities that have to be done before we get to the answer we are seeking. Your movement or motion in several activities to seek God for your purpose shows God that you are very serious, radical and desperate for his will for your life. So today, I have a few recommendations to help you start in the process of finding the purpose that God has for you.

Recommendation #1

Begin to pray daily about the revelation of your purpose.

Praying each day with a focus on purpose will provide an atmosphere for God to begin to work with you towards finding out what it is that God has calling you to do.

Recommendation #2
Begin to list and recite scriptures that relate to finding purpose/plan for your life.

I would start with Jeremiah 29:11.

Recommendation #3
Take an inventory of those things that ignite passion in you.

Start by making a list of things that you have accomplished in the past that brought joy to your heart. Assess those activities' that you do that cause your zeal to increase. What do you like the read? What types of movies do you like to watch? All of these connect to what it is God has for your individual purpose.

Each day if you mediate and focus on your daily tasks, your daily happenings, your daily conversations, occupations you have held, you will eventually find these CLUES all pointing to some GREAT purpose.


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