5 Ways to Making Holiday Gift Giving Better Than Ever Before - Retail Staff Development Tip #14

Almost everyone gives their employees a holiday gift: a turkey, a fleece jacket, a party, movie tickets, a gift certificate, maybe even a cash bonus...

Some employee gifts are big, some are smaller, but regardless of the size, they all too frequently feel a little, well, generic.

If you could see into your employee's hearts you would know that it is not the size of the gift that counts, it is the personal gesture from their employer that matters most.


If your employees know that you are thinking of them as an individual - not just one more faceless person in the crowd - your gift will transform from merely a nice gesture into an amazing loyalty builder.

Now, I am not suggesting that you have to go buy individual gifts for everyone on your staff (although if you have a small group, do just that for maximum effect!) but I am suggesting that you add a personal touch for each employee.

Here are a few "personal touch" ideas:

  • Tie each employee's favorite snack on top of their gift. It might be Doublemint Gum for Sally and a package of Cheez-Its for Jim. The point is to let them know you are thinking of them as an individual.
  • If you are giving gift certificates, give them according to each person's interests. Music lovers get certificates to Best Buy, outdoor enthusiasts get certificates to REI, a knitter gets a certificate to a local yarn store and so on. Takes a little bit more effort than buying everyone a Wal-Mart certificate - but much more personal.
  • Give gift baskets themed for each employee. There are chocolate lovers baskets, sports fans baskets, baskets for gardeners, college student baskets, baskets for cooks, elegant baskets, baskets for nearly anyone you can think of! You can get one gift basket company to put together all the baskets you need - just give them a price range and the kind of baskets you are looking for. They do all the work for you. Easy AND personal!
  • Order magazine subscriptions for everyone based on their hobbies or interests. There are magazines for every topic under the sun... from parenting to bird watching, from woodworking to NASCAR racing. Sky is the limit here! Just search online for the topic and key word "magazine". You are bound to have lots of choices. Fast, personal, and fun to receive.
  • Here is my favorite idea that can be used with any kind of gift or in addition to the ideas above. Add a card to each present with a personal message for that employee. Tell them why they have been important to your business over the past year. How their particular contributions have made a difference, or what qualities and characteristics you value in them as a person. Writing the messages will take some time, but your employees are worth it.
It is simple. Show your employees that you care for them and they will take care of you in return.

And see if you are not more excited about GIVING your gifts this year than ever before...


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